SILS Diversity Advocate Certificate Registration Form

The School of Information and Library Science (SILS) Diversity Advocate Certificate can be earned during a student’s time at SILS. It aims to offer formal recognition to SILS students who are active participants in making UNC SILS and the field of information and library science a more diversity-friendly learning environment.

By completing the form below, you will be added to the SILS Diversity Certificate Sakai site, where your progress will be documented. All requirements must be completed 30 days before your graduation date from SILS.


  • Complete the form below to be added to the Sakai site (It may take up to five business days for the new tab to appear after you submit the form).
  • Diversity Certificate Portfolio: This will consists of the documents submitted through Sakai (details below). Everything must be submitted by 30 days before graduation.
  • Three responses to events that you attended, each at least 250 words
  • One response to an event that you helped organize, at least 250 words
  • Completion and response to a training, at least 250 words
  • Completion of a relevant academic course
  • Final statement, at least 250 words

Click here for a more detailed description of certificate requirements and options.

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