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Fall 2024 Course Schedule

Current students should use Connect Carolina for full course registration details. Course descriptions are available here.

About the Schedules

Instruction mode key:

  • On Campus: Face-to-face instruction on campus
  • In-Person on Campus Learners + Remote Learners (IR): Option of attending class sessions in the classroom, online, or a combination of both.
  • Remote-Synch: Class has set day(s) and time for meeting and meets online
  • Remote-Mostly Async.: Hybrid option that includes asynchronous and synchronous instruction
  • Remote-Async: Class does not have a set day or time meeting — refer to course syllabus for schedule of assignments.

Class Days Key:

M= Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, TH=Thursday, F=Friday

Important Dates

View the Registrar’s Calendar to learn about holidays, course change and withdraw deadlines, and more.

Tips on Using Schedules

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Information & Library Science Courses
SubjectCatalog NumberClass SectionClass NumberCourse TitleInstruction Mode DescInstructorClassroomDay(s)Time
INLS16160314471Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusLi,LanManning Hall-Rm 0014TH02:00 PM–03:15 PM
INLS16160114465Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.Manning Hall-Rm 0001W08:00 AM–08:50 AM
INLS16114315Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.Manning Hall-Rm 0209T08:00 AM–09:15 AM
INLS16160614828Tools For Info LiteracyRemote - AsyncJones,Lawrence BlakeN/AN/AN/A
INLS16160514473Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.Manning Hall-Rm 0001TH09:30 AM–10:45 AM
INLS16160214466Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.Manning Hall-Rm 0001W09:05 AM–09:55 AM
INLS16160414472Tools For Info LiteracyOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.Manning Hall-Rm 0209TH08:00 AM–09:15 AM
INLS16160817523Tools for Info LiteracyOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.Manning Hall - Rm 014TH9:30–10:45 AM
INLS20114672Foundations Of Info SciOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.Manning Hall-Rm 0209TH08:00 AM–09:15 AM
INLS38200112399Info Systems Analysis & DesignOn CampusUrquhart,Ryan LManning Hall - Rm 209T05:45 PM–08:30 PM
INLS38518386Info Use For Org EffOn CampusBergquist,Ronald E.Manning Hall-Rm 307T,TH11:00 AM–12:15 PM
INLS385211285Info Use For Org EffOn CampusJarrahi,Mohammad HoseinTBDT,TH12:30 PM–01:45 PM
INLS49030814925Semiotics of CultureOn CampusMichael FoxManning 303TH2:00–4:45 PM
INLS50014801Humn Info InteractionsIn PersonWinberry,JosephManning Hall - Rm 001T,TH02:00 PM–4:45 PM
INLS50918663Info RetrievalOn CampusWang,YueManning Hall-Rm 0001T,TH11:00 AM–12:15 PM
INLS50927246Info RetrievalOn CampusArguello,Jaime SalvadorTBDMW11:15 AM–12:30 PM
INLS51314319Rsrce Sel & EvalRemote - AsynchVargha,Rebecca BN/AN/AN/A
INLS52015653Org Of InfoOn CampusFeinberg,Melanie DManning 208
T,TH02:00 PM–03:15 PM
INLS523110034Intro to Database Concepts & AppsOn CampusCapra,Robert GManning Hall - Rm 209MWF9:05 AM–9:55 AM
INLS523212392Intro to Database Concepts & AppsOn CampusLee, AdamManning 307M5:45–8:30 PM
INLS525111075Elec Rec MgmtRemote - AsynchBarnes,Heather LynnN/AN/AN/A
INLS530110838Yng Adlt Lit & Rltd MatOn CampusHughes-Hassell,Sandra M.Manning Hall-Rm 0304T02:00 PM–04:45 PM
INLS534110840Youth & Tech In LibrariesOn CampusHughes-Hassell,Sandra M.TBDTH02:00 PM–04:45 PM
INLS55614314Intro To Archvs & Rec MgOn CampusChassanoff,Alexandra MTBDMWF01:25 PM–02:15 PM
INLS56018627Programming For Info SciOn CampusShaw,Ryan BenjaminTBDT,TH09:30 AM–10:45 AM
INLS560212447Programming For Info SciRemote - AsynchFox,Michael RoyN/AN/AN/A
INLS560312521Programming For Info SciRemote - Mostly AsyncOrphanides,Andreas KyriacosN/ATBDTBD
INLS56000412612Programming For Info SciOn CampusJones, LarryManning 001M5:45–8:30 PM
INLS570114470Int Prog & Data AnalysisOn CampusCapra,Robert GTBDT,TH09:30 AM–10:45 AM
INLS572110366Web Development IRemote - AsynchBoone,Joan PhillipsN/AN/AN/A
INLS585110356Mgmt For Info ProfsRemote - SynchChowa,Charles KachakaN/ATH05:45 PM–08:30 PM
INLS61318231Text MiningOn CampusArguello,Jaime SalvadorManning Hall-Rm 0208MW01:25 PM–02:40 PM
INLS620110852Web Info OrganizationOn CampusShaw,Ryan BenjaminTBDT,TH12:30 PM–01:45 PM
INLS62300114921Database Systems II: Intermediate DatabasesOn CampusRajasekar, ArcotManning 304MW11:15 AM–12:30 PM
INLS6250019497Information AnalyticsOn CampusRajasekar, ArcotManning 304MW9:50 AM–10:20 AM
INLS64118977Visual AnalyticsOn CampusThakur, SidManning 01T5:45–8:30 PM
INLS642114461Data MiningOn CampusWang,YueTBDM03:35 PM–06:10 PM
INLS69026914838Queer Archives And LibrariesOn CampusOtt,Elizabeth LillianManning Hall-Rm 0304T,TH09:30 AM–10:45 AM
INLS69022214640Social InformaticsOn CampusJarrahi,Mohammad HoseinManning Hall-Rm 303W12:20 PM–03:05 PM
INLS69029012590Misinformation And SocietyOn CampusTripodi,Francesca BollaTBDMWF10:10 AM–11:00 AM
INLS69718226Information Science CapstoneOn CampusWinget,Megan AManning Hall-Rm 0303T,TH03:30 PM–04:45 PM
INLS700112084Scholarly CommunicationOn CampusHemminger,Bradley MarkTBDTH02:00 PM–04:45 PM
INLS71001W6902Evidence-Based MedicineRemote - AsynchVon Isenburg,Megan A, Cantrell,SarahN/AN/AN/A
INLS719112930Usability Testing & EvaluationOn CampusPayne,William ChristopherTBDTH03:30 PM–06:15 PM
INLS739114462Info Serv-Spec PopRemote - AsynchKuecker,Elliott GeorgeN/AN/AN/A
INLS750110432Intro To Digital CurationRemote - AsynchTibbo,Helen RN/AN/AN/A
INLS75218976Digi Pres & AccessRemote - SynchTibbo,Helen RN/ATH02:00 PM–04:45 PM
INLS75419566Archival AccessOn CampusKuecker,Elliott GeorgeManning Hall-Rm 0014T,TH09:30 AM–10:45 AM
INLS757111383Archival DescriptionOn CampusKuecker,Elliott GeorgeTBDT,TH12:30 PM–01:45 PM
INLS777210835Perspectives On InformationRemote - SynchWinget,Megan AManning Hall-Rm 0307TH05:45 PM–08:30 PM
INLS777310836Perspectives On InformationOn CampusFeinberg,Melanie DManning Hall-Rm 0307T,TH12:30 PM–01:45 PM
INLS777110789Perspectives On InformationOn CampusWinget,Megan ATBDT,TH02:00 PM–03:15 PM
INLS778314468Res Methods & Proposal DevOn CampusRawson,Casey HeldManning Hall-Rm 0208TH09:30 AM–12:15 PM
INLS778214467Res Methods & Proposal DevOn CampusRawson,Casey HeldManning Hall-Rm 0208T09:30 AM–12:15 PM
INLS778110790Res Methods & Proposal DevOn CampusTripodi,Francesca BollaManning Hall - Rm 208
MWF09:05 AM–09:55 AM
INLS77900110791Practicum Project Development On CampusPatillo, ErickaManning 209F11:15 AM–1:15 PM
INLS78219510Library AssessmentOn CampusRawson,Casey HeldTBDW10:10 AM–12:55 PM
INLS841111381Sem Academ LibraryOn CampusSolis,Jacqueline Joan, Bardeen,Angela L.Manning Hall-Rm 0001F08:00 AM–10:45 AM
INLS843114639Public Libraries SeminarOn CampusWinberry,JosephTBDT,TH05:00 PM–06:15 PM

