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Summer 2024 Course Schedules

Current students should use Connect Carolina for full course registration details. Course descriptions are available here.

About the Schedules

Instruction mode key: Instruction modes for each class are listed next to the course.

On Campus: Face-to-face instruction on campus
In-Person on Campus Learners + Remote Learners (IR): Option of attending class sessions in the classroom, online, or a combination of both.
Remote-Synch: Class has set day(s) and time for meeting and meets online
Remote-Mostly Async.: Hybrid option that includes asynchronous and synchronous instruction
Remote-Async: Class does not have a set day or time meeting — refer to course syllabus for schedule of assignments.

Class Days Key:

M= Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday

Important Dates

March 21: Registration opens for summer 2024
May 15: Maymester and Summer Session 1 begins
May 27: Memorial Day holiday (no classes)
June 18: Summer Session 1 classes end
June 24: Classes begin for Summer Session 2
July 4: Fourth of July holiday (no classes)
July 18: Graduate electronic thesis and dissertations due to Graduate School
July 26: Master’s papers due for August graduation
July 26: Last day of classes for Summer Session 2

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Summer Session 1: May 15–June 18, 2024

Summer Session 1 2024
SubjectCatalog NumberClass SectionCourse TitleInstruction Mode DescClassroomInstructorDaysTime
INLS1511Retrieving and Analyzing InformationRemote - Async.RemoteRoscoe, EmilyN/AN/A
INLS1611Tools For Info LiteracyRemote - Async.RemoteJones, Lawrence BlakeN/AN/A
INLS3821Info Systems Analysis & DesignOn CampusManning 001Urquhart, Ryan LMTTH6:00–8:35 PM
INLS3851Info Use For Organizational Effectiveness
Remote - Async.RemoteJarrahi, Mohammad HoseinN/AN/A
CHIP4001Digital Health InnovationsRemote - Mostly AsyncRemoteHenion, Dale HN/AN/A
INLS490303Learning Design: Digital Media, New Tools and TechnologyRemote - AsynchRemoteBhattacharya, ProgyamitaN/A
INLS5231Intro To Db Concepts & AppsRemote - Synch.RemoteZhang, HanlinMTWTHN/A
INLS5251Electronic Records ManagementRemote - Async.RemoteKuecker, Elliott GeorgeN/AN/A
CHIP690001Intro to Healthcare Statis. Analysis in HealthcareRemote - Async.RemoteKhasawneh, AmroN/AN/A
INLS690279Open Access for Information ProfessionalsRemote - Async.RemoteSolomon, Jennifer HodlN/AN/A
INLS690329Disabilities, Libraries, & Info ScienceRemote - Asynch.RemoteManzo, Robert

Summer Session II: June 24–July 26, 2024

Summer Session 2 2024
SubjectCatalog NumberClass SectionCourse TitleInstruction Mode DescClassroomInstructorDaysTimes
INLS 1511Retrieving & Analyzing Info.Remote- Async.RemoteRoscoe, EmilyT2:00 PM-4:45 PM
INLS1611Tools For Info LiteracyRemote - Async.RemoteJones,Lawrence BlakeN/AN/A
INLS2012Foundations of Info SciRemote - Async.RemoteDave, AashkaN/AN/A
INLS2011Foundations of Info SciRemote - Async.RemoteWang,LingyuN/AN/A
INLS3851Info Use for Org EffectivenessRemote - Async.RemoteJarrahi,Mohammad HoseinN/AN/A
INLS5001Humn Info InteractionsRemote - Async.RemoteThomson,Leslie Elizabeth AnneN/AN/A
INLS5131Resource Selection & EvaluationRemote - Async.RemoteVargha,Rebecca BN/AN/A
INLS5601Programming For Info SciRemote - Async.RemoteBoone,Joan PhillipsN/AN/A
INLS5851Mgmt For Info ProfessionalsRemote - Mostly AsyncRemoteHolderied,Anthony CN/AN/A
CHIP6901Advanced Statistics in HealthcareRemote - Async.RemoteKhasawneh,Amro Nofan MohammadN/AN/A
CHIP696154Study In Health InfoOn CampusN/AN/A
INLS7511Data GovernanceRemote - Async.RemoteTibbo,Helen RN/AN/A