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Welcome to the SILS Office Human Resources for Student Employees!

Congratulations on your SILS assistantship!  We hope that this assignment will be an educational and rewarding experience for you.  To finalize your appointment, please contact Joey at the SILS Office of Human Resources to schedule a hiring session.  The hiring sessions typically take 10-30 minutes.  An appointment is not required; but, it is recommended.  

You will need to complete and bring the forms and supporting documents from the applicable list below to the SILS Office of Human Resources - in Manning Hall, Room 07A.  You must have a letter for ALL paid/unpaid appointments and extensions.  If you have any questions, please contact Joey at

 Graduate Student Assistants          SILS Fellowships          Undergraduate Student Assistants




***International Students must take their appointment letter to the Office of International Scholars and Student Services to receive a temporary Social Security Number (SSN) for hire***


***If you have a FELLOWSHIP (and not an Assistantship) please see below.

SILS Appointment Letter - Signed
Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP) - This is not required if your appointment letter does not explicitly award you GSHIP.
Direct Deposit Form - From the link, see "Direct Deposit Authorization for Faculty, Postdocs and EHRA Students".   Note you will need to provide either a voided check or bank memo with your form.
IDs for I-9/Employment Eligibility:  - Please bring one item from LIST A OR one item from LIST B AND one item from LIST C.  Note that Section 1 of your I-9 must be done on or before your first day of work. 
  • RETURNING -  A new Conditions of Employment (AP-2s) is required for each reappointment.  If you are off payroll for more than a month you will also need to submit new Direct Deposit information.  Tax witholding is completed within ConnectCarolina SelfService. 

  • Payments - Graduate Student Assistants are paid on the last business day of the month.  Giving consideration to the start date of your appointment, you must complete your hiring session (hiring packet and Form i-9) on or before the 10th of the month to guarantee payment at the end of that month.

  • RETURNING Graduate Assistants - If you have not had a break in service or a change in status, you only need to submit your signed appointment letter, renew your GSHIP (if applicable), and review your direct deposit information. 

  • GSHIP - The insurance provided by your academic year assistantship runs from August 1 - July 31.  You will need to renew your GSHIP in accordance with your current assignment EACH FALL, regardless of your initial start date.  If your GSHIP is active and you are graduating, your GSHIP ends at the end of May.  COBRA is no longer available as gap coverage for students.  If your appointment ends early, your GSHIP will end at the end the month.  Teaching and Research Assistants are eligible for GSHIP, if their appointment provides the benefit.  This insurance is managed by Blue Cross/Blue Shield.


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If you are paid via check request, you will need to submit your signed appointment letter, Graduate Student Health Insurance Form, and Disbursement Direct Deposit Form with a voided check or bank memo.








SILS Appointment Letter - Signed
Direct Deposit Form:  Please provide a voided check or bank memo.
IDs for I-9/Employment Eligibility:  Section 1 of your I-9 MUST be done ON or BEFORE your first day of work.  Please bring one item from LIST A OR one item from LIST B AND one item from LIST C.
  • As a Undergraduate Student Assistant, you must use the TIMs time-stamp to log your work time. When you log-in (with your ONYEN and ONYEN password), it automatically stamps your log-in time as your start time. It will do the same at log-out and use that as your end time. Time Information Management System (TIMs)