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What is the purpose of SILSAA?

The School of Information and Library Science (SILS) Alumni Association (SILSAA) seeks to foster positive and productive relationships among SILS, its alumni and current students. SILSAA hopes to provide opportunities for alumni to "give back" to current SILS students, maintain contact with SILS classmates, develop new contacts within the library and information professions, and recognize distinguished achievement within the SILS family.

To these ends, each year SILSAA: sponsors a reception to welcome new SILS students; presents book scholarships, research awards, and the Student Service Award to current SILS students; presents Distinguished Alumni Awards; hosts receptions at the December and May graduation ceremonies; sponsors a Speed Networking day normally in the spring; and maintains a listserv for SILS alumni.

Our Mission

The primary mission of the SILS Alumni Association is to foster positive and productive relationships between the school (including students) and its alumni. Recognizing that the continued health and success of our profession depends upon excellent information and library education and that strong ties between alumni and the school contribute to a robust educational program, the Alumni Association supports the work of SILS through varied programs and initiatives. The Association's activities focus on the three crucial areas--communication, recognition of achievement and financial support.


  • Coordinates mentoring program
  • Contributes information for use in SILS newsletter
  • Sponsors reunions
  • Hosts new student reception
  • Hosts alumni receptions at conferences and meetings
  • Hosts commencement receptions

Recognition of Achievement

  • Sponsors Student Service Award
  • Sponsors Distinguished Alumni Award

Financial Support

  • Provides funds for events, receptions and awards
  • Publicizes and encourages contributions to the funds and endowments that support the school

The school (through the University) also manages an electronic mail listserv for alumni of the school. To subscribe to the list, visit the list's home page on the Web. To send to the list, address mail to