Field Experience: Sites

Sites:  Current Field Experience Opportunities

The following list provides information on various sites, the tasks one can expect, and contact information for the site supervisor.  The postings on this site are listed at the site's request and are organized alphabetically and by area of interest.

Follow this link if you are interested in Public School fieldwork sites: School Library Media Coordinator Program.

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Archival and Cultural Heritage Sites

Corporate / Professional / Special Libraries

Information Technology

Public Libraries

Chapel Hill/Carrboro

Durham County

Johnston County

Orange County

Wake County

School Library Media Sites

Please refer to the School Library Media Coordinator program site.


University Libraries

Duke University 

UNC Chapel Hill

North Carolina State University

Native American Bible College

Ackland Art Museum
CB #3400
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3400

Contact:  Carolyn Allmendinger, Director of Academic Programs
Phone:  919-962-3343

Site description: The Ackland Art Museum is an academic unit of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Museum's collection includes more than 16,000 works of art, with strengths in European, American, Asian, and Contemporary art, and photography, prints, and drawings. The Ackland presents several temporary exhibitions each year and provides educational programs for the University, K-12 schools, and the public.

Tasks: Field Experience projects at the Ackland vary from year to year and match students' skills and interests with the Museum's needs and priorities. Opportunities are available in several of the Museum's departments, including Administration, Academic Programs, Curatorial/Collection Management, and External Affairs. Projects may include: work with databases in Collection Management or Academic programs: developing tools for making content accessible on the museum website; records management projects; developing resources for the Museum’s docents to use in preparing to teach with special exhibitions. Students may also propose their own ideas for Field Experience work with the Ackland.

African American Cultural Center Library, North Carolina State University
Witherspoon Student Center
2810 Cates Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27695

Contact:  Dr. Sheila Smith McKoy, Director
Phone:  9919-513-2446

Site description: The African American Cultural Center Library is a part of the African American Cultural Center at North Carolina State University.  The Library's collection houses a special collection of texts focused on African, African American, and other African descent cultures. The library plays an integral role in the academic and cultural missions of the university.    
Although the holdings are currently print-based and audio-visual, the Library is increasing its offerings of other materials.

Tasks: Field Experience projects at the African American Cultural Center vary according to the on-going initiatives at the African American Cultural Center; however, field experiences will be shaped to match students' interests with the Library's priorities.  We are particularly interested in collections management, increasing the library's digital resources, website maintenance, and in developing collaborations with under-served communities in the U.S. and internationally.

Is this a reoccurring position? The position is recurs each semester, scheduled in accordance with the North Carolina State University academic calendar.



Apache Software Foundation
Dept. 9660, Los Angeles,
CA 90084-9660, USA

Contact:  Grant Ingersoll, VP, Apache Lucene
Phone:  650-353-4057 ext. 106

Site description: The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is one of the preeminent open source software providers in the world.  The ASF has over 80 different projects and over 2000 volunteer committees, producing a wide range of software from the HTTPD Server that powers much of the web to the likes of Hadoop, Lucene, Solr, Mahout and Tomcat.  We are almost totally a volunteer driven  organization where people can contribute as they see fit to help a project.   We do almost all of our collaboration online via email, IRC, etc.  In many ways, I suspect we are unlike most any other organization that has submitted here, as we don't have bosses and we all volunteer to contribute.

Tasks  I am happy to direct people on where to go for the latter and can likely point them at potential mentors, but really am here to focus on the former, as that is what I intend to mentor on.

Lucene is the preeminent open source search library on the planet today.  It is used in a large number of applications and services ranging from mobile devices to sites powering 1 billion plus searches a day.  Solr is a platform on top of Lucene that makes it easy for people to use Lucene's power without as much programming.  Mahout is a relatively new project focused on scalable machine learning algorithms  for clustering, classification and recommendations, amongst other topics.   OpenNLP is a library focused on natural language processing tasks like part of speech tagging, named entity recognition and others.

1. One or more people to help define and build out a set of corpora (publicly available, with no intellectual property encumbrances), relevance judgments, queries, etc. for testing search engines and machine learning algorithms such as Lucene, Mahout, OpenNLP and possible others via the Open Relevance Project (ORP --  If you are familiar with the Text Retrieval Evaluation Conference (TREC), you can think of ORP as an open source form of TREC.  Collections can range from traditional texts (email, articles, web crawls, etc.) to ecommerce to spatial (local search -- such as open street map).  I'm looking for someone who has the vision to put forth ideas on how to accomplish this and lay the groundwork for others to help.  You don't have to be able to code, but it would be helpful.

2.  One or more people to build out an open, relevance evaluation web tool for capturing relevance experiments, evaluating them using common measures such as precision/recall, mean reciprocal rank, normalized discounted gain, etc.  Again, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to put forth a vision for what such a tool should be and then work to make it happen.  This opportunity requires programming skills, preferably in Java, but other languages can be considered.

3. Lucene, Solr, Mahout and OpenNLP are always looking for contributions in  terms of code, documentation, evaluation, etc.   See the respective project  websites (, and for more information on the projects and then feel free to propose ideas.

4. I'm sure other ASF projects would be willing to entertain other ideas.

All work will be done in an open source fashion.  All technical ideas/questions/discussions will take place on public mailing lists.  Personal issues will be handled by me as the site supervisor.  Thus, the intern will not only learn valuable real world skills that may be useful to large audiences of people but they will also gain intimate knowledge of how open source projects are built.

Is this a reoccurring position?  Yes.


Autism Society of North Carolina
505 Oberlin Road, Suite 230
Raleigh NC 27605

Contact: Jennifer Mahan, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy
Phone: 919-865-5068

Site description: Autism Society of North Carolina is a private non-profit dedicated to providing support and promoting opportunities that enhance the lives of individuals within the autism spectrum and their families. Our main offices are located in Raleigh NC and we have a statewide presence offering advocacy, information and referral, education/training and direct care services.  As the leading resource for families and individuals we are seeking students interested in helping us continue to develop information on the resources in North Carolina that support people with autism. Students would assist in the operation of a web-based information and referral database used by staff of the Autism Society of North Carolina’s individual and family advocacy program (Autism Resource Specialists) to locate available resources for families, individuals and professionals.  Students can gain valuable experience with resource database development and management, including learning about community resources, use of human resources taxonomy, and effective search keyword use.

ASNC is looking for students with a background in information management, human services, health care, or related fields with an interest in serving the mission of the Autism Society and the communities it serves. Candidates should be  comfortable working in computer database environment and have an attention to detail. Familiarity with taxonomy systems or information and referral database systems, would be advantageous, but not required. Training and mentoring are provided.

Tasks/Intern opportunities may include: Researching, entering and updating statewide listings of community resources for people on the autism spectrum and their families. Attaching standardized classification system terminology (taxonomy) to resource entries using the AIRS standardized taxonomy for human resources. Work with staff to develop/update content formatting and standardization rules, resource updating processes, other database policies and training materials.
Assist staff to help local ASNC chapters and support groups with the publication of local community resource guides. Develop new and creative ways to use database and its information to further the mission of ASNC.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.


Carolina Performing Arts
CB #3233
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Contact: Aaron Shackelford, Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow for Arts@TheCore
Phone: 919-360-7409

Site description: The mission of Carolina Performing Arts is to enrich lives by creating and presenting exceptional arts experiences and connecting them to the UNC community and beyond. We strive to nurture artistic innovation and the development of new works on and off campus; to challenge and inspire audiences with powerful and transformative performances; and to integrate the arts into the life of the University, embracing its mission of teaching, research, and public service. 

Our vision is to be recognized globally as a top presenter and the leader in integrating arts into the academy. During the 2013-14 season, we continue to live out our vision through Arts@TheCore.

Tasks: Carolina Performing Arts is beginning a major effort to create a research-based archive of CPA commissions and other activities. The initial collection of material will stem from the 2012-2013 season, focused on "The Rite of Spring at 100," but the archive will include material from outside this theme. This position will serve as a liaison with UNC Libraries to establish the initial collection, as well as working with the artistic team to secure appropriate releases from artists and companies. This archive is in the planning stage, and interns have the opportunity to provide input throughout the process.

Interns are also free to propose their own ideas for an internship with CPA outside of the archive project.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes, the position has the possibility of recurring as planning and creation of the archive moves forward.

Carolina Tiger Rescue
(a.k.a. Carnivore Preservation Trust)
1940 Hanks Chapel Road
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Contact:  Amanda Byrne, CTR IT Administrator 
Phone:  919-542-4684

Site description: View more information about Carolina Tiger Rescue and the project here.

Tasks: Web development and design, social networking 

CA Technologies
1001 Winstead Drive
Suite 505
Cary, NC 27513

Contact:  John H. Bailey, PhD, Director, Product Design
Phone:  919-677-2851

Site description: CA Technologies is one of the world's leading IT management software and solution companies with expertise across all IT environments – from mainframe and physical to virtual and cloud. Our software manages and secures IT environments, enabling our customers to deliver more flexible IT services and our solutions help our customers gain a level of deep insight into and gain control over complex and mixed information technology (IT) environments.

Tasks: The product design group at CA Technologies is responsible for designing, and in some cases implementing, the user experience for our top products. We design user interface information architectures, detailed interaction, and the look and feel for products using thin-client web and mobile interfaces.  

Interns will be participating and potentially leading any number of design activities, including contextual inquiry, design validations, task analysis, comparative/competitive evaluations, and designing user interfaces by producing sketches, wireframes, storyboards, and prototypes.

Is this a reoccurring position? Summer 2011 is the first time we have had an intern position in our Cary office, so at this time, we are not sure whether it will be reoccurring.  We will most likely review this annually and make that decision in the early spring.

Chapel Hill Public Library
100 Library Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Contact:  Luba Sawczyn, Head of Reference 
Phone:  919-968-2777 x119

Site description: Public library, reference department

Tasks: Reference collection evaluation, adult programming, special projects

Is this a reoccurring position?  Yes.

Chapel Hill Historical Society
523 E. Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27515

Contact: Susan Newrock, Administrative Staff
E-mail: Phone: 919-929-1793

Site Description: The Chapel Hill Historical Society documents and preserves the history of Chapel Hill and surrounding communities. Holdings available to researchers include artifacts, books, scholarly publications, and a collection of bound copies of The Chapel Hill News dating from 1927 through 2008. The Society also provides access to local history topics through a variety of public program offerings.

