Spring 2011

Important dates

  • Registration begins: November 2, 2010
  • Classes in session: January 10-April 27
  • Reading Days: April 28 and May 4
  • Exam Period: April 29-May 3, May 5-6
  • Registrar's Calendar

Courses offered



Course information and call numbers


780-001: Research Methods; #9854; Losee; Manning Hall 208

521-001: Organization of Materials; #6879;Gunther; Manning 307

8:15-9:15 890-162: Invisible Cities and Historical Narratives***; #9852; Marciano; Manning 304; Wednesday only

490-163: Policy-Based Data Mgmt; #10038; Rajasekar/Moore; Murphey 304

509: Information Retrieval; #6559; Losee; Manning Hall 304

530-001: Young Adult Literature; #6558; Hughes-Hassell; Manning 208

718: User Interface Design; #6560; Bergquist; Manning Hall 307

890-154: Electronic Health Records; #6509; Mostafa; Manning Hall 117


200-001: Retrieving and Analyzing Information2#7181; Edwards; Peabody 311

261: Tools for Information Literacy1; #6562 /461-002: Information Tools; #6565; Bergquist; Manning 208

513-002 Resource Selection and Evaluation; #6690; Vargha; Manning 307

525 Electronic Records Management; #6689; Lee/Marciano; Manning 117

623: Database Systems II: Advanced Databases; #6570; Hemminger; Manning 304

857: Seminar in Rare Books; #8589; McNamara; Murphey 221

889: Seminar in Teaching Practice***; #11630; Barreau; Manning 214; Wednesday only


490-161: Building a Personal Digital Library***; #6561; Moore/Rajasekar; Manning 304; Monday only

709: Business Information; #6837; Moss; 246 Davis Library




520-001: Organization of Information; # 6860; Shaw; Course website Manning 307; Monday only

554 Cultural Institutions; #6851; Marshall; Course website Manning 208; Monday only

755: Archival Appraisal; #6871; Tibbo; Course website Manning 208; Wednesday only

890-092: Seminar in Knowledge Organization; #6876; Greenberg; Course website Manning 214; Wednesday only


200-002:  Retrieving and Analyzing Information1#6847; Clemens; Course website Wilson Library 304

490-141; Acquiring Information from Digital Storage Media***; #6852; Lee; Course website Manning 117; Monday only; Jan. 24-Apr. 4


523-002: Introduction to Databases; #9853; Janicki; Course website Manning 117

890-180: Project Management Strategy and Application; #9345; Evarts; Course website Manning 208; Wednesday only (crosslisted with PUBH 690)


382: Systems Analysis and Design1; #6951; Dunn; Course website Manning 208; Wednesday only

556: Introduction to Archives; #6889;Turi; Course website Manning 208; Monday only

578: Protocols and Networks; #8737; Keller; Course website Manning 304; Wednesday only

708: Law Libraries and Legal Information; #9854;Hall/Sexton; Course website Law Library; Wednesday only

745: Curriculum Issues and the School Librarian#6919;Hughes-Hassell; Course website Peabody Hall 311; Monday only

785: Human Resources Management#6901; Ellington; Course website Manning Hall 214; Monday only

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Course information and call numbers


521-002: Organization of Materials;# 11768; Keizer; Course website Manning 208


512: Applications of Natural Language Processing; #7155; Haascourse website Manning 304

513-001: Resource Selection and Evaluation; #7153; Edwards; Course website Manning 208

704: Human and Social Science Information; #6955; Nixon/Bardeen; Course website Manning Hall 117


101: Foundations of Information Science1#7159; Kelly; Course website Manning 208

500-001: Human Information Interactions; #7180; Barreau; Course website Manning 307

523-001: Introduction to Database; #7157; Hassell; Course website Manning 117

740: Digital Libraries#7165; Pomerantz; Course website Manning 304


461-003: Information Tools; #11057; Campbell; Course website Manning 117

572: Web Applications I; #7183; Hassell; Course website Manning 307

706: Bioinformatics Research Review***#7182Hemminger; Manning 214; Course website; Tuesday only


089: Information Policy: Privacy and Identity1; #9866Daniel; Course website Greenlaw 318

582: Systems Analysis; #7184; Hassell; Course website Manning 304


501-001: Information Resources and Services; #7189, Gollop; Course website Manning 208; Tuesday only 

585-001; Management for Information Professionals; #7915; Patillo; Course website Manning 208; Thursday only

841: Seminar in Academic Libraries; #7191; Moran; Course website Manning 307; Tuesday only

842: Seminar in Popular Materials;# 7204; Moran; Course website Manning 307; Thursday only

