Spring 2013

Important dates

Registration begins: November 6, 2012

Classes in session: January 9-April 26, 2013

  • Martin Luther King Birthday: January 21
  • Census Date: January 23
  • Graduation Applications due for May graduation: February 15
  • Master's Comprehensive Exam: March 8
  • Spring Break: March 9-March 17
  • Spring Holiday: March 29
  • Master's Papers Due to SILS Office: April 2
  • Dissertations due to Graduate School by 4pm: April 8
  • Reading Days: April 29, May 2
  • Exam Days: April 30-May 1, May 3-7

Courses offered

  • Past syllabi are available from the library staff in the SILS Library.
  • Please contact the instructor if you have any questions about a course being offered for the upcoming semester.
  • Average course load for a graduate student:  9-12 hours a semester
  • Average course load for an undergraduate student: 12-15 hours a semester
  • Spring 2013 Schedule PDF





Course information and call numbers


261: Tools for Information Literacy;#4733; Bergquist;Course Website; Manning 117

780-001: Research Methods; #4967; Losee; Course Website; Manning 307*


101-001: Foundations of Information Science; #5126; Kelly; Course Website; Graham Memorial 038

509: Information Retrieval; #4730; Arguello; Course Website; Manning 307

512: Applications of Natural Language Processing; #11312; Haas; Course Website; Graham Memorial 213

623: Database II; #8884; Rajasekar; Course Website; Manning 304

709: Business Information; #12386; Moss/Ernsthausen; Course Website; Davis Library 246

718: User Interface Design; #4731; Bergquist; Course Website; Manning 117


285-001: Information Use for Organizational Effectiveness; #8451; Bergquist; Manning 208

520-003: Organization of Information; #17795; Anthony; Course Website; Hamilton 351

541: Information Visualization; #11322; Hemminger; Course Website; Manning 307

740: Digital Libraries; #12338; Pomerantz; Course Website; Wilson Library 304

890-190: Information Retrieval Experiments; #11311; Arguello; Course Website; Manning 304


465: IT for Digital Collections; #8764; Lee; Course Website; Manning 117 (Wednesday only) 

501-001: Information Resources and Services; #5155; Gollop; Course Website; Manning 304 (Monday only)

520-002: Organization of Information; #8449; Greenberg; Course Website; Manning 304 (Wednesday only) 

755: Archival Appraisal; #12262; Tibbo; Course Website; Manning 208 (Wednesday only)

842: Seminar in Popular Materials in Libraries;#5167;Moran; Course Website; Manning 208 (Monday only)

890-147: Youth Services in a Diverse Society; #8464; Hughes-Hassell; Course Website; Manning 214 (Wednesday only)

890-204: Seminar in Course Design; #TBA; Missen; Course Website; Manning 214 (Mondays only) 


520-001: Organization of Information; #4949; Ramdeen; Course Website, Murphey Hall 204

578: Protocols and Network Management;#9041; Keller; Course Website; Manning 304

582-001: Systems Analysis;#5150; Shearer; Course Website; Manning 208

4:00-5:00 890-184: Duke/UNC Joint Health Informatics Seminar; #17652; Mostafa; Health Sciences Library 328 (Wednesday only)  

382: Information Systems Analysis and Design; #5016; Dunn; Course Website; Peabody 217 (Wednesday only)

501-002: Information Resources and Services; #5206; Stokes; Course Website; Manning 208 (Wednesday only) 

582-003: Systems Analysis and Design; #18060; Urquhart; Manning 307 (Wednesday only) 

703: Science Information; #17890; Peper; Course Website; Manning 304 (Wednesday only) 

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Course information and call numbers


461-001: Information Tools; #6333; Campbell; Course Website; Manning 117

500: Human Information Interactions; #5147; Bailey; Course Website; Manning 208

704: Humanities and Social Science Information;#12259; Nixon/Bardeen; Course Website; Davis Library 247

721: Cataloging Theory and Practice; #12169; Gunther/Keizer; Course Website; Manning 307


089-001: First Year Seminar: Social Movements and New Media; #6223; Stutzman; Course Website; Manning 208

200-001: Retrieving and Analyzing Information; #5148; Patillo; Course Website; Manning 307

490-186: Web Information Organization; #8306; Shaw; Course Website; Manning 117

697-002: Emerging Topics in Information Science; #17705; Jones; Course Website; Manning 3041

889: Seminar in Teaching Practice; #6365; Anthony/Wildemuth; Course Website; Manning 214 (Tuesdays only, course is only one credit hour)***


200-002: Retrieving and Analyzing Information; #4940; Clemens; Course Website; Manning 307

697-001: Emerging Topics in Information Science; #5152; Jones; Course Website; Manning 2081

890-154: Electronic Health Records; #4698; Mostafa; Course Website; Manning 304


101-002: Foundations of Information Science; #11317; Shaw; Course Website; Manning 208

490-151: Privacy by Design: #11797; Stutzman; Course Website; Davie Hall 101

513-002: Resource Selection and Evaluation;#12238; Vargha; Course Website; Manning 304

523-001: Database Systems I; #5124; Capra; Course Website; Manning 307

757: Principles and Practice of Archival Description; #12366; Anthony/Dean; Course Website; Hanes Hall 112