Tasks: Develop an outreach program that the Chapel Hill Historical Society can use as a tool to document and make local history available in its constituent communities in Chapel Hill and Orange County, North Carolina. The aim of the program is to provide opportunities for populations groups residing in senior- and assisted-living communities to remain active participants in, and contributors to the celebration and exploration of local history and life in Chapel Hill.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes. The Chapel Hill Historical Society anticipates possibly developing outreach programs for working with other communities besides senior- and assisted-living communities with the Chapel Hill Historical Society's service area. 

Data Intensive Cyber Environments Center (DICE) at UNC-CH
216 Manning Hall, CB 3360
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Contact:  Reagan Moore, Professor, SILS
Phone:  919-962-9548

Site description: The DICE Center develops open source software that is used to organize distributed data into shareable collections, while enforcing management policies.  Applications include the SILS LifeTime Library, the Carolina Digital Repository, the French National Library, the iPlant Collaborative data grid, the Texas Digital Libraries data grid, the National Optical Astronomy Observatory data grid, the Australian Research Collaboration service, and the NSF DataNet Federation Consortium.

Tasks: We seek students interested in gaining experience with:
- writing micro-services (C code) to implement soft links to community repositories
- porting the software to mobile devices (Android, iPad, iPhone)
- testing the integrated Rule Oriented Data System software
- developing interfaces for the LifeTime Library Is this a reoccurring position? The position is available each year.  There are a large number of user communities of the iRODS software who are interested in feature development, porting of user interfaces, and interoperability mechanisms.

Is this a reoccurring position?  Yes.


Dryad Digital Repository
Durham, NC

Contact: Meredith Morovati, Executive Director
Phone: (919) 668-4582

Site description: The Dryad Digital Repository is a curated resource that makes the data underlying scientific publications discoverable, freely reusable, and citable. Dryad provides a general-purpose home for a wide diversity of datatypes. We have a distributed team of 10-ish staff, most of which is based in Durham.

Tasks: Though we have some definite specific needs, we are open to student interests/projects in the areas of database development; usability; data curation, citation, discoverability and re-use; integration with scientific journals; and other topics in open data/open science.
Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

Duke University, Technical Services, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Durham, NC 27708

Contact: Kat Stefko, Head, Technical Services
Phone: 919-660-5826

Site description: Technical Services is responsible for archival processing, metadata creation, and rare materials cataloging for the Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Technical Services has a staff of 12.5 FTE plus a number of project staff, interns, and student assistants.

Tasks: Participating in the arrangement and description of archival and manuscript collections, creating and/or editing metadata in support of digital collections, encoding finding aids and/or entering data into the collections management system, searching rare materials via OCLC and other sources.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.

Duke University, Department of Copyright and Scholarly Communications, Perkins Library
Durham, NC 27708

Contact:  Paolo Mangiafico, Director of Digital Information Strategy
Phone:  919-613-6317

Site description: The Department of Copyright and Scholarly Communications supports publishing and dissemination of Duke scholarship, including through the DukeSpace repository, an open journal publishing program, and consulting and support for intellectual property and digital publishing issues.

Tasks: Working closely with Scholarly Communications Department and Digital Repository Coordinator to develop and optimize processes for monitoring, acquiring, and depositing into the DukeSpace repository publications and data by Duke authors. We are in the process of implementing the Symplectic Elements system as part of a service model for faculty to manage and deposit their own publications into the institutional repository and the university's faculty profile system. The field experience student will help refine and assess the success of different approaches to faculty engagement and the usability of the resulting repository interfaces. He or she may also assist with developing and implementing a communications program around repository services and other scholarly communications activities.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.

Duke University, Electronic Resources and Serials Management
Smith Warehouse
South Buchanan Street
PO Box 90188 Durham, NC 27708

Contact: Rachel Lundberg, Catalog Librarian for Serials
Phone: 919-684-9211

Site description: Electronic Resources and Serials Management is part of the Information Technology Services division; located in the Smith Warehouse, Duke East Campus. ERSM’s mission is to provide description and access to all print holdings and electronic serials subscriptions. This is achieved by: 1) maintaining access to all electronic journals and databases through the Serials Solutions knowledgebase, link resolver, and through MARC records in our catalog; and 2) maintaining access to all print materials through MARC records by providing accurate location, holdings and items data.

The intern will copy catalog print serials and/or perform access verification of electronic serials.

Requirements: Must have taken at least one class in cataloging or organization of information.
Preferences: Knowledge of copy cataloging, and cataloging standards (RDA or AACR2, LC classification, and MARC).

Tasks: Copy catalog and process mostly English language print serials.
Some original cataloging depending on intern's cataloging skills.
Analyze, and enhance pre-existing records in the OCLC database.
Importing records into Aleph from OCLC and adding holdings on OCLC.
Create holdings and item records.
Classify or and assign periodical cutters to works.
Assist with the maintenance of bibliographic, and holdings record in Aleph.
Refer records to original catalogers for review.
Contribute to authority control tasks for corporate body and personal names.
Follow established policies and procedures for editing cataloging.
Other tasks as required.

Is this a reocurring position? Yes.

The Duke School Lower Library
Durham, NC

Contact:  Amy Warren, Lower School Librarian
Phone:  919-595-8399

Site description: We have a collection of over 20,000 items including: books, magazines, media equipment, and classroom science equipment.  The library uses the Destiny software program by Follett as the automated cataloging system.  Our collection is organized using a modified Dewey Decimal classification system and is foremost a curriculum based collection for the benefit of the faculty and students.

Tasks: Cataloging; creating displays; filling faculty requests for library materials; delivery of library materials to classrooms; ordering books and other new materials; website updates, processing materials; assisting faculty and students with selecting, locating and check-out of materials; working with library volunteers; storytimes in classrooms; other tasks as they arise

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

Duke University, Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising, and Marketing History
Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library
Box #90185
Durham, NC 27708-0185

Contact:  Lynn Eaton, Reference Archivist 
Phone:  919-660-5833

Site description: Reference archival experience: The Reference Archivist answers reference questions from business and academic researchers along with the general public, and supports the Hartman Center further through creating presentations for classes, working on exhibits, writing articles for the Center's newsletter, and producing pathfinders for Hartman Center specific collections.

Tasks: Conducting research for various patrons within the Hartman Center collections; creating responses to queries based upon research; requests fulfillment from initial response to completing, creation of pathfinders for presentations in classes or other visitors. 

Duke University, J. Michael Goodson Law Library
Cataloging Department
210 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708

Contact:  Sean Chen, Digital Services Librarian
Phone:  919-613-7028

Site description: The library is an academic law library housing an extensive legal research collection of more than 625,000 volumes. Our broad ranges of services support research, scholarship and learning for all members of the Law School community. The field experience is located in the library technical services area and includes a large portfolio of tasks with meaningful projects that impact activities throughout the library and Law School. Collaborative work with other departments and library staff is an important part of this site.

Tasks: Cataloging: Original and copy cataloging. Authority record creation and maintenance. Batch record editing and loading.

Electronic resources management: Acquisitions, description and access, troubleshooting.

Institutional repository: including object ingest, metadata creation and evaluation, and troubleshooting.

Library assessment: Data maintenance, business analysis, analytic tools (JMP,

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

Duke University, Divinity School Library
Instruction and Outreach Department
Box #90972
Durham, NC 27708

Contact:  Phu Nguyen, Digitization and Technology Librarian
Phone:  919-660-3453

Site description: The Divinity School Library serves the Divinity School as well as the wider university and scholarly community. With collections covering the spectrum of world religions, it offers particular depth in Christianity and Judaism.

Tasks: The Divinity School Library is working on a large-scale collaborative project, Religion in North Carolina, focused on the digitization of materials produced by local and regional religious bodies throughout North Carolina. We are looking for a student to assist with preparing items to be digitized, searching for new titles that fit the project scope, investigating and contacting copyright holders for permission, and assisting the project team with grant-related tasks. Depending on interests, tasks may also include assisting with the marketing and outreach of the project to the wider public.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

Duke University Medical Center Archives
1408-A Christian Avenue
DUMC 3702
Durham, NC 27705

Contact:  Russell Koonts, Director
Phone:  919-383-2653

Site description: The Duke University Medical Center Archives (DUMCA) is a small (4 FTE) archival repository that collects records pertaining to the history of Duke Medicine. Most of the collections are from the 20th century and are paper-based. Compliance with HIPAA is required. DUMCA is a department of the Duke University Medical Center Library but is located off-site. Free parking is available. DUMCA does not have funding to pay interns.

Tasks: Arrangement and description of archival collections, data entry into collection management database, some digitization.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

Duke University, Perkins Library
Collection Development
Box #90761
Durham, NC 27708-0175

Contact:  Cheryl Thomas, Manager, Collections Development
Phone:  919-660-5814

Site description: Collections Development has 4 full-time staff members, 2 of whom work at Smith Warehouse. Staff at Smith work on projects including gift collections in storage, TRLN Single Copy Archive, various relocation projects stemming from renovation preparation, as well as incoming gift collections.

Tasks: Vetting gift books for inclusion in the collection, database searching, copy cataloging, editing the catalog, data entry, keeping statistics, etc.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

Duke University, Perkins Library
Digital Scholarship Services
Box 90175
Durham, NC 27708

Contact: Liz Milewicz, Head, Digital Scholarship Services Department
Phone: 919-660-5911

Site description: Digital Scholarship Services supports Duke faculty and students engaged in creating, using, and disseminating scholarly materials in a wide range of digital media. Support services include presentations and training on tools and methods, project consultation and coordination, and collaborative implementation of digital projects. Digital Scholarship Services works directly with interdisciplinary teaching and research initiatives on campus, including humanities labs in the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, the Mellon Foundation-funded Humanities Writ Large project, and Bass Connections, and draws on and works with the expertise of internal Libraries groups, such as GIS/Data Services, Research Services, and Digital Projects and Production.

Tasks: Depending on applicant qualifications and interest and our current programming and project schedule, interns may build skills and experience in data management and curation, digital humanities support, instruction and outreach, and programming.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.

Duke University, Perkins Library
Instruction and Outreach Department
Box #90175
Durham, NC 27708-0175

Contact: Hannah Rozear, Librarian for Instructional Services 
Phone:  919-660-5368

Site description: The Research and Instructional Services Department coordinates instructional services, primarily for undergraduate students but also for graduate students. We would like a SILS student who is interested in instruction and outreach activities. No previous teaching experience is required -- just enthusiasm, interest, and the ability to work fairly independently on a project. Familiarity with new technologies would be helpful.

