Summer 2020

Summer 2020

Summer Session 1 Important Dates

Registration begins: Monday March 16
Summer 1/Maymester pre-registration billing date: April 17
Classes begin: May 13
Last day for late registration for Maymester: May 13
Last day for late registration for Summer 1: May 14
Memorial Day (no classes): May 25
Maymester ends: May 28
Maymester final exams: May 29
Classes end for Summer 1: June 15
Reading day: June 16
Final exam days: June 17 and 18

Registrar's Calendar for Summer 1

Course information and call numbers

INLS 382-001: Information Systems Analysis and Design; #2256; Urquhart, Ryan; Course Website; Online

INLS 385-01W: Information Use for Organizational Effectiveness; #2853; Jarrahi, Mohammad; Course Website; Online

INLS 501-01W: Information Resources and Services; #3042; Threats, Megan; Course Website; Online 

INLS 520-01W: Organization of Information; #2402; Bhattacharya,Progyamita; Course Website; Online

INLS 523-01W: Introduction to Database Concepts and Applications; #1897; Lee, Adam; Course Website; Online

INLS 560-001: Programming for Information Professionals; #2596; Boone, Joan; Course Website; Online

INLS 581-01W: Research Methods Overview; #2593; Rawson, Casey; Course Website; Online

INLS 582-01W: Systems Analysis; #2627; Mazur, Lukasz; Course Website; ONLINE 

INLS 685-01W: Project Management: Strategy and Applications; #2594; Cox, Tammy; Course Website; Online

INLS 690-279: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Open Access; #2665; Solomon, Jennifer; Course Website; Online (3.0 credits)

INLS 714-01W: Introduction to Information Analytics; #2440; Rajasekar, Arcot; Course Website; Online (1.5 credits) 

INLS 750-01W: Introduction to Digital Curation; #2667; Tibbo, Helen; Course Website; Online

INLS 767-01W: Information Assurance; #2689; Bhattacharya, Sambit; Course Website; Online 

Maymester ONLINE COURSES: May 13-May 30
Course information and call numbers

INLS 465-01M: Understanding Information Technology for Managing Digital Collections; #1664; Lee, Christopher; Course Website; Online

INLS 490-267: Systematically Searching and Analyzing Scholarly Publications; #2626; Yu, Fei; Course Website; Online (3 credits)

INLS 752-01M: Digital Preservation and Access; #1757; Tibbo, Helen; Course Website; Online

Summer Session 2 Important Dates:

Registration begins: Monday March 16
Summer 2 pre-registration billing date: May 18  
Classes begin: June 22
Last day for Late Registration: June 23
Holiday: July 3 (no classes) 
Masters Papers Due: July 10
Dissertations due to Graduate School: July 16
Classes end: July 23
Reading day: July 24
Exams: July 27 and 28 

Registrar's Calendar for Summer 2

Summer session II ONline Courses: JUNE 22-JULY 23
Course information and call numbers

INLS 151-001: Retrieving and Analyzing Information; #2869; Roscoe,Emily; Course Website; Online

INLS 385-01W: Information Use for Organizational Effectiveness; #2836; Jarrahi, Mohammad; Course Website; Online 

INLS 500-01W: Human Information Interactions; #2114; Thomson,Leslie; Course Website; Online

INLS 513-01W: Resource Selection and Evaluation; #2502; Vargha, Rebecca; Course Website; Online

INLS 725-01W: Electronic Health Records; #2947; Marcial, Laura; Course Website: Online

INLS 751-01W: Advanced Digital Curation; #2840; Tibbo, Helen; Course Website; Online

INLS 781-01W: Proposal Development; #2849; Rawson, Casey; Course Website; Online 

Course information and call numbers


Web-based Information Science Education (WISE) is a unique and groundbreaking opportunity for students to take online Information and Library Science accredited courses from other universities. Students have the opportunity to access distance education courses through WISE member schools who have met the quality bar in online education. As such, students may access courses from a wider base of faculty and research than may be normally available within their home school. WISE students have the ability to select from a wide array of online courses, regardless of their location, and take courses with faculty who are highly regarded in their area of expertise. WISE students pay tuition at their home school at their regular credit hour rate.

Thank you for your interest in taking a WISE course!  Below are the courses available to you. Please read the instructions after the list of courses on how to register for a WISE course. 

INLS 890-02W: Digital Marketing for Libraries

INLS 890-03W: Competitive Intelligence 

INLS 890-04W: Resources and Information Services in Professions and Disciplines: Film and Media Collections 

INLS 890-05W: Seminar in Information Science: Augmented Virtual Reality 

INLS 890-07W: Seminar in Library Management: Prison Library Management 

INLS 890-08W: Digital Tools, Trends and Debates 

How to Register for a WISE Course: 

  • To register for one these WISE courses go to
  • If you use the Course Search prior to creating and Account and being logged in, you will see the complete list of courses offered through Wise Education. This list does not represent the Courses available to you. You will see your list after logging in.
  • Use the Create Account link in the upper right corner to start the registration process. If you have an account already, just Sign In.
  • When creating your account, be sure to select UNC Chapel Hill from the Membership Type drop down.
  • After creating an Account or Logging in, use  Course Search on the left menu to view available courses.
  • Select a Course.
  • Use Add to Cart at the bottom.
  • Complete the checkout process.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your course selections.

Note:  Enrollment in WISE courses is a competitive process as there are not always enough seats available to meet the demand.  All students are initially waitlisted for courses and will be notified of their enrollment status within a couple of weeks.

Course information and call numbers