490-202: Health Information Sharing in Social Media; #11331;Chen; Course Website; Manning 304 (Tuesday only)

513-001: Resource Selection and Evaluation; #4816; Patillo; Course Website; Manning 307 (Thursday only)

523-002: Database I;#11867; Boone; Course Website; Global Center 3024 (Thursday only) 

556: Introduction to Archives and Records Management; #4973; Tibbo; Course Website; Manning 208 (Thursday only)

585-001: Management for Information Professionals; #5159; Patillo; Course Website; Manning 307 (Tuesday only)

708: Law Libraries and Legal Information; #12261; Sampson; Course Website; Van Hecke-Wettach 3031 (Thursday only)

728: Seminar in Knowledge Organization; #12312; Greenberg; Course Website; Manning 304 (Thursday only)

841: Seminar in Academic Libraries; #5157; Moran;Course Website; Manning 208 (Tuesday only) 

882: Research Issues and Questions II; #5156; Hughes-Hassell; Course Website; Manning 214 (Tuesday only) 



318: Human-Computer Interaction; #11333; Barlow; Course Website; Manning 304 (Tuesday only)

525-001: Electronic Records Management; #4815; S. Shaw; Course Website; Manning 117 (Tuesday only)

572: Web Development I; #8777; Hassell; Course Website; Manning 208 (Thursday only)

582-002: Systems Analysis; 9635; Orphanides; Course Website; Manning 304 (Thursday only) 

732: Children's Literature and Related Materials; #8307; Sturm; Course Website; Manning 307 (Thursday only) 

745: Curriculum Issues and the School Librarian; #4997; Rawson; Course Website; Greenlaw 305 (Tuesday only)

760: Web Databases; #5170; Capra; Course Website; Manning 208 (Tuesday only)

890-194: Legal Issues for Libraries; #12260; Cross/Smith; Course Website; Manning 307 (Tuesday only)

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Course information and call numbers


624: Policy-based Data Management; #12418; Moore; Course Website; Manning 214

843: Seminar in Public Libraries; #5210; Bergquist; Course Website; Manning 307

887: Seminar in Theory Development; #11332; Wildemuth; Course Website; Manning 304

1:00-3:30 888: Seminar in Teaching and Academic Life; #8476; Daniel; Course Website; Manning 214



Special Courses


Internship and Field Experience Courses; Independent Study Courses


397: Information Science Internship (Haight)
Class will meet once at the start of the semester and once at the end of the semester, with two online sessions in the middle. The following dates have been set for the in person meetings:
397: Monday January 14 from 4-5pm in Manning 307 and Monday April 8 from 4-5pm in Manning 307

696: Study in Information and Library Science (Faculty, section number varies by instructor) course is variable credit, 1-3 hours

795: Professional Field Experience (Haight)
Class will meet once at the start of the semester and once at the end of the semester, with two online sessions in the middle. The following dates have been set for the in person meetings: 
795-001: Monday January 14 from 4-5pm in Manning 307 and Monday April 8 from 4-5pm in Manning 307
795-002: Monday January 28 from 4-5pm in Manning 307 and Monday April 15 from 4-5pm in Manning 307

796: Field Experience in School Library Media (TBA) 

992: Masters Paper (Faculty, section number varies by instructor) 

994: Doctoral Dissertation (Faculty, section number varies by instructor)


Special Courses


Course information and call numbers


500-02W: Human Information Interactions; 12513; Palmquist; WEB

585-02W: Management for Information Professionals; #12363; Weiss; WEB

705-01W: Health Sciences Information; #11873; Gollop; WEB

710-01W: Evidence Based Medicine; #12364; Schardt/Myatt; WEB

WISE  (online) Courses


Course information and call numbers


890-01W: Books and the Information Society; #8620; Shep

890-02W: Competitive Intelligence; #8621; Correia

890-03W: Information Literacy; Simmons

890-04W: Information Policy; #8622; Nathan

890-05W: The Hyperlinked Library: Emerging Trends, Emerging Technologies; #8623; Stephens

890-06W: Theological Librarianship; #8624; Berryhill

Online WISE Courses

WISE courses are master's level distance education courses that are being offered via the WISE consortium of which SILS is a member. Typically, the number of "seats" available in each class is limited (2-5). Syllabi are available for some courses, but not for others. If any of these courses are of interest to you and you would like to enroll, please speak to Prof. Claudia Gollop (919-962-8362/gollop@ils.unc.edu).

WISE has a later starting date for enrollment and the start date for classes also varies among the WISE LIS schools. You should know that if you wish to enroll in a WISE course, you will probably be notified a little later than usual as to whether you have actually been admitted. For more information on the WISE consortium please go to this link: http://www.wiseeducation.org/

NOTE: Some WISE course are offered by Victoria University of Wellington and Charles Sturt University. These universities use the point system instead of the credit hour system. These institutions have been assessed to the equivalent of our ALA accredited program by WISE and equate with our 3 credit courses. 


1 Limited to BSIS Undergraduates only

2 Limited to juniors, sophomores, and freshmen during pre-registration

3 Limited to first year undergraduates only

* Course has a pre- or co-requisite. See course description

** PhD Students Only