Tasks: We have several interesting projects for a field study student, including working with new instructional technologies, and participating in library instruction for the first-year writing program, and other projects as they arise.


Duke University, Perkins Library
International Area Studies
Box #90195
Durham, NC 27708-0195

Contact:  Kristina K. Troost, Department Head and Japanese Studies Librarian
Phone:  919-660-5844

Site description: International collections and user services for East Asia (China, Japan, Korea), Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East (Arabic, Turkish and Persian speaking countries; Israel), Slavic, Eastern European and Eurasian studies (esp. Russia/Poland/Ukraine), South Asia (esp. India/Pakistan), and Western Europe (Great Britain/Ireland, Spain/Portugal and France/Germany/Italy); IGOs and NGOs; able to host multiple interns

Tasks: Collection development and assessment, cataloging and metadata, subject guide creation; knowledge of foreign languages preferred

Duke University, Perkins Library
Box #90189
Durham, NC 27708-0189

Contact:  Winston Atkins, Preservation Officer 
Phone:  919-660-5843

Site description: Digital library, preservation, conservation, images, video

Tasks: Scanning, metadata, image quality refining

Duke University Perkins Library
Research and Instructional Services
Durham, NC 27708

Contact: Ciara Healy, Librarian for Psychology & Neuroscience
Phone: 919-660-5829

Site description:  Research & Instructional Services is comprised of over a dozen subject specialists. Based in Perkins Library, members of RIS are responsible for planning instruction, maintaining collections for their subject area, and assisting students, researchers, and members of the public with their research needs.

Tasks: Offering input to the workflow for a thesis and dissertation digitization project; Catalog searches to determine if a set of theses and dissertations from the Psychology and Neuroscience department are already held in print in Duke Libraries' Archives; contacting alumni to get written permission for their thesis or dissertation to be digitized and added to Duke's Institutional Repository; working with scholarly communications librarian regarding digitizing the theses and dissertations of deceased authors; digitizing theses; adding metadata in D-Space; working with Digital Projects Services, University Archives and Research and Instructional Services librarians and other library staff (such as Gifts and the Library Service Center).

Is this a reoccurring position? No.


Duke University, Perkins Library
Assessment & User Experience
411 Chapel Drive
Durham, NC 27708

Contact: Emily Daly, Head of Assessment & User Experience
Phone: 919-660-5879

Site description:  Assessment & User Experience (AUX) Department staff coordinate and conduct studies of library users’ needs and priorities and identify ways to meet and exceed users’ expectations of Duke Libraries' physical and virtual spaces, services and collections.  AUX staff collaborate closely with colleagues throughout the Libraries to improve spaces and services, and they provide leadership for evaluating and improving  the design, content, and organization of the Libraries’ online presence.   Finally, AUX staff coordinate library assessment tasks and projects and manage external reporting for the Libraries.

Tasks:  Field experience students will work closely with AUX staff to do the following:

1. Conduct monthly usability studies of both online interfaces and physical spaces and services
2. Coordinate monthly meetings of the Libraries' student advisory boards
3. Develop and implement surveys, focus groups and other user studies to learn more about      our researchers
4. Complete tasks related to external reporting (i.e. ARL, ALS statistics) for the Libraries
5. Other duties, as assigned -- the possibilities for learning more about and enhancing our users' experiences are endless!

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes


Durham County Library
300 N. Roxboro Street
Durham, NC 27701

Contact: Joanne Abel, Humanities and Adult Programming Coordinator


Phone: 919-560-0268

Site description: Marketing and Development Office of the Durham County Library in downtown Durham Work with the Marketing and Development Manager, Development Officer, Grant Writer, Humanities and Adult Programming Coordinator. Walk to many of downtown Durham's amazing restaurants.

Tasks: Gain experience in project management, writing and editing. Help the library you love!

  1. Write media releases and alerts for library programs and events using information provided, but researching further where needed. Forward copy to Marketing and Development staff member for review.
  2. Act as editor and copy editor for four quarterly publications. a)    Establish a production schedule and make sure publications are completed on time.
    b)    Solicit and receive articles from staff.
    c)    Write articles/copy, researching topics as needed.
    d)    Proof copy for content, grammar and style.
    e)    Select cover stories, and determine story order.
  3. Review Google Alerts for Durham County Library hits, and save relevant online clips.
  4. Complete various marketing or PR projects as requested

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.


Durham County Public Library
North Carolina Collection
300 N. Roxboro Street
Durham, NC 27701

Contact:  Lynn Richardson, North Carolina Collection librarian
Phone:  919-560-0171

Site description:  Public library, local history collection

Tasks:  This dynamic special collection has small manuscripts collections ready for processing (for students with intermediate skills) and interesting special projects available. Please call for more info!

Tasks: Scanning, metadata, image quality refining

Durham County Public Library - Southwest Regional
3605 Shannon Rd
Durham, NC 27707

Contact:  Amy Godfrey, Youth Services Manager
Phone:  919-560-8592

Site description:  Southwest Regional Library is one of Durham County's busiest libraries. We are a recently renovated, customer oriented library, with the highest circulation in the county. We offer a variety of high quality children's programs on a daily basis.

Tasks:  Staff the Children's Information Desk, answer reference and readers advisory questions, conduct children's programs, special projects may be assigned based on the intern's interests and special skill sets.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.

Durham Public Schools
511 Cleveland Street
Durham, NC 27701

Contact:  Corwin Armstrong, IT Enterprise Applications and Integration 
Phone:  919-560-9113

Site description: DPS has a very small IT development team that is focused on improving administrative, operational, and academic efficiencies by building data-driven web applications that deliver information more effortlessly from multiple platforms to decision makers (whether teachers, managers, administrators, or other stakeholders).  Our district also has a serious goal of better leveraging and improving integrating of data across disparate systems to enhance perspective and the quality of decisions that can be supported with data.

Our development team leverages Microsoft .NET Framework (w/ C# and MS SQL Server) for core application functionality.

Tasks: 1) Documentation and capture of business requirements for improving a process through data-driven application
2) Creation of information architectures and entity relationship diagrams for specific business processes
3) For application development, documentation of business rules, logic, process workflows along with recommendations for possible improvements (or new efficiencies)
4) User interface design and experience design with focus on improving utility and usability of in-house web applications
5) Creation and/or customization of end-user support and training materials for web applications (e.g. User Guides, Short How To Video Clips, etc.)

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.  This position is recurring.  In addition, Durham Public Schools prefers a two-semester commitment from candidates who would like to pursue this opportunity.  The longer commitment is ideal because most of our web application development or integration projects require a six to nine month project timeline.  It would be great if student choosing our site for field placement could actually see the projects to completion.

Elon University, Carol Grotnes Belk Library
Archives and Special Collections
CB #2550
Elon, NC 27244

Contact:  Katie Nash, Archivist and Special Collections Librarian
Phone:  336-278-6681

Site description: Updated information coming soon!

Tasks: The Archives and Special Collections in Belk Library at Elon University is looking for a student to assist with the physical processing of a recently acquired collection pertaining to service-learning. Duties will include developing an organizational scheme for documents, physically processing materials and conducting some conservation work as needed, creating a finding aid, and other duties as assigned.

FHI 360
359 Blackwell Street, Suite 200
Durham, NC 27701 USA

Contact: Allison Burns, Library Manager
Phone: 919-544-7040 ext. 11502

Site description: FHI 360 is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives. Our staff includes experts in health, education, nutrition, environment, economic development, civil society, gender equality, youth, research and technology. The FHI 360 Library fosters a culture of knowledge sharing among all parts of FHI 360 to help us take advantage of what we know as an organization, in order to continually improve our products and services to clients. The Library provides access to information resources both virtually to our worldwide staff and via physical facilities in NC and DC.

Tasks: Assist our reference staff with answering literature search requests and producing topical literature updates Cataloging materials produced by FHI 360 staff Document delivery to our staff in our US and global offices Organizing and maintaining library intranet resources

Is this a reoccurring position? yes

Fidelity Center for Applied Technology Library Fidelity Investments
100 New Millennium Way, Bldg 2
Durham, NC 27709

Contact: Sophia Mowlanejad, Senior Research Librarian
Phone: 919-458-1103

Site description: We are a medium-sized corporate library serving the information needs of Fidelity Investments’ IT professionals throughout the world. Our dynamic environment offers the opportunity to be exposed to and research leading-edge technologies. Our mission is to connect our patrons to the information they need to make timely, knowledgeable, and confident decisions via self-service tools and custom research.

Tasks: We'd like to match our needs to your interests and skills.

Possibilities include:
  - analyzing usage patterns to drive patrons to underused resources
  - blogging on our internal social collaboration platform
  - developing pathfinders on emerging technology topics
  - reference, especially new business development and emerging technology topics
  - marketing and outreach initiatives
  - knowledge management

*This is a paid position ($20/hour) and the finalist will need to be eligible to work in the United States and able to pass our background check.

Is this a reoccurring position? We hope it to be!

Forensic Resource Counsel, Indigent Defense Services
123 W. Main Street
Suite 400
Durham, NC 27701

Contact:  Sarah Rackley
Phone:  919-354-7217

Site description: The Office of Indigent Defense Services (IDS) oversees the provision of legal representation to indigent criminal defendants in North Carolina. Within IDS, the Forensic Resource Counsel advises public defenders and private appointed counsel on the forensic evidence in their cases and provides information in the form of online resources and live trainings to these attorneys.

Tasks: The Forensic Resource Counsel seeks a motivated and creative student to improve the accessibility of online and print resources that are used by criminal defense attorneys. Several tools for managing information (Microsoft Access databases, a website, and a blog) have been created, but the Forensic Resource Counsel is seeking the assistance of an information scientist to further develop these tools and to assist in developing a workflow. All information presented on the website and blog should be well-organized and user-friendly for attorneys who access the information. The Forensic Resource Counsel seeks a fresh perspective for effectively collecting, organizing, and presenting information related for forensic science evidence.

Indigent Defense Services is also looking to develop new websites for three of our programs/offices. We would like for a student to develop websites that can be easily updated by these offices.

The student should have experience with Microsoft Access and web development.



Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise
CB #3440, Kenan Center
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3440

Contact:  Cindy Reifsnider, Research Services 
Phone:  919-843-3323

Site description: Business-oriented research facility, non-traditional, special library, able to host multiple interns

Tasks: Data Projects including data mining, quality control, database creation, analysis and reporting; Business Research; Visualization of Information; Knowledge Management

The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences, Golberg Library
6 Davis Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Contact:  Mason Baldwin, Librarian 
Phone:  919-558-1402

Site description: The scientists, staff, business development, and management all patronize the Golberg Library. Experience with MS Office programs, relational databases is helpful and can be learned during this field experience. The library uses DBTextWorks' InMagic database for library functions.

Tasks: Document delivery; Cataloging; Subscription management; Updating online library catalog; Funding database profiling; Intern will have opportunity to network with local library professionals
1101 Haynes Street, Suite 109
Raleigh, NC 27604

Contact:  Rebekah Sedaca, Director of User Experience 
Phone:  919-834-2552 x19

Site description: Web design, usability, visual design.  

Tasks: Business analysis, interaction design, and information architecture
213 Lenoir Hall
UNC Chapel Hill, CB #3456
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3456

Contact:  Paul Jones, Director
Phone:  919-260-4915

Site description: Who are the patrons at your site? The Internet at large - hobbyists, researchers, school children. What special skills will be needed/learned? UNIX Systems Administration, Database Administration, Digital Curation, Web Programming, Multimedia Design. What would the interns like to do? ibiblio can make use of them.

Tasks: There is much work to be done at and for ibiblio. We're looking for motivated, eager students who want to hone their skills while improving the design, functionality and longevity of one of the Internet's largest and longest-lived digital libraries.

Is this a reoccurring position?  Yes.

IBM Silicon Valley Lab
555 Bailey Avenue
San Jose, CA 95141

Contact:  Dr. Richard Herder, Senior Development Manager
Phone:  408-463-3161

Site description: This is a large IBM  development site, dedicated to software design and development.   At least 3 development divisions are represented here, with products including databases, software engineering tools, high-level languages, big data, and  analytics.   Approximately 30 User Experience staff are based here and the  site includes a usability lab.

Tasks: User research, usability testing, interaction design.  UX interns at SVL join multidisciplinary development teams who are delivering IBM products and solutions.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.  User experience interns have been  employed at SVL for more than 30 years.   This summer the 3 UX teams on site will employ at least 6 interns.

IntraHealth International, CapacityPlus Project
6340 Quadrangle Dr., Suite 200
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Contact: Carol Bales, Communications Officer
Phone: 919-360-4031 (mobile), 919-313-9174 (office)

Site description: IntraHealth International is a global nonprofit and nongovernmental organization. In collaboration with governments, other nongovernmental organizations, and private-sector organizations, IntraHealth champions the needs and contributions of health workers--from doctors and nurses to community health workers--and works to ensure they have the tools, supplies, information, training, and support they need to provide communities they serve with the best possible opportunity for health and well-being.

CapacityPlus is an IntraHealth-led project that is funded by the US Agency for International Development. The project is focused on strengthening the health workforce to meet the Millennium Development Goals and is working in over 18 countries.

Tasks: We are seeking one or two interns to support our communication and knowledge management activities, including dissemination of our tools and resources, sharing of our work via social media, archiving of photographs, and documentation of our work. The following responsibilities can be used as a basis for creating specific learning objectives.

•    Support CapacityPlus’s dissemination and social media efforts. Research 
social media strategies and provide input and support to develop and/or implement a social media strategy. Actively seek new dissemination outlets and research and suggest new ways to use social media for sharing our work and disseminating our resources and tools. Engage and grow related communities. Track other projects’/organizations’ social media posting for cross-posting and highlighting of related tools to support the health workforce. Create Facebook ads and e-mail flyers. Support and/or organize twitter chats and social media campaigns.
•    Support IntraHealth's Communications team with using photography to 
communicate the organization's and project's work. Assist with collecting, editing, archiving, and tagging photos. Assist with conducting interviews with staff to produce blog posts and/or photo slideshows.
•    Assist CapacityPlus Communications team with documenting our work, 
including creating, copyediting, and/or staging website content.
•    Assist CapacityPlus Communications team with formatting CapacityPlus 
documents in Word and InDesign, and formatting and improving Power Point presentations.

Skills required:
•    Excellent writing skills
•    Experience and interest in using social media
•    Experience with desktop publishing
•    Proficiency in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign and 
•    Interest and experience in photography or video helpful.

Is this a reoccurring position? Possibly.

IntraHealth International
6340 Quadrangle Dr. Suite 200
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Contact: Stephanie Brantley, Knowledge Services Specialist
Phone: 919-313-9623

Site Description: IntraHealth International is a non-profit, global health organization. The Knowledge Services unit supports the information needs of our staff worldwide. Our unit oversees the organization's library, reference services, Microsoft SharePoint training and development, liaises with IT on our business applications and supports our internal eLearning platform.

Tasks: Day to day library tasks including circulation, cataloging, reference and processing new materials. Assist with electronic records management. Special projects as needed and in line with student's interests.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.

Kathrine R. Everett Law Library
160 Ridge Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Contact: Donna Nixon, Electronic Resources Librarian and Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Phone: 919-843-9280

Site description: The Kathrine R. Everett Law Library supports the education of Carolina Law students, acts as a research partner with faculty and students, and serves the legal information needs of University students and faculty, the legal community, and the residents of North Carolina.

Tasks: The intern will make scans of photographs taken throughout the law school’s history, for inclusion in a database accessible to law school affiliates and alumni.  The intern will then load the scans into the database and verify that the scans were successfully loaded.

Is this a reoccurring position? No.


Kathrine R. Everett Law Library
160 Ridge Rd.
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3385

Contact: Sara A. Sampson
Clinical Assistant Professor of Law and Deputy Director of the Law Library
Phone: 919.962.6202

Site description: The Kathrine R. Everett Law Library supports the education of Carolina Law students, acts as a research partner with faculty and students, and serves the legal information needs of University students and faculty, the legal community, and the residents of North Carolina.  The law library is strongly committed to providing opportunities for students who have an interest in law, librarianship, legal research and scholarship.

Tasks: For all students, we can offer training and experience with circulation policies and service, ILL, collection development tasks and projects, digital preservation planning and execution, and cataloging or metadata work. For students with a JD or legal experience,  we can offer training and experience with reference services including staffing the reference desk, creating and updating instructional materials (guides, tutorials, and training sessions), and research support for our LibRA service are possible.We are committed to structuring the field experience to ensure that each student receives the experience and training needed to succeed as a law librarian.


Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

 Laboratory Corporation of America
Information Technology, Informatics
3060 South Church Street,
Burlington, NC 27215

Contact:  Julie Steed, Database Specialist
Phone:  336-436-8547

Site description: Headquartered in Burlington North Carolina, Laboratory Corporation of America
(LabCorp) is the second-largest medical testing company in the United States.  A nationwide network of labs and patient centers perform routine and specialty diagnostic and clinical testing services.  The Information Architecture team at LabCorp is dedicated to building strong data governance and data management processes to support business objectives.

Tasks: The intern would work within a team environment to perform tasks such as:
- Building metadata repository utilizing market-leading data integration platform toolset
- Data profiling of potential data sources in a variety of data formats to support data integration efforts
- Definition of data quality rules to support data integration and data quality improvement projects
- Investigating data issues utilizing SQL ad-hoc queries

Is this a reoccurring position? To be determined.

CB #3500 Peabody Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3500

Contact:  Kimberly Hirsh, Managing Editor
Phone:  919-843-5445

Site description: LEARN NC is a K-12 outreach program of the UNC School of Education. The LEARN NC website offers a variety of resources for teachers. Interns will work on a custom content/publishing management system.

Tasks: Tasks will vary with experience/interest, and may include web publishing, managing a digital collection, copyright permission management, and multimedia work.

The Marian Cheek Jackson Center for Saving and Making History
510 W. Rosemary St.
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Contact:  Alexander Stephens, Associate Director for Documentary Initiatives
Phone:  919-929-6595

Site description: Located at the gateway to the historic Northside neighborhood in Chapel Hill, the Jackson Center is the first public history center of its kind in North Carolina. It is dedicated to honoring everyday history-makers by engaging intergenerational dialogue, sponsoring youth initiatives, and pursuing creative community development. Our mission is to connect saving the past with making the future of our communities.

The Jackson Center is a community collaborative of St. Joseph C.M.E. Church, Northside neighbors, residents, and friends, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is a hub of activities dedicated to honoring everyday history-makers by preserving their legacies in word, song, and image, by making those legacies widely available, and by following the example of creative service and leadership that they embody.

Tasks: We have two priority project areas: oral history collection and digital library development. A single dedicated individual or a small team could work on either of these project areas. A third, lower priority area for student field experience work is the development of interactive, neighborhood mapping tools for both downloadable audio and online visual use.

1.  Oral History Collection

The Jackson Center has digital recordings of audio interviews with over 6o individuals, over 200 digital audio recordings from community events, worship services and meetings, almost 150 short videos, and 13 GB of photographs. As of now, these files are stored on two computer hard drives and two external hard drives. We would benefit greatly from a student that could analyze our current oral history ingestion process, recommend an improved system of storage, organization, and digital preservation, and help implement those recommendations.

2. Digital Library Development

Most of our materials are labeled by date and subject, but we do not have finding aids, abstracts or transcripts for much of what is in our archives. 
It would be a huge benefit to have someone assist with these tasks and help us develop a more sophisticated and easily accessible digital archive, ideally through our website.

We currently use WordPress for website support; see  
We are interested in increasing the amount of content and making materials from our archives accessibility to a broader audience online. We hope to present the content to viewers—including a wide range of community members—in a creative and engaging way. We would also welcome ideas for general design improvements.

3.  Mapping

While we must prioritize needs #1 and #2 above, we also seek support and 
creative initiative in developing mapping resources for various uses:  
databased visuals of property values, tax rates, and housing turnover in Northside; interactive, online accessibility to oral histories related to homes; and descriptive overlay of historical changes in development, planning, ownership patterns, and neighborhoods.  Other ideas are welcome!

Is this a reoccurring position?  While certain tasks may be completed within one semester, we will offer ongoing and new tasks for field experiences as the need arises.

