Letter from the SILSAA President

Fall 2020

Portrait of Hillary Fox.
SILSAA President Hillary Fox (MSLS '14)

Dear SILS Alumni,

This year paints a different picture of Carolina than most of us remember. 2020 is certainly not what we expected, but as Tar Heels and SILS alumni, I admire the ways that we have been able to adapt and carry on. Although challenging at times, there is still much to be celebrated!

Summer marked the beginning of a new SILS Alumni Board. I am excited to be serving as this year’s President and look forward to collaborating with the rest of the Board to better connect the alumni of the SILS community. 

The Board is also comprised of Sarah Carrier (Past President), Erin Carter (Vice President), Meggie Lasher (Secretary), Jennie Goforth (Communications Director), Meghan O’Riordan (Treasurer), Anita Jotwani (SAID Representative), Advaith Deo (ILSSA Representative), and of course, Dean Gary Marchionini. 

In light of the current social climate and the pandemic, the Alumni Board has been and will continue to work hard to support efforts that will serve the best interests of students and graduates. The Board is dedicated to improving equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism practices by working alongside different committees on the UNC campus, such as the SILS Alumni Inclusion and Diversity Committee (SAID), and implementing and advocating for change. 

We are especially proud that we have developed a new member role that liaises between the Alumni Board, the SILS Diversity Committee, and SAID.  More events that celebrate diversity will be planned, including a poetry reading by the SILS alumni writers featured in All the Songs We Sing.  

The Board is also working to support students during this uncertain time. October featured a live Q&A panel of information industry and library professionals discussing “How to Get a Job During COVID-19.” Additionally, we will provide five professional development awards for SILS students to use for conferences or other professional endeavors. 

For alumni, we are planning virtual happy hours and navigating what networking events might look like as spring approaches. The best way to stay up to date and get involved is to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and through the SILS alumni email listserv. If you have a suggestion for an activity that will make the social and physical distancing seem not so far, please reach out to us. We want to hear from you!

I’d like to leave you with a favorite quote that I hope will inspire you during this time: “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”- Desmond Tutu. 

To the SILS Alumni, we want to remind you that you always have a community in your fellow graduates. It’s good to be a Tar Heel.

Warm Regards,

Hillary Fox (MSLS ’14)
SILSAA President

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