Cost and Financial Aid

The School of Information and Library Science is able to offer two $1,000 scholarships for new students every semester. This does not require an additional application. Your application for the major will be used to determine scholarship recipients.


The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid provides an estimated cost of attendance for one year of undergraduate education. Note that North Carolina residents are entitled to lower tuition rates than nonresidents.

Tuition and fees are assessed on a semester basis and are due prior to term registration. Tuition, fees and room rent are subject to change without notice. Payments may be made in advance, in person or by mail.

Please review the Cashier's Office website for policies regarding charges for attendance and important dates.

Financial Aid

The School of Information and Library Science offers two $1,000 scholarships for newly admitted students each application cycle (spring and fall).

UNC Campus Scholarships Programs

The University of North Carolina offers a two-part scholarship program to promote educational access and diversity.

Part I provides need-based scholarships for undergraduate students with "exceptional financial need" whose enrollment contributes to the intellectual experiences and diversity of the undergraduate population. Students must be residents of North Carolina who are enrolled in full-time degree credit course work.

Part II provides need-based scholarship for undergraduate Native American students. To be eligible for these funds, students must be residents of North Carolina and must be Native American, defined as an individual who maintains cultural and political identification as a Native American through membership in an Indian Tribe recognized by the State of North Carolina or by the United States.

Please note that financial aid support is much easier to obtain for our fall programs.

Fellowships and Other Awards from Outside Sources

Students interested in awards offered by sources outside the University must apply directly to the granting agency. The school maintains notices that have been received concerning grants and awards.

Other Financial Aid

The University's Office of Scholarships and Student Aid processes loan and federal work-study applications for students with documented financial need. The Carolina Covenant also is available for students who come from historically low-income families.

Applications for these loans and work-study positions should be made by March 1 (if received after this date, the decision to grant aid will take longer) to: Scholarships and Student Aid; 310 Pettigrew, CB#2300; UNC at Chapel Hill; Chapel Hill, NC 27599-2300; 919/962-8396; Fax 919/962-2716; e-mail:

Other Work Opportunities

Numerous student assistant positions are available in on-campus and off-campus information agencies and libraries for students in programs of the School of Information and Library Science. Students must apply directly to the individual departments/organizations for these positions. The school receives notices of part-time job and internship opportunities and makes this information available to students via the SILS listservs.