Media Education and Technology Resource Center, NC State College of Education
400 Poe Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695

Contact: Bethany Smith, Director of METRIC
Phone: 919-515-3191

Site description: The Media Education Technology Resource Center (METRC) for the College of Education at NC State is the curriculum materials center for the College of Education providing educational resources such as books, journals, textbooks, reserves, kits, and technology in support of our preservice teachers and education faculty. The CED Media Center maintains a collection of K-12 literature as well as current state-adopted K-12 textbooks and focuses on providing professional resources for both students and faculty.

METRC facilitates faculty, staff and student use of electronic media, tools and resources. Its objective is not only to help keep the college aware of the technology available for enhancing learning, research, and professional practice, but also to provide an environment for experimentation with technology for instruction and research.

METRC is a comfortable, inviting student environment with individual and collaborative work and conferencing spaces. It is an open PC and Mac Unity lab with access to Wolfcopy print quota printers including a plotter (poster) printer. There are flatbed and sheet-fed scanners, a book scanner, a SmartBoard, a Mondopad, a Wolfcopy copier, laptops, an Ellison die cutter, and more.  Technology is also available for checkout by students including video cameras, iPads, laptops, still cameras, etc.

Tasks:  We have several different opportunities for a field-placement student and would like to customize the experience to their context and needs. In general, we are looking for someone that would help staff the main desk, answer reference and collection questions, as well as be involved in circulation and cataloging of materials. 
There are also opportunities to work with students on the technology available in our facility and help develop projects to meet those needs.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.

Native American Bible College Library
355 Albert Currie Road
Shannon, NC 28386

Contact:  Lisa Kelly, Librarian/Instructor
Phone:  910-843-5304 x 113

Site description: NABC Library is a single-librarian, small college library with a collection of approximately 26,300 volumes. Located in rural North Carolina, the college primarily serves the local Native American population preparing them for Christian ministry. An intern will be exposed to a variety of aspects of librarianship in an academic library in an intercultural setting. Assistance in the area of cataloging is a particular need and work in this area would provide the intern ample opportunity for field experience.

Tasks: The intern will be expected to perform a variety of tasks related to cataloging of books and other library materials. Using the library's automation system, the process will include both copy cataloging and original cataloging of new and existing materials.

Is this a reoccurring position?  Likely so.


NSCU Libraries
CB #7111
Raleigh, NC 27695

Contact:  Jill Robinson Morris, Outreach and Promotions Librarian 
Phone:  919-513-0447

Site description: NC LIVE is a consortium of academic and public libraries across North Carolina. Through member library web pages and online portals, NC LIVE delivers high quality digital content to North Carolina's students, faculty, and library patrons. While the content collection is constantly growing and changing, it includes full-text eBooks, magazines, newspapers, and journals, as well as image files, streaming video and downloadable audio books. In addition, NC LIVE provides business and investment data services and career development and enhancement products. NC LIVE serves nearly 200 member libraries, including North Carolina’s public libraries, community colleges, UNC system, and NC Independent Colleges and Universities. For more information, visit the About Section of the NC LIVE Website.

Tasks: NC LIVE staff have identified three project opportunities for field experience students. These projects can be narrowed or focused to relate to students' interests, and may be extended to become a part of a masters' paper or project.

Other opportunities:
NC LIVE has a number of opportunities for students interested in field experience projects outside of the three projects above, including opportunities in marketing, developing online content and information using a Content Management System (Drupal), and other technology applications, especially those that connect our member libraries to resources and information. If you have ideas or interest in completing a field experience with NC LIVE, and would like to discuss these or other potential projects, please contact


North Carolina Justice Center


901 Corporate Center Drive
Raleigh, NC 27607

Contact: Jillian Warren, Information and Communications Specialist
Phone: 919-890-1403

Site Description: The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) provides administrative services to help the North Carolina unified court system operate more efficiently and effectively, taking into account each courthouse's diverse needs, caseloads, and available resources. The NCAOC, headquartered in the N.C. Judicial Center, supports the 7,000+ employees and elected officials of the statewide Judicial Department. For more information, please review our Judicial Branch fact sheets at

Tasks: The NCAOC is revamping the North Carolina Judicial Department intranet website. In Spring 2013, students can expect to:
- Write or edit web content to align with intranet style guide
- Edit and input existing web content (such as articles, training, and
images) into the Drupal CMS
- Partner with internal subject matter experts to identify and refresh priority content
- Apply appropriate keywords to facilitate content discovery (SEO and
- Track progress and issues
- Participate in taxonomy development (if interested)
- Assist with curriculum development and new user training (if interested)
- QA/QC and usability testing (if interested)

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.

North Carolina Museum of Art
Art Reference Library
2110 Blue Ridge Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27607
Phone: 919-929-1793

Site description: The Art Reference Library is a 40,000 volume non-circulating library that provides reference service to the art museum staff (curators, educators, conservators) and the public at large.   The library not only houses books and periodicals, but also holds an extensive auction catalogue collection and an extensive artists' files collection of ephemera material.  We also provide online access to auction, bibliographic, and reference databases.

Tasks: Projects/tasks are tailored toward the strengths and interests of the intern. 

Projects can range from building databases in order to provide access to material otherwise lost, organizing ephemera material such as oral interviews with artists, putting together bibliographies that relate to the museum's temporary exhibitions, cataloguing (both copy and original), organizing and making the backlog accessible, writing up policies and others.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.


NCSU D.H. Hill Library, Program Planning and Outreach
2 Broughton Drive
Raleigh, NC

Contact:  Marian Fragola, Director of Program Planning and Outreach
Phone:  919-513-3481

Site description: NCSU is a fast-paced, innovative academic library located in Raleigh.  This field experience is a unique opportunity to assist the director in providing programming that builds connections and networks between the NCSU Libraries and the university community.  Ideal for motivated students who thrive in a busy and creative environment.

Tasks: Support library programming, such as Read Smart- a series of informal book discussions moderated by members of NC State’s faculty (a collaborative effort between the NCSU Libraries and Wake County Public Libraries)- as well as events honoring the university community, such as Amazing Alumni, Fabulous Faculty, Stellar Students, and other Friends of the Library special events. Students will gain writing, communication and marketing skills.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.

National Humanities Center
7 TW Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Contact: Brooke Andrade, Librarian
Phone: 919-406-0106

Site description:  The National Humanities Center is an independent center for advanced study in the humanities. Each year the NHC hosts forty Fellows to work on a project which usually results in the publication of a book.  The library staff of three plus three graduate assistants provide the materials the scholars require to successfully complete their projects.  Our library has a long-standing and highly-valued relationships with the area university libraries for use of their resources, including borrowing about 6,500 items a year and access to electronic resources.

Tasks:  This field experience will allow students to assist in building a new institutional archive. The NHC is just starting its archive with a collection of approximately fourteen boxes of papers and photographs. These field experience positions will perform the following tasks:  Restoring documents and photographs, arranging them, and transferring them to archival folders and boxes Indexing Board of Trustees meeting minutes, NHC publications, and photographs by name and organization Scanning and using Adobe Photoshop to OCR documents

*This position will report directly to the Library Director.

Is this a reoccurring position?   Yes. The NHC is always looking for students who desire a field experience in archives.

National Humanities Center Library
7 T. W. Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Contact:  Eliza Robertson, Library Director
Phone:  919-406-0117

Site description: The Center is an independent center for advanced study in the humanities which hosts 40 Fellows each academic year to work on a project which usually results in the publication of a book.  The library staff of three plus three graduate assistants provide the materials the scholars require to successfully complete their projects.  Our library has a long-standing and highly-valued relationships with the area university libraries for use of their resources, including borrowing about 6,500 items a year and access to electronic resources. The student will be supervised by the Library Director, and other staff members involved with the projects.

Tasks: Projects for a Field Experience or internship center around the Soundings digitized radio program on a Wordpress blog , writing abstracts for the Soundings episodes, continuing work on the Center’s archives, and cataloging.  You may choose to concentrate on one or more areas.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.

North Carolina Biotechnology Center
P.O. Box 13547
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3547

Contact:  Susie Corbett, Vice President of Library and Information Services 
Phone:  919-549-8881

Site description and Tasks: The library has many ongoing and new projects appropriate for a field experience, including: Develop a taxonomy for re-cataloging the book collection; Improved development of the Center's intranet site using SharePoint; Archives management; Plan/design a library portal serving biotech and life science companies; Develop a marketing plan for the library and begin to execute it In addition, the Center's IT unit reports to the VP of Library and Information Services, which allows for the possibility of IT-related experiences. Other projects related to the student's interest may be available.

North Carolina Board of Nursing
4516 Lake Boone Trail
Raleigh, NC 27607

Contact:  Joyce Winstead, MSN, RN, Practice Consultant
Phone:  919-782-3211, ext. 256

Site description:  NC regulatory board that regulates the practice in nursing; was established in 1903; Goal is to establish a history or the NC Board of Nursing, and nursing regulation in NC through written, electronic, & oral formats; Formulate a method to document ongoing & future historical events

Tasks:  Facilitate oral histories, research written histories, timelines, records, data, and archives, organize a historical sequence (written & electronic), interact with nurses, former Board of Nursing members, historians, & the public at large


Data Division
2800 Meridian Parkway, Suite 100
Durham, NC 27713

Contact: Leslie Gardner, Senior Cataloger
Phone: 919-489-9412 ext. 8213

Site description: NoveList, located in Durham NC, is a product center of EBSCO, a worldwide provider of reference databases, ebooks, journals, and discovery services designed to meet the needs of all libraries. The NoveList team specializes in creating and providing electronic readers’ discovery and library marketing tools for public and school libraries.  The current product line includes NoveList, NoveList Plus, NoveList K-8, NoveList K-8 Plus, NoveList Select, NextReads, and LibraryAware.

Professionals at NoveList come from diverse backgrounds including public and school librarians, information and technology specialists, software engineers and architects, sales and marketing specialists, and more. The Data Division is staffed by 15 full-time catalogers, all MLS librarians, whose experience at NoveList ranges from 6 months to 18 years.  Catalogers are responsible for bibliographic record creation and enhancement for fiction and nonfiction titles, in print and audiobook formats, for readers of all ages.  In addition to extensive subject and genre analysis of all new titles, catalogers are responsible for assessment of appeal factors and assignment of appeal vocabulary terms to print titles and audiobook performances.

Tasks:  The field experience student will work closely with catalogers to create and edit bibliographic records in MARC format, as well as maintain and improve other databases that support NoveList products.  Ongoing projects can include:  vetting targeted reading lists, vetting the use of appeal terms on titles and adding character appeal terms to selected authors’ titles.  Specific tasks will be assigned in light of the student’s strengths and areas of interest, in keeping with NoveList’s ongoing data needs.

