SILS and EPA Library Celebrate 40-Year Partnership

SILS and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Research Triangle Park (RTP) Library celebrated 40 years of collaboration, education, and experience on April 11, 2015. Current and former interns and staff members of the EPA-RTP Library and SILS faculty and administrators gathered at the Carolina Club to help commemorate the milestone.

Gary Marchionini, SILS Dean and Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor, and Deborah Balsamo (MSLS ’97), National Program Manager for the EPA’s National Library Network and former director of the EPA-RT P Library, welcomed the crowd and discussed the history and importance of the program. Several alumni and former staff also shared their memories of working in the Library.

SILS has operated the EPA-RTP Library for 40 years and more than 300 graduate students have served as interns. Upon completing their master’s studies, those interns have gone on to become leaders in libraries and the information industry. In December 2014, SILS was awarded a new contract to continue operating the Library for the next five years.

“This contract represents a highly effective and efficient partnership between a public university and a government research organization,” Dean Marchionini said. “SILS attracts experienced librarians to manage the EPA Library operations and the internships attract outstanding students to UNC-Chapel Hill. These interns not only gain practical experience in a full-service research library, but also work with library professionals to create new kinds of services to support EPA scientists and staff.”

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Celebrating 40 years with 40 days of facts, photos, and memories.


The UNC-Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science and the Environmental Protection Agency Library at Research Triangle Park are commemorating 40 years of collaboration, education, and experience. Each day for the next 40 days, counting down to the celebration on April 11, we’ll be sharing fun facts, photos, and memories.


Dean Edward Holley and the leaders of the EPA established the initial partnership between the UNC-CH School of Library Science and the EPA Library in RTP.


The EPA Library internships originated 40 years ago when a federal hiring freeze prompted the EPA to look for alternative staffing approaches for the library in RTP, which led to the unique partnership with the UNC-CH School of Library Science.


Who remembers the name of the newsletter for former EPA interns and staff in the 70s and early 80s? Hint: it eventually added the tagline “Reaching Out to Former Employees.”

Answer: “The EPA Tentacle” newsletter reported new developments at the EPA Library and what former interns and staff were doing.


In 1976, the EPA Library in RTP absorbed many responsibilities of the recently dissolved Air Pollution Technical Information Center (APTIC), resulting in the establishment of the Air Information Center (AIC) and significant changes to the services provided by library interns and staff.


Early EPA Library interns assigned to the computerized searching rotation utilized the “cathode-ray-tube terminal” to search various databases such as DIALOG, MEDLINE, and TOXLINE.


In 1977, “The Tentacle” newsletter reported that the EPA Library had taken over disseminating Public Affairs pamphlets such as “Fun with the Environment” and “Let’s Dump the Dump.”


Mary Chitty (MSLS ’79) says her 1977-78 EPA Library internship was “incredibly influential” and she fondly remembers developing relationships with colleagues, including Nola Van Hoy and Gail Preslar. Chitty also recalls the EPA fax machine, which took five minutes to transmit one page.


The Summer 1978 edition of the NCSLA Bulletin reported that video equipment for the slow-scan TV/ tele facsimile experiment had arrived at the EPA Library in July. The equipment was supposed to allow ILL requests to be transmitted via satellite and printed in hardcopy. According to the NCSLA article, the hope was that “the use of such equipment for transmission, communication, and exchange of information will promote and facilitate sharing of informational resources and will foment new and imaginative kinds of resource sharing.”


SILS Alumnus David Jensen was both an EPA intern and later a supervisor who had the privilege of interviewing interns for the following year. Jensen remembers all the interns were “top notch - bright, energetic and terrific colleagues.”


Dean Edward G. Holley hired Dr. Herman Henkle, retired director of a large special library and a past president of the Special Libraries Association (SLA), to teach the special libraries seminar and advise the EPA Library internship program in its early years.


Two students have written master’s papers reviewing the EPA Library internship program. The first was Rosemary K. Thorn, who wrote "A Description and Evaluation of the UNC EPA Library Internship Program" in 1980.


By 1989, 170 students had served as interns at the EPA Library, and the program was averaging about 14 students per year. The 15-year milestone was celebrated in the Spring 1989 “News From Chapel Hill” newsletter.


