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Spring 2024 Course Schedule

Current students should use Connect Carolina for full course registration details. Course descriptions are available here.

About the Schedules

Instruction mode key:

  • On Campus: Face-to-face instruction on campus
  • In-Person on Campus Learners + Remote Learners (IR): Option of attending class sessions in the classroom, online, or a combination of both.
  • Remote-Synch: Class has set day(s) and time for meeting and meets online
  • Remote-Mostly Async.: Hybrid option that includes asynchronous and synchronous instruction
  • Remote-Async: Class does not have a set day or time meeting — refer to course syllabus for schedule of assignments.

Class Days Key:

M= Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, TH=Thursday, F=Friday

Important Dates

View the Registrar’s Calendar to learn about holidays, course change and withdraw deadlines, and more.

Tips on Using Schedules

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Information & Library Science Courses
SubjectCatalog #Class SectionCourse TitleInstruction Mode InstructorDaysTimeClassroom
INLS161608Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusLi,LanF09:30 AM–10:45 AMManning-Rm 0208
INLS161604Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.W11:15 AM–12:30 PMManning-Rm 0307
INLS161607Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusLi,LanF08:00 AM–09:15 AMManning-Rm 0208
INLS1611Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.T08:00 AM–09:15 AMManning-Rm 0209
INLS161603Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.TH11:00 AM–12:15 PMManning-Rm 0208
INLS161601Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.W08:00 AM–09:15 AMManning-Rm 0208
INLS161606Tools For Info LiteracyRemote-AsynchJones,Lawrence BlakeRemoteN/AN/A
INLS161605Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusJones,Lawrence BlakeF08:00 AM–09:15 AMManning-Rm 0307
INLS161602Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.TH08:00 AM–09:15 AMManning-Rm 0307
INLS201603Foundations Of Info SciOn CampusSu,William JinjianF11:15 AM–12:30 PMManning-Rm 0307
INLS201602Foundations Of Info SciOn CampusWang,LingyuF12:20 PM–01:35 PMManning-Rm 0001
INLS201601Foundations Of Info SciOn CampusWang,LingyuF09:05 AM–10:20 AMManning-Rm 0001
INLS201604Foundations Of Info SciOn CampusSu,William JinjianF01:25 PM–02:40 PMManning-Rm 0307
INLS2011Foundations Of Info SciOn CampusShaw,Ryan BenjaminMW09:05 AM–09:55 AMMurphey-Rm 0116
INLS3821Info Systems Analysis & DesignOn CampusUrquhart,Ryan LT05:45 PM–08:30 PMManning-Rm 0209
INLS3841Info And Comp EthicsOn CampusMartin,Carol DianneTH02:00 PM–04:45 PMManning-Rm 0208
INLS3852Info Use For Org EffOn Campus+RemoteBergquist,Ronald E.TTH09:30 AM–10:45 AMManning-Rm 0001
INLS3851Info Use For Org EffOn CampusJarrahi,Mohammad HoseinTTH12:30 PM–01:45 PMManning-Rm 0307
INLS4651It For Digital CollOn CampusLee,Christopher AW11:15 AM–02:00 PMManning-Rm 0304
INLS49087Storytelling: Designing Your Professional NarrativeOn CampusSturm,Brian WT11:00 AM–01:45 PMManning-Rm 0208
INLS490285Financial Information And LiteracyOn CampusOgburn,Joyce LanierM02:30 PM–05:15 PMManning-Rm 0014
INLS4901Real-Time Data Science And The MakerspaceOn CampusMelo,Marijel; Rajasekar,Arcot KTTH02:00 PM–03:15 PMManning-Rm 0014
INLS490308The Idea Of AiOn CampusFox,Michael RoyMW01:25 PM–02:40 PMManning-Rm 0303
INLS490303Learning DesignRemote-AsynchBhattacharya,ProgyamitaRemoteN/AN/A
INLS5002Humn Info InteractionsRemote-AsynchThomson,Leslie Elizabeth AnneRemoteN/AN/A
INLS5001Humn Info InteractionsRemote-AsynchWinberry,JosephRemoteN/AN/A
INLS5013Info Resources & ServicesOn CampusBrown,Stephanie WW08:00 AM–10:45 AMManning-Rm 0014
INLS5012Info Resources & ServicesOn CampusCarrier,Sarah WhitleyTTH09:30 AM–10:45 AMManning-Rm 0014
INLS5091Info RetrievalOn CampusArguello,Jaime SalvadorMW11:15 AM–12:30 PMManning-Rm 0001
INLS5092Info RetrievalOn CampusWang,YueMW09:05 AM–10:20 AMManning-Rm 0304
INLS5131Rsrce Sel & EvalRemote-AsynchVargha,Rebecca BRemoteN/AN/A
INLS5201Org Of InfoOn CampusWinget,Megan ATH11:00 AM–01:45 PMManning-Rm 0001
INLS5231Intro To Db Concepts & AppsOn CampusLee,Adam MichealM05:45 PM–08:30 PMManning-Rm 0307
INLS5232Intro To Db Concepts & AppsOn CampusCapra,Robert GMW09:05 AM–10:20 AMManning-Rm 0001
INLS5251Elec Rec MgmtRemote-AsynchChassanoff,Alexandra MRemoteN/AN/A