Is this field experience recurring?  Yes.

Orange County Historical Museum
201 N. Churton Street
Hillsborough, NC 27278

Contact:  Darcie Beecroft Martin, Executive Director
Phone:  919-732-2201

Site description: History museum

Tasks: Cataloging, organizing archives, creating school programs, museum brochure creation

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

Orange County Main Library
137 West Margaret Lane
Hillsborough, NC 27278

Site description: This is the main branch of the Orange County Public Library. We are located in downtown Hillsborough.

Is this a reoccurring position? We will most likely review this annually and make that decision in the early spring.

Perkins Library, Research Services
Duke University
411 Chapel Drive
Durham, NC 27708

Contact: Brittany Wofford, Research Services Desk Coordinator
Phone: 919-660-5878

Site Description:  Research & Instructional Services is comprised of over a dozen subject specialists. Based in Perkins Library, members of RIS are responsible for planning instruction, maintaining collections for their subject area, and assisting students, researchers, and members of the public with their research needs.

Task: We are looking for a student to assist in the development of a training course for librarians and staff new to the Research Desk. This could include researching best practices, course planning and writing course materials. In addition, this student will shadow on the Research Desk at Perkins Library and team-teach several bibliographic instruction courses with a librarian.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA
274 Pittsboro-Elementary School Rd,
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Contact: Jean Willoughby, Project Coordinator
Phone: 919-621-8453

Site description: The Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) is a small nonprofit organization based in Pittsboro, NC. Our mission is to cultivate markets, policies and communities that support thriving, socially-just, and environmentally-sound family farms.

As an organization with a long history of involvement in American agriculture, particularly in the Southeast, we have amassed several archives filled with articles, photographs, and other materials documenting the history of Southern agriculture and agricultural organizations. We plan to create digital versions of our archives in order to create online libraries hosted on our website.

We also have documented more than 500 farmer-led innovative farm projects and would like to create an archive and ultimately and online library of these projects.

Tasks: The intern can expect to spend time organizing and cataloging materials in our physical archives; working with a variety of archival materials (photographs, articles, books, newsletters, reports, primary source documents, etc) attending meetings with our project directors; preparing materials for digitization; and assisting with the organization of digital archives on our website.

Other duties may be assigned based on project needs and intern interests.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

UNC-CH Research Laboratories of Archeology
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Contact:  Scott Madry, Research Associate Professor of Archaeology
Phone:  919-448-4493

Site description: Prof. Scott Madry of the UNC Research Laboratories of Archeology is seeking one or a small team of SILS students to participate in an independent study program in digital archiving.  His research team has conducted thirty years of regional archeological and historical work in Burgundy, France, and has amassed:
–      Hundreds of 35mm slides and print photos from field surveys and excavations, aerial surveys, etc.
–      Hundreds of archival 9” aerial photos
–      Hundreds of pages of historical documents, cadastral data, census reports, etc.
–      ~100 historical and modern maps of the region
–      ~200 GIS data layers in various data formats
–      multiple remote sensing images (digital and hard copy)
–      GPS data files
–      Ethnographic interview audio recordings and transcripts
–      Field notes, field maps, field GPS data, etc.
–      Paper excavation reports, notes and drawings
–      MS Word, Excel files, .pdfs, .jpfs, .tifs, etc. representing reports, proposals, articles and papers
–      Multiple PowerPoint presentations
–      Geology maps, core data samples, pollen data, etc. in digital and analog formats

Tasks: We are seeking undergraduate or graduate SILS students who would work with our team to devise and begin the implementation of a digital archiving design. Aspects of the work will include deciding on the software environment to be used, meta-data categories, search processes, etc.  Our goal is a system that will provide simple query and access of our data by research team members in multiple locations. Opportunities for thesis topics are also possible.


Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.

The Preservation Society of Chapel Hill
610 East Rosemary Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Contact:  Cheri Szcodronski, Preservation Coordinator/Office Manager 
Phone:  919-942-7818

Site description: Housed in historic Horace Williams House just across the street from the UNC campus, the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill is dedicated to preserving the heritage and character of Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas through the preservation, conservation, and promotion of its built environment and historic landscapes.

Tasks: There are two projects currently available:

1. Organize the Preservation Society archives, including records of the activities and daily operations of the Preservation Society, recommend storage options for these records, and catalog the Preservation Society's small library.

2. Review, maintain, and create new content for the Preservation Society's website, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.

Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield
305 E. Market Street
Smithfield, NC

Contact:  Carrie Lee, Reference Librarian 
Phone:  919-934-8146

Site description: We are a small, busy public library located in downtown Smithfield that serves patrons of all ages. The environment is especially fast-paced in the summer, with many programs focusing on children and young adults.

Tasks: There are a wide variety of tasks an intern could work on, especially during the busy summer months. Some examples of things we would like our interns to work on include collection development, adult reference, and programming for all ages. We will conduct a brief interview with students before the internship begins to determine what projects the student is interested in, and then tailor the internship accordingly.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes. We will accept interns during fall, spring, and summer, sessions.

Rex Healthcare
4420 Lake Boone Trail
Raleigh, NC 27607

Contact:  Deniz Ender, MLS, AHIP
Phone:  919-784-3032

Site description: Rex Healthcare Medical library has an opening for an library position. The collection of this library is intended to serve the scientific, clinical and managerial information needs of the Rex Healthcare organization, medical staff, patients and families. 

Primary focus of duties will be assisting with the digitizing histrorical materials located at Medical Library collection, implementing reference services and interlibrary loan services to customers.

Requirements: Individual must be enrolled in an academic program leading to a Master's Degree in Library Science; must have good interpersonal skills; skilled with current computer/inorfrmation technology.

Position Length: Fall and Spring 2015/2016 Semesters

Hours: Flexible between 8:00am - 4:00pm Monday-Friday

If interested, please send your CV to

Thank you for your Interest

RTI International
3040 Cornwallis Road
PO Box 12914
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Contact:  Jamie Corona, Corporate Records Manager
Phone:  919-485-5541

Site description: RTI International is one of the world’s leading research institutes, dedicated to improving the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. Our staff of more than 2,800 professionals provides research and technical services to governments and businesses in more than 40 countries in the areas of health and pharmaceuticals, education and training, surveys and statistics, advanced technology, international development, economic and social policy, energy, and the environment. For more information, visit

Tasks: The Records Management Intern will be supporting the operations for the corporate records management program within the Office of Regulatory and Quality Assurance at RTI. The internship will provide students the opportunity to gain knowledge of the data migration process for a large international organization and skills in using information management software. In addition, the intern will learn about the organization of information and the systems to dispose inactive records.

Responsibilities include:
• Support Corporate Records and Compliance Services through the inventory, labeling, and management of inactive records at RTI Archives and Records Center;
• Enter data into the records management database and/or prepare electronic inventories for data migration;
• Provide assistance in preparing eligible records for destruction review and final disposition;
• Enrolled in Library Sciences, Information Management, or related program.
• Proficiency in MS Office applications required and prior experience with Access and/or Versatile Enterprise is a plus.
• Must be detail oriented and able to lift 50 lbs.
• Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

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SAS Institute
User Experience Design Department
SAS Campus Drive
Cary, NC 27513

Contact: Cheryl L. Coyle, Ph.D., Distinguished User Experience Designer
Phone: 919-531-2588

Site description: SAS is the largest privately-owned software company in the US. 
SAS consistently ranks as one of the top places to work in the US. We use powerful analytics to create software solutions for large businesses. We have approximately 30 UX designers and another 6-8 visual designers in our department, along with a professional usability lab onsite.

Tasks: Task analysis, concept design, wireframes, iterative user testing and design.

Is this a reoccurring position? At this time, we have a Field Experience opportunity for the Summer of 2014 only. We may be able to provide a recurring position sometime in the future, but we cannot commit to that now.


South Carolina Political Collections, Ernest F. Hollings Special Collections Library
1322 Greene St.
Columbia, SC 29208

Contact:  Lori Schwartz, Special Projects Archivist
Phone:  803-348-9861

Site description: SC Political Collections offers one paid internship every summer to a student enrolled in a graduate archival program outside of South Carolina. We hold approx. 100 collections of South Carolina’s leaders in Congress and the General Assembly, the state’s political parties, and other individuals and organizations playing substantive roles in politics and government.  We have a permanent staff of four, three half-time graduate students, and usually two to three interns at any one time (both paid and unpaid). For more information about this internship, please refer to

Tasks: Typical internships include arranging and describing a collection or a series within a major collection, creating an exhibit, completing a digitization project, or transcribing oral history interviews. We choose projects based on the intern's interests and our current needs, in that order. Our goal is for the intern to have a meaningful experience and end the summer with a product or products of some kind suitable for a portfolio. Interns will also have the chance to learn about other area archival repositories and to help with SCPC outreach activities if they wish.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes. We offer this internship every summer. The deadline is April 1.


Southern Oral History Program
Love House & Hutchins Forum
410 East Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC

Contact: Jaycie Vos, Coordinator of Collections
Phone: 919-962-0560

Site description: For more than forty years, the Southern Oral History Program has preserved the voices of the southern past. Our aim has been to learn the South’s history from the people who have lived it, who have staked their lives and values in it,
and who are eager to supplement the historical record with the vitality of their own accounts. We work to capture priceless memories before they are lost, and we present these stories to the public in creative forms.

Since 1973, the SOHP has conducted over 5,500 interviews with men and women–from mill workers to civil rights leaders to future presidents of the United States. Made available to the public through UNC’s renowned Southern Historical
Collection and through our online database, these interviews capture the vivid personalities, poignant personal stories, and behind-the-scenes decision-making that bring history to life.

Tasks:  Interns can perform a wide variety of tasks, and the SOHP is welcome to new ideas and creative thinking.

Common tasks include archival description, archival processing, editing transcripts and compiling tape logs, preparing visual and audio archival materials for exhibitions and other public events, planning and assisting with community outreach initiatives, and assisting with various digital humanities projects in collaboration with SOHP faculty, staff, field scholars, and undergraduate interns.

Other tasks may include usability research on the SOHP database and finding aid.

Is this a reoccurring position? This could be a reoccurring position.

