Summer 2018

Summer 2018 Schedule

Summer Session 1 Important Dates

Registration begins for Summer 1 and 2: March 19
Classes begin: May 16
Last day for late registration for Maymester: May 17
Last day for late registration for Summer 1: May 18
Memorial Day (no classes): May 28
Maymester ends: May 31
Maymester Exams: June 1
Classes end Summer 1: June 18
Reading day: June 19 
Exam days: June 20 and 21 

Registrar's Calendar for Summer 1


SUMMER SESSION I: May 16-June 18
Time Course information and call numbers

161-001: Tools for Information Literacy; #2686; L.Jones; Course Website; Manning 001

11:30-1:00pm   385-001: Information Use for Organizational Effectiveness; #1872; Post; Course Website; Manning 304 

201-001: Foundations of Information Science; #1883; Hill; Course Website; Manning 208

672-001: Web Development II; #1516; Boone; Course Website; Manning 001

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

613-001: Text Mining; #2798; Avula; Course Website; Manning 304 


382-001: Information Systems Analysis and Design; #2670; Urquhart; Course Website; Manning 307 

560-001: Programming for Information Professionals; #2669; Hauser; Course Website; Manning 304

WEB Course information and call numbers

523-01W: Database Systems 1; #1882; Shin; Course Website; WEB

585-01W: Management for Information Professionals; #2198; Cox/Haight; Course Website; WEB

890-01W: Introduction to Metadata Architectures and Applications (will be INLS 722 starting Spring 2019) ; #3053; Feinberg; Course Website; WEB (1.5 credits) 

750-01W: Introduction to Digital Curation; #2671; Tibbo; Course Website; WEB  

SHORT SESSION- May 16-May 31
Time Course information and call numbers

465: Understanding Information Technology for Managing Digital Collections; #1517; Lee; Course Website; Manning 117

1:15-4:30 752: Digital Preservation and Access; #1626; Tibbo; Course Website; Manning 014


Dates  Course information and call numbers
May 20-June 2, 2018

890-975: London Summer Seminar 

May 20-June 2, 2018 890-976: Prague Summer Seminar 
May 28-June 12, 2018 890-977: Dublin/Berlin Summer Seminar

Summer Session 2 Important Dates:

Registration begins: March 19
Classes begin: June 25
Last day for Late Registration: June 27
Fourth of July: July 4 (no classes) 
Masters Papers Due: July 19 
Dissertations due to Graduate School: July 19
Classes end: July 26
Reading day: July 27
Exams: July 30 and 31 

Registrar's Calendar for Summer 2

Summer Session II: June 25- July 27
Time Course information and call numbers

151-001: Retrieving and Analyzing Information; #2881; Hill; Course Website; Manning 001

500-001: Human Information Interactions; #2160; Martin; Course Website; Manning 117

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

523-001: Introduction to Database Concepts and Applications; #2766; Xu; Course Website; Manning 014 

890-261: Information System Organizational Leadership and Management; #2770; Bhansali; Manning 208

WEB Course information and call numbers

501-01W: Information Resources and Services; #1735; Threats; Course Website; WEB

513-01W: Resource Selection and Evaluation; #2767; Vargha; Course Website; WEB 

690-01W: Project Management: Strategies and Applications; #2768; Cox; Course Website; WEB (3 credits) 

725-01W: Electronic Health Records; #2242; Marcial; Course Website; WEB

WEB Course information and call numbers

If you are interested in taking a WISE Class please contact Tammy Cox

890-01W: Advocacy and Marketing for Libraries:# 1295; Leininger

890-02W: Games in Library; #1297; Sanchez

890-03W: Photographic Preservation; #1573; Weaver

890-04W: Social Justice in Youth Literature; #1298 : Lucht

890-05W: Intellectual Property and "Open" Movements; #1299; Currier