INLS5411Information VisualizationOn CampusHemminger,Bradley MarkM02:50 PM–05:35 PMManning-Rm 0307
INLS5561Intro To Archvs & Rec MgOn CampusChassanoff,Alexandra MW05:45 PM–08:30 PMManning-Rm 0208
INLS5604Programming For Info SciOn CampusJones,Lawrence BlakeM05:45 PM–08:30 PMManning-Rm 0001
INLS5605Programming For Info SciRemote-Mostly AsynchOrphanides,Andreas KyriacosW05:45 PM–08:30 PM
INLS5601Programming For Info SciOn CampusShaw,Ryan BenjaminM02:30 PM–05:15 PMManning-Rm 0001
INLS5602Programming For Info SciRemote-AsynchBoone,Joan PhillipsRemoteN/AN/A
INLS5606Programming For Info SciRemote-AsynchFox,Michael RoyRemoteN/AN/A
INLS5603Programming For Info SciRemote-AsynchGotz,David H.RemoteN/AN/A
INLS5821Systems AnalysisOn CampusKertcher,Emily FTTH02:00 PM–03:15 PMManning-Rm 0001
INLS5822Systems AnalysisOn CampusMazur,Lukasz MM10:10 AM–12:55 PMManning-Rm 0307
INLS5852Mgmt For Info ProfsRemote-SynchChowa,Charles KachakaTH05:45 PM–08:30 PM
INLS5851Mgmt For Info ProfsOn CampusHaight,LoriTH02:00 PM–04:45 PMManning-Rm 0304
INLS6131Text MiningOn CampusArguello,Jaime SalvadorMW01:25 PM–02:40 PMManning-Rm 0307
INLS6851Project ManagementRemote-AsynchCox,Tammy LRemoteN/AN/A
INLS690324Design For AccessibiltyOn CampusPayne,William ChristopherW05:45 PM–08:30 PMManning-Rm 0001
INLS690239Everyday Life Information PracticesRemote-AsynchThomson,Leslie Elizabeth AnneRemoteN/AN/A
INLS690325Law And Policy For Information ProfessionalsOn CampusCross,William Michael; Hansen,David RT06:00 PM–08:45 PMManning-Rm 0304
INLS690245Data CriticismOn CampusFeinberg,Melanie DTH02:00 PM–04:45 PMManning-Rm 0303
INLS690313Huamanistic Theory For Library And Information ScienceOn CampusKuecker,Elliott GeorgeT11:00 AM–01:45 PMManning-Rm 0303
INLS690270Data Mining Methods And ApplicationsOn CampusWang,YueT02:00 PM–04:45 PMManning-Rm 0304
INLS6971Information Science CapstoneOn CampusCarroll,Evan EdwardTTH09:30 AM–10:45 AMManning-Rm 0307
INLS6972Information Science CapstoneRemote-SynchCarroll,Evan EdwardTTH08:00 AM–09:15 AMN/A
INLS7091Business InformationOn CampusLovas,NancyTTH08:00 AM–09:15 AMManning-Rm 0303
INLS71001WEvidence-Based MedicineRemote-AsynchCantrell,Sarah; Von Isenburg,Megan ARemoteN/AN/A
INLS7111Crisis Managment For LibrariesOn CampusHayslett,Michele MatzM05:45 PM–08:30 PMManning-Rm 0208
INLS7181User Interface DesignRemote-SynchYu,FeiTTH05:45 PM–08:30 PMN/A
INLS7191Usability Testing & EvaluationOn CampusCrescenzi,Anita Marie CaywoodTTH12:30 PM–01:45 PMManning-Rm 0304
INLS7211Cataloging Theory & PracticeOn CampusKeizer,CarolineTTH08:00 AM–09:15 AMManning-Rm 0208
INLS731Smart CitiesOn CampusRajasekar,Arcot KTTH11:00 AM–12:15 PMManning-Rm 0304
INLS7321Chld Lit & Rltd MatOn CampusHughes-Hassell,Sandra M.F11:15 AM–02:00 PMManning-Rm 0208
INLS7331Serv To Child & YaOn CampusSturm,Brian WTH05:45 PM–08:30 PMManning-Rm 0307
INLS7371Inclusive Info ServicesOn CampusMelo,MarijelT11:00 AM–01:45 PMManning-Rm 0014
INLS7491Art & Visual Info MgmntOn CampusBauer,Jennifer JillTTH09:30 AM–10:45 AMManning-Rm 0303
INLS7511Data GovernanceRemote-AsynchTibbo,Helen RRemoteN/AN/A
INLS7531PreservationOn CampusKuecker,Elliott GeorgeTH11:00 AM–01:45 PMManning-Rm 0014
INLS7551Archival AppraisalRemote-SynchTibbo,Helen RTH02:00 PM–04:45 PMN/A
INLS7571Archival DescriptionOn CampusKuecker,Elliott GeorgeM11:15 AM–02:00 PMManning-Rm 0208
INLS7765Ethics, Values & SocietyOn CampusWinberry,JosephTTH05:45 PM–07:00 PMManning-Rm 0208
INLS7761Ethics, Values & SocietyOn CampusWinget,Megan AT02:00 PM–04:45 PMManning-Rm 0307
INLS7764Ethics, Values & SocietyOn CampusFeinberg,Melanie DTTH11:00 AM–12:15 PMManning-Rm 0307
INLS7763Ethics, Values & SocietyOn CampusLee,Christopher AW08:00 AM–10:45 AMManning-Rm 0307
INLS7762Ethics, Values & SocietyOn CampusWinget,Megan ATH02:00 PM–04:45 PMManning-Rm 0307
INLS7831Library InstructionOn CampusRawson,Casey HeldW11:15 AM–02:00 PMManning-Rm 0208
INLS8181Sem Human-Comp InteractiOn CampusPayne,William ChristopherTH11:00 AM–01:45 PMManning-Rm 0303
INLS8421Sem Pop Mater/LibrOn CampusRawson,Casey HeldT02:00 PM–04:45 PMManning-Rm 0303
INLS8571Sem Rare Book CollOn CampusOtt,Elizabeth LillianF08:00 AM–10:45 AMWilson Library-Rm 0504
INLS8901Fault Lines: Politics, Publics, And PlatformsOn CampusKreiss,Daniel R; Cottom,Tressie McmillanM09:05 AM–11:50 AMCurtis Media Center-Rm 0303
INLS9922Master's PracticumOn Campus+RemoteRajasekar,Arcot KT05:45 PM–08:30 PMManning-Rm 0001