Carolina Health Informatics Program Courses
SubjectCatalog NumberClass SectionClass NumberCourse TitleInstruction Mode DescInstructorDay(s)TimeTime
CHIP400111449Digital Health InnovationsRemote - SyncHenion,Dale HTH2:00–3:15 PM
CHIP49029711448Database Sytems In HealthcareRemote - SyncTweedy,Jonathan EdwardM5:45–8:30 PM
CHIP49026110282Healthcare Systems In The UsRemote - SynchPotenziani,David DTH5:45–8:30 PM
CHIP49032012083Systems Analysis In HealthcareRemote - SyncSharmin,SelinaW5:45–8:30 PM
CHIP49031012428Data Analytics In HeatlhcareRemote - SyncMehndiratta,PayalTH5:45–7:00 PM
CHIP49030712427Human Factors In HealthcareRemote - AsynchMosaly,Prithima Reddy
CHIP49031112082Systems Analysis In HealthcareOn CampusSharmin,SelinaTH9:30 AM–12:00 PM
CHIP49030911445Quality Improvement Data Visualization In HealthcareOn Campus
Arangdad,Shaghayegh RezaeiT2:00–4:45 PM
CHIP49031414878Quality Improvement And Lean Six SigmaRemote - AsyncArangdad,Shaghayegh Rezaei
CHIP49033314939Introduction to Public Health InformaticsHybridIsing, AmyT (in person) & TH (remote)3:30–4:45 PM
CHIP49033517524Intro to ProgrammingRemote - AynchStaff
CHIP725110365Electronic Health RecordsRemote - SyncBlanco,RandallT5:45–8:30 PM
CHIP770114463Health Informatics SeminarOn Campus & RemotePotenziani,David DW4:00–5:00 PM

Digital Curation & Management Courses
SubjectCatalog #Class SectionCourse TitleInstruction ModeInstructorDaysTimeClassroom
INLS7501Intro to Digital CurationRemote - AsynchN/ATibbo, HelenN/AN/A

Applied Data Science Courses
SubjectCatalog #Class SectionCourse TitleInstruction ModeInstructorDaysTimeClassroom