The spring 2001 staff at the EPA Library included (top row, from left) Janet Murphy, Claire Locke, Sambhavi Cheemalapati, Endrina Tay, and Library Director Deborah Balsamo, as well as (front row, from left) Brandi Florence, K.T. Vaughan, Kathryn Gundlach, Rebecca Lee, and Youngjoo Moon (not pictured).


In 2001, the EPA and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Libraries in RTP were presented the NC Chapter of the Special Libraries Association Information Management Award. Pictured at right: Dav Robertson (MSLS ’75), NIEHS library director (left), and John Knight, federal library director with the U.S. EPA (right), display the plaques awarded to them by Barbara Post, (MSLS ’79). Both Post and Roberston were EPA Library interns.


Adina Riggins (’01) says her EPA Library internship from June 1999-December 2000 was a “great, positive work and educational experience. Deborah Balsamo was a wonderful mentor and very helpful when I was applying for professional archival positions. She spoke frankly about what she was able to observe about my work at the EPA Library that would be helpful in academic librarianship and even in archives!” 


A reunion celebrating the 30-year relationships between UNC SILS and the EPA Library drew a crowd of more than 70 on Saturday, March 19, 2005. Pictured at right: EPA interns Mary Gabehart and Rebecca Pappert, EPA Library Director April Errickson, and EPA intern  Haley Hall at the reunion.


The tradition continues! Current EPA Library interns Meredith Hale, Mea Warren, Cathy Field, and Ebony McDonald, and EPA Library Director Susan Forbes came to Manning Hall on Wednesday for an information session with SILS students interested in applying for the internships next year.


During her EPA Library internship, Adina Riggins (’01) fondly recalls that in the tech services area of the old building, interns and staff shared photos of pets. She also remembers the smell of the delicious cinnamon rolls in the cafeteria of the NC Mutual Building back when OAQPS was housed there.


The 2001 EPA Library Holiday Party. Pictured bottom to top: Valerie Rishel, Claire Locke, Teresa Abdum Muhaymin, Endrina Tay, Audrey Cash, Kathryn Gundlach, Deborah Barker Balsamo, Emily Glenn, Sambhavi Cheemalapati, and Krista Schmidt.


In 2001, the EPA Library staff and interns began preparations to move to the new EPA facility.


The EPA-RTP complex, where the EPA Library relocated in 2002, boasted many state-of-the-art features, including the longest stretch of solar-powered roadway in America and status as a “green building” that was 40% more energy efficient than buildings of standard design.


When its relocation to the new EPA-RTP complex was complete in 2002, the EPA Library had a beautiful, light-filled space in the administrative tower adjacent to the main entrance. The location was strategically chosen to be a gathering place for scientists and staff to meet and exchange ideas.


SILS and the EPA renewed their contract once again in 2004. Pictured are EPA interns Laura O’Reilly (NCCU), Jane Webster (SILS), Gary Moore (UNC-G), Michelle Stover, Anthony Holderied, and Corinne Mahoney (all SILS).


Betsy Appleton (MSLS 2007), who interned with the NIEHS in 2006-07, says she learned a great deal from the librarians on staff, particularly Ellen Leadem. “I remember her fondly and know she is missed in so many ways,” Appleton said.


Laura Westmoreland (MSLS '09) wrote her master’s paper on "The Environmental Protection Agency and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Libraries Internship Program: Its history and an Analysis of Former Interns' Careers."


Do you recognize these faces from the 2007 EPA Library Open House? (Elizabeth Jean Gregg, Thea Allen, Ashley Warlick, Susan Worley Forbes, April Errickson, Allison Burns, Beth Siekiera Walker, Diane Cummings, Michael A. Cummings, and. . .?)



More than 350 SILS students have gained valuable experience as EPA Library interns during the past 40 years.

