Email Lists

All lists created for SILS community projects and organizations will be created and maintained by faculty, students or staff at All class lists are maintained by the administrative office in conjunction with faculty members. Please speak with your professor if you need assistance with a class list.

More information on the UNC listserv system is available here:

Announcement Lists

You are automatically subscribed to the appropriate lists once you become part of the SILS community: (moderated) - a list for everyone: staff, faculty, and students. (moderated) - a list for master's students (not moderated) - a list for doctoral students (moderated) - a list for students majoring in information and library science (moderated) - a list for students minoring in information and library science

Students must subscribe/unsubscribe themselves to all other lists at:​
Instructions on subscribing and unsubcribing are here:

Other listservs that might be of interest: - an optional, nonacademic list for all SILS students (moderated) - a list with postings of job openings
sils-studentjobs (moderated) - a list with student job postings

Organization Lists - the list for the student chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) - the list for the student chapter of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) - the list for the student chapter of the Society of American Archivists (SCOSAA) - the list for the Art & Museum Library & Information Student Society (AMLISS) - the list for Information Science Student Undergraduates Empowered (ISSUE)

Alumni Association List (not moderated) - the list for graduates of the School of Information and Library Science

Digest Subscription

You may subscribe to any of the lists as a daily digest as follows:

  1. Login with you Onyen credentials at
  2. Click the ListManager tab.
  3. Type in sils-jobs for example, and click the Visit button.
  4. Click My Account tab on the left.
  5. Then enter your subscribed email address, click OK and enter your ListServ password and click OK.
  6. If you don't remember the password, type random characters click OK to access the "Email Password" button.
  7. Once logged in, under "Membership Type" change the pull-down menu from "Normal" to"Digest" and click to "Save Changes".

To make any changes to the SILS email lists, please contact the appropriate list owner.

sils-announce  : Lara, Shayna, Susan
sils-faculty : Susan, SILS HR
sils-ttfac : Susan, SILS HR
sils-meetings : Lara, Susan
sils-staff : Lara, Susan, SILS HR
sils-alumni : Lara
sils-BOV : Susan
sils-phds : Student run
sils-doctoral : Lara, Shayna
sils-masters : Lara, Shayna
sils-minors : Lara, Shayna
sils-majors : Shayna
sils-students : student run
sils-adjuncts : Susan, SILS HR
sils-jobs : Lori