Alumni Board

Give Back to SILS: Volunteer for the Alumni Association Board

The SILS Alumni Association (SILSAA) Board members for 2016/2017 are Emily Jack, president; Joe Williams, immediate past president; Doug Diesenhaus, vice president/president-elect; Erin Holmes, treasurer; Liz Overberg, secretary; Anna Sandelli, communications director; Jasmine Plott, student member ex officio (vice president of the Information and Library Science Student Association - ILSSA); and ex officio members: Gary Marchionini, SILS dean and Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor; Tammy Cox, assistant dean of administration; and Stephanie Kretz, SILS director of development.

Emily Jack is the Digital Projects and Outreach Librarian in the North Carolina Collection Gallery in the Wilson Special Collections Library at UNC-Chapel Hill. Prior to working in Wilson Library, she was Managing Editor of LEARN NC, a K-12 educator outreach program and publishing platform. Emily earned her MSLS from SILS in 2007. She also holds a bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College. 
Joe Williams is the Director of Public Services for the UNC Library. He supports and directs six public services departments, including the R.B. House Undergraduate Library, Kenan Science Library, and the School of Information and Library Science Library. He is a 2001 SILS graduate (MSLS) and a 2001 NCSU Libraries Fellow. In addition to his SILS degree, Joe received his B.A. in Environmental Studies from Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC.
Doug Diesenhaus is the Interim Director of Library Human Resources for the UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries. His responsibilities include managing the Libraries’ work with recruitment, hiring, payroll and benefits, and performance management. He received a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio; an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from UNC-Wilmington; and an MSLS (’12) from UNC SILS.

Erin Holmes is a Systems Librarian at NC LIVE, a library consortium for academic and public libraries throughout North Carolina. Her primary responsibilities include maintaining database applications and digital services that support the NC LIVE platform. She supports access and authentication technologies and works with librarians to troubleshoot resource issues. She serves as vice-chair of the Community Service Committee for NCSU Libraries, researching and publicizing opportunities for NCSU librarians to volunteer with their local community. She is currently chair of the Web & Technologies Committee for NCLA. Erin holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Florida A&M University and an MSIS ('14) from UNC SILS.

Liz Overberg (MSLS 2011) is a public school media specialist at Zionsville Community High School in Zionsville, IN. She has also worked as a middle school librarian and as a PK-8 librarian at an independent school in northwest Georgia. In addition to being a certified media specialist and a certified English teacher, Liz is also certified in Google Apps for Education and Google Chrome. Liz has authored and co-authored several professional articles that aid librarians and information specialists in using diverse literature to support the self-concept of children and adolescents. She is the proud recipient of a UNC SILS Diversity Advocate Certificate. In her spare time, Liz reviews middle grade and young adult fiction for School Library Journal and volunteers on the YALSA Website Advisory Board. 

Anna Sandelli is Student Success Librarian for Undergraduate User Experience at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Her role involves assisting varied student populations in learning the tools of scholarship while navigating life at a four-year research institution. She also works to enhance students’ interactions with the Libraries through instruction, engagement programs, and support services. Anna holds a BA in Journalism & Mass Communication and an MSLS (’14) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Pay It Forward: Volunteer for the SILS Alumni Association Board!

Your SILS experience has benefited you in many ways. The SILS Alumni Association (SILSAA) is dedicated to helping foster the same high level of experiences for current and future SILS students and to helping alumni stay connected to and involved in the SILS community. To stay vibrant, the association needs your input and energy. An excellent way to become involved is to join the SILSAA Board. The positions are: President, Vice-President/President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Director. To submit your name for the slate of candidates, e-mail the SILSAA president. Below is more detailed information about each position.

The offices of Vice President/President Elect, President, and Past President are usually held by one person. That person serves one year in each of the offices for a total service of three consecutive years. The duties of the Vice President/President Elect, President, and Past President are as follows:

Vice President/President Elect
In the first year as Vice President, attends monthly Board meetings and becomes familiar with the operations of the Association by working with the Executive Board in planning various functions and by assisting the President. The Vice President plans events and graduation activities. The Vice President/President Elect assumes the duties of the President in the President's absence. In the second year, this individual fulfills duties of President.

In the second year, when the officer takes the position of President, organizes and presides over regular meetings of Executive Board and sets agenda with help from Board members; represents SILSAA at campus functions as needed; serves (ex-officio) on the Board of Directors of the UNC General Alumni Association and attends quarterly meetings; speaks to graduating class at Spring and Winter commencement; presides over general business meetings; presents awards at commencement and events; assists with planning of events and graduation activities; and assists with nomination of new officers.

Past President
During the third year, when the officer takes the position of Past President, attends monthly Board meetings, offers advice and assistance to the new President and assists the Executive Board as needed. The Past President serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee and assists with planning of events.

The Treasurer serves a two year term and assists with keeping financial records of the Association. The Treasurer's mission is to assure that funds are managed to optimize the Association's efforts to achieve its goals and fulfill its mission. The Treasurer's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, maintaining a record of event fees and costs; maintaining a record of disbursements; reporting on the financial condition of the Association at all Board meetings; preparing and delivering to the President, by September 1 of each year, an annual financial report (July I through June 30); consulting with the Board and obtaining its approval for expenditures; and serving on committees and performing other duties as requested by the Executive Board and as deemed necessary for the good of the Association.

The SILSAA Secretary serves a two year term. The Secretary is responsible for all formal communications on behalf of the Alumni Association. The Secretary attends and records the proceedings of all regular meetings of the Association; prepares and distributes minutes of the meetings in a timely manner; and prepares and maintains the Board directory. The Secretary also organizes the Fall Student Reception, serves on committees, and performs other duties as necessary and/or as requested by the Executive Board.

Communications Director
The Communications Director serves a two-year term, focusing on SILSAA’s online communications with alumni. The Communications Director also periodically updates material on SILSAA’s website to maintain accuracy and interest. The individual participates in SILSAA Board meetings and works closely with SILS’ Director of Communications on relevant projects.