882: Issues and Questions II***; #7190; Barreau; Course website Manning 214; Tuesday only 

890-123 Research Design; #7197; Kelly; Course website Manning 214; Thursday only

890-096: Evidence Based Health Information Practice;#13171; Marshall; Course website TBA; Thursday only


697: Emerging Topics in Information Science1; #7186; Jones; Course website Manning 304


318: Human Computer Interactions1; #7313; Barlow; Course website Manning 304; Tuesday only

501-002: Information Resources and Services; #7322; Van Scoy; Course website Manning 307; Thursday only

576: Distributed Systems and Administration; #7317; Forrest; Course website Manning 117; Thursday only

672: Web Development II; #7318; Hassell; Course website Manning 304; Thursday only

757: Principles and Practice of Archival Description; #7314; Dean; Course website Manning 307; Tuesday only

760: Web Databases; #7207; Capra; Course website Manning 208; Tuesday only

757-002: Principles and Practice of Archival Description;#13172; Landis; Course website Murphey 115; Tuesday only

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Course information and call numbers


843: Seminar in Public Libraries; #7326; Bergquist; Course website Manning 208

887: Seminar in Theory Development; #7327WildemuthCourse website Manning 304


754: Public Service in Cultural Heritage Repositories; #7192; Cushing; Course website Manning 304


500-002: Human Information Interactions; #7341; Sheble; Course website Manning 208

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Course information and call numbers


200-990: Retrieving and Analyzing Information; #5936; Cao (Friday Center course; extra fees may apply)

500-03W: Human Information Interactions; #7345; Palmquist; Course website

585-02W: Management for Information Professionals; #7348; Weiss; Course website

701-01W: IR Search Strategies; #11203; Morisseau; Course website (Also meets on campus, 10:00-3:00, January 22 and March 19)

705-01W: Health Sciences Information; #7350; Gollop; Course website

890-03W: Evidence Based Medicine#7354; Schardt/Myatt; Course website


890-01W: Audiovisual Archiving; #9855; TBA 

890-02W: Books and the Information Society; #9856; Shep

890-04W: History of Children's Literature; #9857;Mahoney

890-05W: Information Policy; #9858; Nathan

890-06W: Social Networking for Information Professionals; #9859; TBA 

890-07W: Data Mining; #10050; Turtle

890-08W: Gender and Culture in Children's Picture Books; 10051; TBA

*If you wish to register for a WISE course please speak with Prof. Claudia Gollop. See below for further information.*


Internship & Field Experience Courses

397: Information Science Internship1; #7361Pomerantz

795-001: Field Experience*; #7355Pomerantz

795-002: Field Experience*; #7356; Pomerantz

795-003: Field Experience (School Library Media students only)*; Lyles

Field Experience Registration form

1 Limited to Undergraduates only
2 Limited to juniors, sophmores, and freshmen during pre-registration
3 Limited to first year undergraduates only
* Course has a pre- or co-requisite. See course description
** PhD Students Only
*** One-credit course

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Online WISE Courses

WISE courses are master's level distance education courses that are being offered via the WISE consortium of which SILS is a member. Typically, 
the number of "seats" available in each class is limited (2-5). 
Syllabi are available for some courses, but not for others. If any of 
these courses are of interest to you and you would like to enroll, please speak to Prof. Claudia Gollop (919-962-8362/gollop@ils.unc.edu).

WISE has a later starting date for enrollment and the start date for classes also varies among the WISE LIS schools. You should know that if you wish to enroll in a WISE course, you will probably be be notified a little later than usual as to whether you have actually been admitted. For more information on the WISE consortium please go to this link: http://www.wiseeducation.org/

NOTE: Some WISE course are offered by Victoria University of Wellington and Charles Sturt University. These universities use the point system instead of the credit hour system. These institutions have been assessed to the equivalent of our ALA accredited program by WISE and equate with our 3 credit courses.


Forms to register for the Masters Paper INLS 992, Independent Study INLS 396 (undergraduates only) & 696 (graduate students only) Research in Information & Library Science INLS 988 (PhD Students only), and Doctoral Dissertation 994 are available online.

Guidlines and forms for the Field Experience (INLS 795) are available online. Prior to registering for FE, you should have completed at least 21 semester hours and have permission of your advisor. The Field Experience Agreement, including a description and learning objectives are to be turned into the Field Experience Coordinator , Kathy Wisser no later then the first day of classes of the semester in which you are enrolled in the field experience, otherwise you will be dropped from the class. Students are required to participate in three field experience seminars during the semester in which they are enrolled.

Courses designated with a W in the section number are web-based courses and do not have a regular weekly meeting pattern. 

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