Memories of SILS

Classes in Wilson Library, The Block, LSSA/ILSSA picnics and holiday parties, attending a Durham Bulls game with faculty and fellow students, taking the wrong stairs in Manning Hall...over the last 90 years SILS students have had experiences that have stayed with them.  Below are some memories alumni have shared.  If you have a speical memory you would like to share, please complete this survey.

The picnics were great! I was in a suite with Cynthia Thompson, who met Wayne Modlin at UNC. After they graduated Wayne first employed Cynthia in Western NC and then married her. I am still in touch with them, now retired from their library careers and enjoying lots of travel and time with family. 
~Julie A. Foster (MSLS, 1975) 

In 1972 North Carolina was an important tobacco producing state.  Smoking was allowed everywhere and was ubiquitous; even allowed in the classrooms of the Library School. But most of my professors and instructors were forward looking and health conscious enough to know or sense the damage cigarette smoke could do. So, despite complaints and groans from students in most of my classes, smoking was not allowed! I actually cut down greatly on my smoking during this time, and this positive experience and examples set by the faculty  allowed me to completely give it up a bit later! Thanks. 
~Susan Fiske Hindersmann (nee Smith) (MSLS, 1972) 

Having our senior capstone class outside in the courtyard by the statues during the spring was the most surreal, "I'm a senior at UNC moment"! 
~Gabrielle Matalon (BSIS, 2019) 

Met my future wife in the 1974 Block. Many of my class mates and I served as directors of public libraries in Virginia and North Carolina. 
~Douglas Perry (MSLS, 1976) 

In my first job, assistant circ librarian in Wilson Library (before the doctoral program arrived), I escorted Dr. Wilson out to the lobby area after finding him lost in the Wilson stacks.  I think he was grateful. 
~Brian Nielsen (PhD, 1983) 

Going on weekend outings to neat places in the Triangle area with my girlfriend and later wife, who is also a SILS alum are some memories very near and dear to me.   I would also add the feeling of touring the reading room and museum of the Wilson Library to admire the many details and general beauty as a favorite memory of mine. 
~William W. Knauth (MSLS, 2016) 

BSIS: Taking Paul Jones' senior capstone class and finally, FINALLY feeling like I was surrounded by peers who 'get it' and who care deeply about information access and how it impacts the world around us. I was so uncertain about my future during my time at Carolina, and this course and the friends I made during it solidified my desire to make information science and UX into a career. MSIS: Being a part of the SILS community--hosting Harry Potter trivia with my grad school friends (who are still dear friends today), dropping into the student lounge at lunch, spending way too much time in the children's corner chair in the SILS library. Most of all, being able to truly enjoy my MSIS program knowing that I was walking away with the skills and confidence I needed to go out into the world and use information for good. 
~Carson Pence (BSIS 2018; MSIS 2019) 

I remember Dr. Daniel and how she had so much faith in me as my advisor. Dr. Daniel was a true leader. I remember Dr. Carr and his sense of humor and his professionalism. He set the example for us.
~Baasil Wilder (MSLS, 2007)

Who hasn't taken the wrong stairs in Manning Hall? But my favorite SILS memory has to be going to San Francisco as part of Paul Jones' Info Sci@Work (INLS 690) course in March 2019. We visited a number of companies as well as the Information Archive and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC - Gary joined us for this part of the trip).
~Neal Whitefur (BSIS 2019)