1974-1984 1984-1994
Neila Joyce Arnold Niru Achaya
Ann Arrowood Richard Louis Alford, Jr
Doris Ledford Baker Angela Whitener Andrews
Benjamin Franklin Barefoot Carolyn Yancey Armstrong
Anne Easley Barnes Michael Armel Arseneau
James Fleming Barns Pamela Mae Barnard
William David Barrows Elizabeth Anne Behrendt
Eileen Bass Sandra Gasket Benedict
Amy Beal Burns Elizabeth Frances Blevins
Coyla Bell Berry Linda Joann Bodlak-Brown
Robert Neal Bland Dale Wayne Boles
Patricia Winslow Boody Rosemary Ann Burris
Donna Borawa Martin Joseph Cerjan
James C. Boyles Haesoon Y. Cho
Katherine Anne Bridges Elizabeth Ann Clewis
Jennifer Cagle Rish John John Creech
Helen Chang Mark Douglas Crotteau
Susan Cheadle Corbett Kathleen Teresa D'Angelo
Linda Chelmow Mary Keesler Darden
Mary Kuhl Chitty Elaine L. Day
Julia McMullan Cleaver Margaret Meredith Doggett
Linda Lee Clement Lori Irene Drum
Barbara Cooke Clements James Matthew Earl
Margaret Lee Cobb Kathryn Dana Ellis
James Wesley Coble Rachel Enrich
Pamela Pfaff Cocks Ernesto M. Evangelista
Daniel Reed Cooley James Thomas Falconi
Hugh McCutchen Cooper Christine Meek Fisher
Kathryn Wilson Creason Michael Anthony Frye
Russ Tobias Davidson Laura Sue Gaskin
Mary Elizabeth DeCoster Beth Liebman Gibbs
Timothy F. Dempsey Marita Lobo Gonsalves
James Kenneth Desper William Lee Gragg
Leslie Pearse Dillon Lee Van Graves
Kelly Dodson Timothy Lee Gunter
Elizabeth Anna Evans Cynthia Renee Harper
Douglas Barry Fennell Steven Philip Hirsch
Vivian Thompson Finkelstein Tom Holcomb
Donna Bunting Flake Lois A. Ireland
Emily Margaret Gerstbacher Mitta Pharr Isley
Betty Jolee Benfield Gollan October Reyn Ivins
Julian Wiley Green Michelle Lynn Jenkins
David Lawrence Gunn Cynthia Elaine Jones
Richard Edward Hinson Cynthia Douglas Keever
Paula Pearce Hinton Ellen Marie Kesler
Donna Polk Hitchings William Henry King
Carolyn Reppond Holley Connie Lee Koehler-Widney
E. Jens Holley Jennifer Diane Kraar
Gerald Vernon Holmes Borree Po-Yee Kwok
Laurie Jean Hunter Steven Paul Laesch
Ann Lancom Ingram Melissa Marie Lamont
David Phillip Jensen Jeanne Theresa LaRocco
Ellen Devereux Joslin Laurie Taylor Leadbetter
Donna Keklock Allen Ellen Marie Leadem
Marshall Theodore Keys Teresa Garrard Leonard
Robert Bruce Kilgore Caitlin Sue Lietzan
Karen Knight Grandage John Robert Little, Jr
Rebecca Stroud Kornegay Bonnie Lee MacFarlane
Patricia Anne Langelier Paula Lynch Manzella
Caroline Lelear Payne Cathy Lou Martin
Ernest Lightbourne George Frank May
Carolyn Wells Long E. Gail McClenney
Caroline Elliott Mann Anne Louise McFarland
Jett Charles McCann Katherine Fuller McKenzie
D. Robert McConnaughey Sung Been Moon
Alberta Sprott McKay Deborah Gail Morley
Anne McKeithen Kimberley Gail Nelson Fischer
Eva Cook Metzger Sheila Martell Newman
Gerald Michael Moore Lisa Stomberg Nickum
Mary Alice Morton Susan Marie Norrisey
Karin Sue Negoro Michelle Norton
Erika Fontana Nissman Timothy Glenn Owens
Joyce Lanier Ogburn Teresa Cho Pak
James Walker Oliver Anne Douglas Powers
Laura Roethe Parrish Richard Roman Ramponi
Kathleen Payne Marlys Karen Ray
Douglas Frank Perry Derek Alan Rodriguez
Mary  Jane Petrowski Joel Steven Rudy
Betty Place Kim Ellen Sanderson
Barbara Kelly Post Elizabeth Cantonwine Schmidt
M. Gail Preslar George Milton Stephens III
David Randolph Price Sophia J. Stone
Floyd Whitney Price, Jr Robert Lee Sumner, Jr
Pamela Elizabeth Puryear Susan LaParo Trask
Cynthia Hope Roberts Elizabeth Laurey Villeponteaux
W. Davenport Robertson Kimberly Ann Warren
Virginia Lane Rose Jane A. Watson
Jeanne Clifford Sawyer Mary Elizabeth Weaver
Robert Frederick Schremser James M. Wendt
Melissa Scott Renshaw Michael Charles West
Barbara Potts Semonche Lois J. Widmer
Gale Shaffer Stone Angela Kay Williams
James Timothy Shaw Jane Daley Witten
Shawn Sibley Williams Paul Xiaobai Zhu
John Wilber Simons  
Barbara Smith Selby  
Duncan Franklin Smith  
Steven James Squires  
Susan McClintock Squires  
Elizabeth Adams St. Pierre  
William Edloe Sudduth  
Michael Young Taylor  
Rosemary Kost Thorn  
Ellen Lee Tillett  
Rebecca Lynn Trexler  
Susan Elizabeth Tulis  
John Edward  Ulmschneider  
Nola Vanhoy  
Edward Mason Waller  
Donald James Welsh  
Philip Campbell White  
Lynn Norine Wiley  
Nan Virginia Williamson  
Larry  Lyle Wright  
Patricia Joan Zang  


