Summer 2020

Summer 2020

Summer Session 1 Important Dates

Registration begins: TBA 
Summer pre-registration billing date: TBA 
Classes begin: May 13
Last day for late registration for Maymester: May 13
Last day for late registration for Summer 1: May 14
Memorial Day (no classes): May 25
Maymester ends: May 28
Maymester Exams: May 29
Classes end Summer 1: June 15
Reading day: June 16
Exam days: June 17 and 18

Registrar's Calendar for Summer 1

SUMMER SESSION I: May 13-June 15
Time Course information and call numbers

INLS 560-001: Programming for Information Professionals; #2596; Boone, Joan; Course Website; MA 001


INLS 382-001: Information Systems Analysis and Design; #2256; Urquhart, Ryan; Course Website; MA 307

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

INLS 690-279: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Open Access; #2665; Solomon, Jennifer/Kati, Rebekah; Course Website; MA 0304 (3.0 credits) 

Course information and call numbers

INLS 520-01W: Organization of Information; #2402; Bhattacharya,Progyamita; Course Website; Online

INLS 523-01W: Introduction to Database Concepts and Applications; #1897; TBA; Course Website; Online

INLS 581-01W: Research Methods Overview; #2593; Rawson, Casey; Course Website; Online

INLS 685-01W: Project Management: Strategy and Applications; #2594; Cox, Tammy; Course Website; Online

INLS 714-01W: Introduction to Information Analytics; #2440; Rajasekar, Arcot; Course Website; Online (1.5 credits) 

INLS 750-01W: Introduction to Digital Curation; #2667; Tibbo, Helen; Course Website; Online

INLS 767-01W: Information Assurance; #2689; Bhattacharya, Sambit; Course Website; Online 

Maymester: May 15-May 30
Time Course information and call numbers

INLS 465-001: Understanding Information Technology for Managing Digital Collections; #1664; Lee, Christopher; Course Website; Manning 208


INLS 490-267: Systematically Searching and Analyzing Scholarly Publications; #2626; Yu, Fei; Course Website; MA 0001(3 credits)


INLS 752-001: Digital Preservation and Access; #1757; Tibbo, Helen; Course Website; MA 0014

Course information and call numbers

INLS 582-01W: Systems Analysis; #2627; Mazur, Lukasz; Course Website; ONLINE 

Dates  Course information and call numbers



Summer Session 2 Important Dates:

Registration begins: TBA 
Classes begin: June 22
Last day for Late Registration: June 23
Holiday: July 3 (no classes) 
Masters Papers Due: TBA
Dissertations due to Graduate School:TBA
Classes end: July 23
Reading day: July 24
Exams: July 27 and 28 

Registrar's Calendar for Summer 2

Summer Session II: June 22- July 23
TimE Course information and call numbers
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

INLS 151-001: Retrieving and Analyzing Information; #2869; Roscoe,Emily; Course Website; MA 001

Summer session II ONline Courses
Course information and call numbers

INLS 385-01W: Information Use for Organizational Effectiveness; #2836; Jarrahi, Mohammad; Course Website; ONLINE 

INLS 500-01W: Human Information Interactions; #2114; Thomson,Leslie; Course Website; ONLINE 

INLS 513-01W: Resource Selection and Evaluation; #2502; Vargha, Rebecca; Course Website; ONLINE 

INLS 751-01W: Advanced Digital Curation; #2840; Tibbo, Helen; Course Website; ONLINE 

INLS 781-01W: Proposal Development; #2849; Rawson, Casey; Course Website; ONLINE