Stone Circles at the Stone House
6602 Nicks Road
Mebane, NC 27302

Contact:  Michal Osterweil, PhD
Phone:  919-225-3433

Claudia Horwitz

Site description: Stone circles at the Stone House is a local organization that is central to this movement, it also offers space for retreats, workshops and other programming.

Tasks: Develop/find best database/web platform for this project; help organize data entries; help design/set-up user-friendly website for this project

Is this a reoccurring position? Not at the moment.

Sustainable Furnishings Council
8 Dogwood Acres Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Contact:  Susan Inglis, Executive Director 
Phone:  919-967-1137


Site description: Our patrons consist of a balanced coalition of players in the home furnishings industry: suppliers, manufacturers, designers, media, retailers, interior design firms, educators


Tasks: There are 2 positions available immediately: 1 - Manage a transition of website between database management systems (from Drupal-based CiviCRM to a new Django-based system) and then maintain and update relevant parts of the website. 2 - Manage One Good Chair Design Competition, which takes place on-line at Timeframe: immediate and ongoing Compensation: $8/hr, skills development, excellent networking, academic credit *Individuals with an interest in learning database management skills are also encouraged to apply*

 Teradata Aprimo
5565 Centerview Drive, Suite #300
Raleigh, NC 27606

Contact:  Michelleta Razon, Architechture
Phone:  919-816-1892

Site description: Teradata is the world’s largest company focused on analytic data solutions through integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications. Only Teradata gives organizations the advantage to transform data across the organization into actionable insights empowering leaders to think boldly and act decisively for the best decisions possible.

Aprimo has helped marketers meet tough challenges. Aprimo is an acknowledged pioneer in the emerging Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) software  
space—marketing’s equivalent of back-office ERP software.   In addition,  
Aprimo created an entirely new category of software, Marketing Resource Management (MRM), that automates core marketing processes and optimizes the allocation of resources.

Teradata Aprimo in Raleigh actively seeks to engage with the academic institutions in our community.  Historically, we have sponsored programs such as student software design projects and have committed senior resources to work with emerging talent in their field of expertise.  We provide opportunities for students to develop practical experience in the field while learning.

Tasks: •    Learn to leverage relational and NoSQL database systems for the efficient  
storage and retrieval of big data
•    Learn effective strategies for collecting structured and unstructured  
data from various sources including social networks, geo-location services and transactional systems for storage and processing in data repositories
•    Learn to build web applications that access and process large volumes of  
structured and unstructured data
•    Learn web application design principles that contribute to better  
performance and user experience
•    Learn and apply principles of information architecture for managing and  
organizing large volumes of data for consumption by end users
•    Learn the tools for testing and evaluating web application performance
•    Learn to apply HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to build dynamic and usable  
interfaces for the desktop and mobile devices
•    Gain experience researching and prototyping solutions to technical  
•    Gain knowledge in managing distributed data and integrating applications  
in the cloud
•    Learn techniques for managing and reconciling distributed data
•    Learn techniques for protecting sensitive data in SaaS and cloud  
•    Learn and apply the tenets of Agile software development practices

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.


UNC Chapel Hill, Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research
CB #7590
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Contact:  Christiane Voisin, Associate Director for Information Services
Phone:  919-843-2298

Site description: HSRProj, a database of ongoing health services research, was developed and is maintained at the Sheps Center and distributed through the National Library of Medicine. Librarians also provide literature search support to the RTI-UNC Evidence-based Practice Center. The Sheps Center maintains a small reference collection and some current journals.

Tasks: HSRProj-related tasks may include: learning real-world project management skills; database or programming work; investigating ongoing trends in the multi-disciplinary field of Health Services Research (HSR); proofreading and correcting new and existing data in the system; and possibly grant-writing and creating related information products.

Work with the RTI-UNC Evidence-based Practice Center may include: designing and executing literature search strategies (generally systematic reviews) for a variety of medical, public health, health services and pharmaceutical topics; keeping detailed documentation of search methods; building and customizing EndNote libraries of results; assisting with writing methods sections for reports; and attending meetings with investigators and project managers while projects are active.

Is this a reoccurring position?  Yes



UNC Chapel Hill Hospitals, Comprehensive Cancer Support Program Patient and Family Resource Center N.C. Cancer Hospital 
Main Lobby UNC Hospitals
101 Manning Drive
Chapel Hill, NC  27599-7218

Contact: Tina Shaban, BSN, RN, OCN, Manager, Oncology Outreach Services CCSP Patient and Family Resource Center
Phone: 919-843-0680

Site description: The Resource Center hosts the consumer library for the UNC Cancer Hospital. As the state hospital for NC residents, we work with patients, caregivers, and the general public to help them better understand cancer, its treatment, and handling life issues while dealing with this disease.  Our patrons come from a variety of backgrounds and it is clear that we must offer educational resources in many formats.  As a member of CPEN (Cancer Patient Education Network) we keep up-to-date on the latest resources available to our patients.  Our Center also integrates multiple support services into one location so we are able to assess our patrons' learning needs when they visit for a wig fitting or to get nutritional supplements.  This ease of access to our patients/caregivers provides opportunities to continue to bring education and support throughout their cancer experience...and beyond.  We are also well-respected within our community and are asked to assist with community cancer awareness events or to be a resource for cancer education to the community at large.

Tasks: We have an excellent opportunity for a tech savvy student with an interest in consumer health libraries and patient/family interaction to join a small, seasoned oncology Resource Center team to build the foundation for a component of our library/resource center that is greatly lacking at present.  Identifying formats and resources available through phone apps, kindles, etc. from our current well-utilized hard copy library, we want YOUR direction in helping us identify the best learning tools to meet the growing needs of our younger cancer patients or caregivers.  Although our Center is highly regarded in the services we provide to our oncology population and NC communities, we are keenly aware that we need to bring modern technology onto the scene in a bigger way.  Setting up a library learning center format that utilizes the technology that is out there will be your focus.  Teaching staff/patients/family members how to use these tools will also be a portion of your learning experience.  Identifying the best ways to advertise the resource will be important.  Helping our team to develop a priority list for library upgrades will be most helpful.  Your work could be extremely helpful to many health professionals throughout NC who could benefit from learning what you will teach our resource Center team...perhaps through a telemedicine conference.

Is this a reoccurring position? The first intern will be setting the foundation into place for upgrading our Resource Center library to include the many technology components available to improve education and service to our cancer patients/caregivers.  At present, we would expect the position to not be recurring in this format, but if we are so lucky to have a student assist us with this project, we may uncover another special area for the field experience program.

UNC Chapel Hill, Computer Services
Department of Computer Science
CB #3175, Sitterson Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175

Contact:  Bil Hays, Infrastructure Manager 
Phone:  919-962-1767

Site description: Faculty, students and staff in CS are the clients, we have a wide range of tasks ranging from moving furniture, setting up PCs, minor hardware work, troubleshooting software, networking, to writing web applications.

Tasks: Ghosting PCs, installing operating systems and applications. Making and testing network connections. Installation of hardware such as projectors, large displays, and related software. If the intern is interested, we have a number of small projects for codings in bash, rails, php, python, javascript, etc. that they would be welcome to tackle. Basically, we have a lot of work to get done and a wide variety of it.

UNC Chapel Hill, Davis Library
E-Resources and Serials Management (ESM), Acquisitions
CB #3938
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3938

Contact:  Rebecca Kemp, E-Resources Acquisitions Librarian
Phone:  919-962-0162

Site description: The E-Resources & Serials Management department (ESM) within Davis Library acquires, catalogs and manages access to electronic resources and to serials in all formats.  The E-Resources Acquisitions section licenses, orders, processes invoices for, and activates access for e-resources and also tracks related usage statistics.  Work in this field experience position will provide firsthand exposure to the complex processes required to acquire and manage access to electronic resources for a major research library.

Tasks: The field experience student will be working on various report-generating, quality control, and record maintenance projects that pertain to our e-resources holdings.  Such projects may include the following: compiling cost and/or holdings data from the Millennium Integrated Library System; modifying the Serials Solutions knowledgebase (journals holdings database) to correspond with our actual holdings, whether paid or Open Access; and researching and establishing relationships between resources that share the same licenses, so that we can code resource and license metadata appropriately in our E-Resource Management Module.  Other projects may arise during the term and will be assigned as their priority is established.  The field experience student can expect to work with and receive necessary training on Excel files, the Millennium client, and the Serials Solutions knowledgebase.

Is this a reoccurring position?  Yes, provided that the site supervisor has time to manage another field experience student in future terms.

UNC Chapel Hill, Davis Library
Research and Instructional Services
CB #3922
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3922

Contact:  Nathaniel King, Social Sciences Librarian
Phone:  919-962-1151

Site description: Research and instructional services

Tasks: Contact site for details

UNC Chapel Hill, Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Molecular Modeling Laboratory
Beard Hall, Room 327A
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7400

Contact: Alex Tropsha

Site description: The Molecular Modeling Laboratory is a computational drug discovery laboratory.  We build computer models to predict drug activity based on structure of either the drugs or the protein targets. 

Tasks: We need help to customize and roll-out our internal and external web sites.  An outside company has developed the framework for these sites in Drupal.   We need someone to lead the effort to put the content into the framework and make any modifications and customizations we need.  This work will require several IS-related skills: information management and organization, user-interface design, and interpersonal communication.  We would like someone with experience in Drupal and PHP, but someone eager to learn these tools will also work. 

UNC Chapel Hill, Gillings School of Public Health
Business and Finance - Institutional Research
Rosenau Hall, CB #7400
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7400

Contact:  Robert Pitts, Director, Strategic Analysis and Reporting
Phone:  919-966-3255

Site description: Our key customers are School Leadership, including the Dean, Senior Associate Dean, and Associate Dean of Business & Finance.  We prepare information products, reports, analysis, surveys, etc, to be used in the decision making process.  Institutional Reseach at SPH encompasses School wide datasets, integrating many of the campus information systems into databases, reports and analyses that are used to track trends, risks and answer critical and pivotal questions for the School's leadership.

Tasks: (For Fall 2010) Working with typical MS Office products, such as Excel, Access and Powerpoint.  Use of Tableau desktop and server for report production.  Oracle database and ODBC connectivity for storage.  Analytic processes as well as data management techniques for executive information systems.

Database development, project management, data quality reviews, information management for executive type leadership, report production, business intelligence/institutional research project work.

