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Title: Health Informatics Faculty

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We are seeking an exceptional assistant professor candidate to join the School of Information and Library Science (SILS) with the expectation of directly engaging in and supporting the Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP). The candidate will have demonstrated competencies in one or more of the foundational areas of SILS and CHIP. The foundational areas include human-computer interaction, systems analysis, data management and preservation, and data analytics. Candidates with demonstrated experiences in health informatics with a strong linkage to one or more of these foundational areas will be given preference.

SILS has a reputation as a nexus of researchers with a strong record of interdisciplinary collaborations. Thus, there are many initiatives on campus and with nearby universities that involve collaborations among SILS faculty members and colleagues from medicine, public health, nursing, and IT. Currently, SILS offers a wide array of educational programs that include a Bachelor of Science in Information Science, Master of Science in Information Science, Master of Science in Library Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The CHIP program offers three graduate certificates in informatics with concentrations in clinical, public health, and nursing areas. The new professionally-oriented Master’s in Biomedical and Health Informatics degree launched in fall 2014. Additionally, a PhD program in health informatics is in the advanced stages of planning, with fall 2016 as the target date for launch.