1994-2004 2004-2014
Richard Lee Altman Thea Suzanne Allen
Kristina Lynn Dalton Anderson Elizabeth Ann Appleton
Mary Anne Barckhoff Tamika Barnes
Sharron Ault Bortz Lisa Becksford
Renee Ann Bosman Deann Brame
Marlan Edward Brinkley Jr Vanessa Marchetti Budnick
Jennifer E. Calvo Kimberley L. Bugg
Rebecca Chermer Carvajal Allison Marie Burns
Lewis Lynn Caviness Jr Rebecca Carlson
Donald Merle Chalfant II Rachel Carriere
Sambhavi Lakshmi Cheemalapati Alexander Carroll
Christine Valinoti Quillen Cornwall David Carter
Susan Marie Crowell Diana M. Chike
Michael Alan Cummings Tessa Cierny
Audrey Frances Danovitch Aurora Cobb
Audrey Cash DeVoe Teresa Ann DeVoe
Mary Mowry Dinnebeil Carrie Bertling Disclafani
Michael Jason Duez Walker Howson Doermann
Yvonne Fabre Duke Orolando Duffus
Jessica Clarice Eakin Corinne Mahoney Farrell
Brandi Lynn Florence Catherine Field
Mary Elizabeth Gabehart Hillary Fox
Emily Jill Glenn Laura Westmoreland Gariepy
Karen Stanley Grigg Jessica Crawford Gibson
Kathryn Rena Gundlach Elizabeth Jean Gregg
Ann Hallyburton Shauna Anne Griffin
Joanna Johnson Harmes Michele Pearl Hadburg
Ibrahim Al Hasani Meredith Hale
Barrie Elizabeth Hayes Haley Tivon Hall
Joseph Louis Hester, Jr Lara J. Handler
Rachel Dickey Holderied G. J. Corey Harmon
Nieda Holloway Lauren Perry Havens
W. Bruce Henson III Betsy Herzog
Kristen McBride Ioos Anthony Holderied
Megan Anne Von Isenburg Laurie Jean Hunter
Rebecca Anne Jacob Katherine Mary Jelen
Linda Carol Johnson Amy Johnson
Alicia Dorothy Julian Katherine Kemp
Julie Kimbrough Nathaniel B. King
Kimberly Ann Kingsley Diane Pittman Leblond
Donna Marie Knock David Lemmons
Taneya Yvette Koonce Anne Michelle Less
Selden Durgom Lamoureux Siobhan Loendorf
Bridget Regan Leach Anna Loewenthal
Rebacca Margaret Lee Sara Loree
June Carter Lembo Joshua Love
Irene Machowa Lubker Stacey Mantooth
Tim Wayne Maas Ebony McDonald
Emily Parker Mandelbaum Megan Meyers
Diana Maria Marshall Will Midgely
Deanna Marshall Jillian Robinson Morris
Linda Anne McCormick Jonathan Morris
Jennifer Richards McGowan Laura V. O'Reilly
Jennifer Broadbent Milligan Rebecca Ann Pappert
Youngjoo Moon Alexandra Patterson
Gary Shoun Moore Lisbeth Wells Pratt
Teresa Alexander Abdum Muhaymin Rachael Thomson Prouse
Janet Elizabeth Murphy Allison Rainey
Anna Kemp Norris Emily Lanning Reaser
Beth Koose Olmstead Jason Reed
Kent McCarthy Parks Katherine Roth
Rebecca Pernell Stephen C. Sherman
Gretchen Terhaar Pyle Beth Ann Siekiera
Jane Potter Quigley Jason Keith Sokoloff
Jennie Marie Radovsky Christie L. Starnes
Jennifer Stowe Raghavan Sarah Walton Stokes
Aaron Chace Redalen Amy J. Thompson
Adina Lack Riggins Brendan Thompson
Michelle Martin Robertson Monica Twork
Nathan David Martin Robertson Jillian Hannah Vogel
Paula Kay Robinson Shannon Walker
Neva Kelly Robinson William Shane Wallace
JoAnne Rocker Ashley Martin Warlick
Lisa Faye Rockwell Mari Warren
Emily Caroline Sadar Jane Louise Webster
Patricia Eva Schefcick Angela J. Wilder
Krista Dawn Schmidt Robbin Zirkle
Donald Wilton Sechler  
Elizabeth Shay  
Annelise Ynez Sklar  
Eleanor M. Smith  
Michelle Alicia Stover  
Cynthia Lynn Sturdivant  
Coleen Jo Sullivan  
Angela Michele Tauraso  
Endrina Hui Sim Tay  
Katherine Lawson Vaughan  
Shauna Stephenson Wiest  
Kathleen Pathe Wikoff  
Reed Williams  
Megan Alicia Winget  


