photo of SILS studentsEach spring semester, the Alumni Board sponsors a speed networking event that offers mentoring opportunities. We match librarians and information specialists with SILS students who are eager to meet and talk with professionals working in the field. To be a mentor, you do not have to be a senior librarian or an information specialist with years of experience. In fact, the perspective of someone new to the field may be especially interesting to students.

Many SILS students have benefited from this program. Consider volunteering and share your valuable insights and perspectives with future information professionals!

"My mentoring experience was wonderful. It enabled me to see how professionals handle practical problems and issues that we as students are only dealing with in the theoretical realm of the classroom. I never realized how varied and complex the duties of reference librarian can be on a daily basis. It was extremely helpful to be able to sit down with my mentor and ask her about the skills she uses in her day to day duties, as well as the benefits and disadvantages that come with being an academic reference librarian. She opened my eyes to the differences between learning about librarianship and actually working as a librarian." (Elizabeth White, SILS student, 2004)