The Deborah Barreau Award for Teaching Excellence

In 1995 Chancellor Paul Hardin and Dean Barbara Moran established the SILS Award for Teaching Excellence. In February 2012, the award was renamed the Deborah Barreau Award for Teaching Excellence in memory of Dr. Deborah Barreau who received the award twice for her masterful teaching and mentoring ability. The award recognizes one faculty member, who is nominated by the students within the school, for outstanding teaching. In 2006, an additional award recognizing the outstanding teaching by an adjunct professor of practice was added. Both awards are presented at the annual spring commencement ceremony.

The Deborah Barreau Award for Teaching Excellence 

Dr. Stephanie Haas                                    Casey Rawson                    

Faculty Award 2017                         Adjunct Award 2017
Dr. Stephanie Haas                            Dr. Casey Rawson


Dr. Ron Bergquist                                    Rachael Clemmens                    

Faculty Award 2016                         Adjunct Award 2016
Dr. Ron Bergquist                            Emily Vardell



 Faculty Award 2015
 Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi


Dr. Jaime Arguello                                    Rachael Clemmens                    

Faculty Award 2014                         Adjunct Award 2014 
Dr. Jaime Arguello                            Rachael Clemens


Dr. Robert Capra                                      

Faculty Award 2013                           Adjunct Award 2013
Dr. Robert Capra                               Joan Boone



Faculty Award 2012                           Adjunct Award 2012
Dr. Stephanie Haas                            Rebecca Vargha


photo o Phillip Edwardl                                    Carolyn Hank

Faculty Award 2011                           Adjunct Award 2011
Phillip Edwards                                  Dr. Carolyn F. Hank  


photo of Sandra Hughes-Hassell                                     photo of Susan Rathbun-Grubb                            

Faculty Award 2010                           Adjunct Award 2010
Dr. Sandra Hughes-Hassell                 Dr. Susan Rathbun-Grubb


photo of Gary Marchionini                                     photo of Evelyn Daniel

Faculty Award 2009                           Adjunct Award 2009
Dr. Gary Marchionini                          Dr. Evelyn Daniel

photo of Deborah Barreau                                     photo of Tommy Nixon                              photo of Pam Sessoms

Faculty Award 2008                           Adjunct Award 2008                      Adjunct Award 2008
Dr. Deborah Barreau                         Thomas Nixon                               Pamela Sessoms

photo of Diane Kelly                                 photo of Ron Bergquist

Faculty Award 2007                          Adjunct Award 2007
Dr. Diane Kelly                                 Dr. Ron Bergquist


photo of Stephanie Haas                                 photo of Lisa Norberg    

Faculty Award 2006                         Adjunct Award 2006
Dr. Stephanie Haas                          Lisa Norberg

photo of Jerry Saye
Faculty Award 2005
Dr. Jerry Saye

photo of Deborah Barreau

Faculty Award 2004
Dr. Deborah Barreau

photo of Barbara Moran

Faculty Award 2003
Dr. Barbara Moran

photo of Brian Sturm





Faculty Award 2002
Dr. Brian Sturm

photo of David Carr





Faculty Award 2001
Dr. David Carr

photo of Barbara Wildemuth





Faculty Award 2000
Dr. Barbara Wildemuth

photo of Evelyn Daniel





Faculty Award 1999
Dr. Evelyn Daniel

photo of Jerry Saye






Faculty Award 1998
Dr. Jerry Saye


photo of Stephanie Haas







Faculty Award 1997
Dr. Stephanie Haas