Carolina Health Informatics Program Courses
SubjectCatalog #Class SectionCourse TitleInstruction ModeInstructorDaysTimeClassroom
CHIP4001Digital Health InnovationsRemote-SynchHenion,Dale HTH12:00 AM–01:45 PMN/A
CHIP490307Human Factors In HealthcareRemote-AsynchMosaly,Prithima ReddyRemoteN/AN/A
CHIP490312App Development With Javascript And FhirRemote-SynchTweedy,Jonathan EdwardTH05:45 PM–07:00 PMN/A
CHIP490320Systems Analysis In HealthcareRemote-SynchSharmin,SelinaW05:45 PM–08:30 PMN/A
CHIP490261Healthcare Systems In The UsRemote-SynchPotenziani,David DTH05:45 PM–08:30 PMN/A
CHIP490311Systems Analysis In HealthcareOn CampusSharmin,SelinaTH09:30 AM–12:15 PMMurphey-Rm 0221
CHIP490297Database Systems In HealthcareRemote-SynchTweedy,Jonathan EdwardM05:45 PM–08:30 PMN/A
CHIP490314Quality Improvement And Lean Six SigmaRemote-AsynchArangdad,Shaghayegh RezaeiT02:00 PM–04:45 PMN/A
CHIP690295Foundations Of Clinical Data ScienceOn CampusPfaff,Emily R; Krishnamurthy,Ashok KumarTTH02:00 PM–03:15 PMAlumni Bldg-Rm 0203
CHIP7251Electronic Health RecordsRemote-SynchBlanco,RandallT05:45 PM–08:30 PMN/A
CHIP7701Health Informatics SeminarOn CampusPotenziani,David DW04:00 PM–05:00 PMManning-Rm 0307
CHIP7702Health Informatics SeminarRemote-SynchZebrowski,Ashlyn NicoleW04:00 PM–05:00 PMN/A

Digital Curation & Management Courses
SubjectCatalog #Class SectionCourse TitleInstruction ModeInstructorDaysTimeClassroom
INLS7651IT For Managing Digital CollecRemote-AsynchCasden,Jason MRemoteN/AN/A
INLS8001Seminar In Digital CurationRemote-AsynchTibbo,Helen RRemoteN/AN/A

Applied Data Science Courses
SubjectCatalog #Class SectionCourse TitleInstruction ModeInstructorDaysTimeClassroom
INLS7611Data AnalysisRemote-AsynchBeswick,Kevin Douglas
INLS7741Applied Data EthicsRemote-AsynchMartin,Carol Dianne