University Librarian and Professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries (John Ulmschneider, MSLS ‘81) Creator and Founder of NoveList (Duncan Smith, MSLS '80), and Associate Director at the Association of College and Research Libraries (Mary Jane Petrowski, MSLS ’78) . . . all former EPA Library interns. Some other notable positions held by former EPA Library interns include Dean of Libraries and Carol Grotnes Belk Distinguished Professor at Appalachian State University (Joyce L. Ogburn, MSLS ‘82), Reference Librarian and Diversity Coordinator for University Libraries, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Gerald Holmes, MSLS '85), and Assistant Director in the Division of Reserve Bank Operations and Payment Systems (RBOPS) at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Timothy W. Maas, MSIS ’95).


During alumnus David Jensen’s tenure at the EPA Library, a commonly requested document was the "Compilation of Air Pollutant Emission Factors.” He remembers once receiving a letter from a law firm requesting a copy of the "Copulation of Air Pollutant Emission Factors."


Current EPA Library interns rotate through several departments, such as reference, interlibrary loan, literature searching, serials, and cataloging. Interns can gain teaching experience if interested, and all interns work on special projects.


In RTP, at the EPA’s largest research facility, investigators focus on air pollution and its effects on human health and the ecosystem. The EPA Library’s collections and services provide interns with exposure to and experience with a wide range of materials, including biomedical, toxicological, and chemical information, engineering literature, government documents, and basic business and computer information.


The EPA Library in RTP is one of only three EPA repository libraries nationwide, and the only EPA library staffed by contract-based university employees


The EPA Library in RTP is home to an extensive collection of information with a particular focus on air pollution with emphases on chemical toxicity, chemistry, meteorology, geophysics and related sciences.


The SILS and EPA Library celebration is less than a week away. If you are planning to attend and have not yet RSVP'd, please do so by sending an email to today. Thanks!


The EPA-RTP Library receives more than 10,000 Interlibrary Loan requests and 2,000 reference inquires each year.


Today, the EPA-RTP Library hosts more than 1,000 journal titles, over 6,000 books, 150,000 microfiche documents, and paper copies of more than 13,000 EPA, trade association, international agency and other Federal agency documents.


In December 2014, SILS was awarded the largest contract in the school’s history to operate the EPA-RTP Library and manage the library’s subscriptions for the next five years.


The reunion celebration is tomorrow! Directions to the Carolina Club and parking information can be found at…/Caroli…/Our-Story/Directions-Hours


About 70 current and former interns and staff members of the EPA-RTP Library and SILS faculty and administrators gathered at the Carolina Club to celebrate. Click through photos from the event at…/uncsils/sets/72157651950158762/.

If you have a photo, memory, or fact you'd like to share about the EPA Library, please send an e-mail to