Querying information systems; storage and maintenance of data; original data production via surveys, use of external data sources, other intelligence gathering techniques;  Building novel data classification schema and data structures to support present and future reporting requirements.

UNC Chapel Hill, Health Sciences Library
CB #7585
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7585

Contact: Christie Silbajoris
Phone: 919-843-6236

Site description: The UNC-Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library regularly accepts ideas for customized field experience opportunities based on student interests. We accept multiple students each semester. For representative project descriptions, please see our Field Experience, Practicum and Unpaid Internships (link: page on the UNC-CH Health Sciences Library website.

Tasks: Archival work, bioinformatics, consumer health, data visualization, emerging technologies, information services, marketing, social networking, web database and more


UNC Chapel Hill, Park Journalism Library


Carroll Hall, CB #3365

Contact:  Stephanie Brown, Director
Phone:  919-843-8300

Site description: The Park Library serves the School of Journalism and Mass Communication – helping undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty in the areas of journalism, advertising, public relations, and visual media. We do just about everything library-related, including circulation, reference, cataloging, acquisitions, and more.

We are looking for a SILS student to assist in a reclassification project for field experience credit.  The Park Library is in the process of moving roughly 10,000 volumes from a homegrown classification system to Library of Congress.  

Tasks:  •    Create LCC call number
                 o    Majority will be copying call number from existing records
                 o    Sometimes will need to create call number from scratch
           •    Change call number in Millennium
           •    Create new spine label
                 o    Remove old spine label
                 o    Create & apply new spine label
           •    Reshelve books when reclassified


UNC Chapel Hill, Program in the Humanities and Human Values

Contact:  Max Owre, Associate Director
Phone:  919-962-1544

Site description: The site is dedicated to the work of former UNC professor, the late E. 
Maynard Adams. It houses many of his works and links to his works. It also includes some archived materials from the Southern Historical Collection.  This project involves transferring all materials in the site as it is currently designed (in "Mod-X" CMS) to a more adaptable and archive friendly CMS (i.e. Omeka). We would like to have the site be ready for expansion with tagging and searching protocols in place for later addition of materials. The site needs to be ready for use by January 2012.

Tasks:  Intern can expect to design the format for the site, the architecture for its search capabilities, and load all materials on the new server. Modest monetary compensation will be provided for a qualified and responsible student who can do the above while helping us brainstorm possible solutions and contribute to the aesthetic and functionality of the site. This job has a rigid timeline as the site must be ready for use by 2012.

Is this position reoccurring? Perhaps, depending on funding and expansion schedule.

UNC-CH School of Government, Networking and Technical Support Services
CB #3330
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Contact: James Balfour, Networking and Technical Support Services Manager
Phone: 919-966-4460

Site description: The Networking and Technical Support Services (NTS) group is responsible for all end-user support and network continuity services. Whether it is for the School of Government Faculty or Staff, or to support our external client groups during instruction and course delivery, we provide computer support and issue resolution, computer deployment and management, and infrastructure design and implementation.

Tasks: This position includes phone, email, and in-person support of laptop and desktop computers, audio/visual setup and support, and support of Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X operating systems and Microsoft Office applications including Outlook in an Exchange environment. Duties require diagnosing and resolving customer hardware and software problems, and assisting in the management and deployment of computers and other devices.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes.  

UNC Chapel Hill, Sloane Art Library

Contact: Heather Gendron, Art Librarian
Phone: 919-962-1061

Site Description:  The Sloane Art Library serves the Department of Art as well as the broader university community and the general public.

Tasks:  Potential projects could involve collections assessment, collections digitization, learning outcomes assessment, or development and fundraising.  An educational background in art or art history may be required for some projects, but not all projects would require an art background.  We enjoy working with SILS students who are enthusiastic, self-directed, and engaged in art information issues. 

University of North Carolina Center for Public Television
10 T.W. Alexander Drive
P.O. Box 14900
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Contact:  Scott Marsh, Post Production Operations Manager
Phone:  919-549-7840

Site description: UNC-TV is a state-wide PBS TV station that offers unique programs and public media services which provide people of all ages with enriching, life-changing television. Field experience at UNC-TV can provide unique learning experience for students interested in a variety of careers. Interns are mentored by experienced managers and employees and professional development is a primary focus during placement at UNC-TV.

Tasks: Associate producer needed to inventory and maintain UNC-TV archival moving image collections as a follow up of the American Archive Content Inventory Project of the Corporation of Public Broadcasting.  Duties will include processing A/V materials including description, preservation, and arrangement of archival media as well as maintenance of archival show footage records. Duties may also include imputing current broadcast data, maintaining local database of Excel records, and potentially merging records into ENPS, ProTrack, and other UNC-TV database systems.  There is also a potential opportunity to digitize, dub and compile archival footage from multiple video formats such as 1 Inch, Betacam and HD Cam.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

UNC Chapel Hill, Wilson Library
North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives
CB #3930
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3930

Contact:  Patrick Cullom, Visual Materials Archivist
Phone:  919-962-7992

Site description: Help process, describe and/or digitize photographic collections

Tasks: Archival processing, EAD, scanning, image management and metadata in CONTENTdm

Wilson Library, Digital Production Center (DPC)
201 South Road, CB 3934, UNC - CH
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Contact: Suzanne Huffman, Digital Production Manager
Phone: 919-962-1334

Site description: The Digital Production Center
( is offering a field experience opportunity to one SILS student during the fall 2013 semester. We seek an enthusiastic candidate to perform various tasks related to Content, Context, and Capacity: A Collaborative Large-Scale Digitization Project on the Long Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina ( 
This LSTA-funded collaborative large-scale manuscripts digitization project is an initiative of the four Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN) university libraries at Duke, NC Central, NC State, and UNC. The project began in summer 2011 and will conclude in 2014. Together, the four university libraries will digitize a total of thirty-eight manuscript collections and archival record groups (creating approximately 400,000 digital objects). This field experience will provide an opportunity for the student to work on an innovative and collaborative project within an academic library setting.

Tasks: 1.Creating digital surrogates of 20th century archival manuscript materials related to the Long Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina.
2.Learning a variety of large-scale digitization workflows, image-capture technologies, and software programs.
3.Working with CONTENTdm, one of the library's digital collections management systems.
4.Writing social media and blog posts.
5.Conducting collaborative grant planning, assessment, and evaluation activities.

Is this a reoccurring position? No.

Wilson Library, Internet Archive Scribe Center
201 South Road, CB 3934, UNC - CH
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Contact: Elizabeth McacLeod, Supervisor of Satellite Digitization Services
Phone: 919-843-8438

Site description: We digitize roughly 150,000 pages for UNC each month, operating two Scribe stations.  Three Internet Archive employees work on site full-time, loading metadata, scribing materials, troubleshooting, and communicating with remote colleagues via Skype.  Materials come from the UNC Music Library Vault, the North Carolina Collection, Preservation Services, the Rare Book Collection, the SILS Library Juvenile Historical Collection, and other contributing libraries throughout North Carolina.

Tasks: Learn how to handle and digitize a range of bound materials.  Work with digital cameras, Linux operating systems, Internet Archive software, and our custom-built Scribe apparatus. Gain an understanding of our growing mass digitization company--on the whole, and experientially as a Scribe operator.

Is this a reoccurring position? Possibly.


Wilson Library, Southern Historical Collection
UNC-CH, CB #3926

Contact: Biff Hollingsworth
Phone: 919-962-1345

Site description: The Southern Historical Collection (SHC) is a repository of archival collections which document the history and culture of the American South.
The collection is made up of original and unique primary materials, such as manuscripts, letters, photographs, diaries, drawings, scrapbooks, journals, oral histories, moving images, digital files and other materials.

Tasks: The Southern Historical Collection has several opportunities for field experience interns:

1. Assist with handling newly acquired manuscript material for the SHC (accessioning, appraisal, basic arrangement and description prior to processing and cataloging, discards and returns).

2. Assist with social media outreach, such as developing posts for our daily blog project "The Civil War Day by Day" or developing new content for the SHC's blog or Facebook page.

3. Assist with the development of digital projects, such as online exhibits with Omeka.

4. Other opportunities depending on interests or departmental needs.

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes



Wake County Public Libraries

Contact: Katrina C. Vernon
Staff Development Manager
Wake County Public Library System

Please review our intern informational page @

Site description: The Wake County Public Library (WCPL) system is located in Wake County, North Carolina. The system consists of 20 libraries in four districts: six regional libraries and 14 branch libraries. WCPL carries popular fiction and nonfiction for all ages, audio books including downloadable audio books and e-books through OverDrive, and has several research databases, many of which are available through NCLive.

Working for one of our locations would involve different activities in the Youth Services or Adult Services departments, based on your interests.

Tasks: Readers' Advisory and Reference Services Collection Development/Cataloging Customer Service Library Information Technology Administration/Management

Is this a reoccurring position? Yes

Wake County
337 S. Salisbury Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Contact: Paula J. Richardson, Enterprise Records Manager/IT Project Manager
Phone: 919-856-5852

Site description: Wake County Government is a local governmental agency serving the citizens of Wake County.  As a local government we are responsible for the creation and maintenance of records that provide accuracy and transparency of how we run the business for the citizens.  This field experience site will provide experience in understanding the documents and artifacts related to running a local governmental entity.

Tasks: Inventory of administrative documents and artifacts; Evaluation/Appraisal of administrative documents and artifacts; Assignment of retention schedules; Provision of Disposition recommendations

Is this a reoccurring position?: We are offering an experience opportunity for the Spring of 2013.  Interested students should can contact Paula Richardson directly at 919-856-5852 no later than January 4, 2013. Please note we are looking for 2 students.

Watts Street Baptist Church
800 Watts Street
Durham, NC 27701

Contact: Naomi Nelson, Council Member
Phone: 404-218-8369

Site description: WBSC has been documenting its history over the past 90 years. Our historical documents have been gathered together in our Heritage Room, but they have never been professionally organized and there is no description of the archives to assist members and the occasional scholar interested in our history.  (WSBC was the first Southern Baptist Church to ordain a woman.)  There is a group of members who have been working to collect the church's history who can help to advise on the project.

Tasks: 1) work with the project team to create a project plan to arrange and describe the church's archives; 2) survey and arrange the collection, noting preservation concerns; 3) create a finding aid; 4) assist in creating a budget for the project; and 5) work with church staff to create a records schedule

Is this a reoccurring position? We are hoping to finish this project by May 31, 2014.