Diversity Support at SILS

Structural Components in Place

  1. The Diversity Committee is one of the 5 standing committees of SILS.  This committee was recently renamed the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) committee.
  2. The SAID Committee meets twice a year, has a dedicated fund and liaison to the Diversity Committee.
  3. SILS takes advantage of campus-wide initiatives to recruit students (e.g., graduate school fellowships such as Weiss, ALA Spectrum) and faculty (e.g., VITAE program).
  4. The Mae Rodney Fund and Irene Owens Fund both support underrepresented students.
  5. There is a SILS Diversity statement poster in Manning Hall Lobby signed by SILS faculty.
  6. SILS offers a Diversity Certificate and recipients are honored in the commencement program.
  7. SILS has two student organizations devoted to D&I:
    • CheckedOut: SILS Diversity Club 
    • Flourish: student organization to enhance community, networking, and support for students of color and international students at SILS.
  8. SILS offers D&I specific courses
    • INLS 539: Going the Last Mile: Information Access for Underserved Populations
    • INLS 690: Information Services in a Diverse Society
    • INLS 735: Youth Services in a Diverse Society
    • INLS 739: Information Services for Specific Populations
    • INLS 737: Inclusive Information Services for Diverse Populations

Specific Programs and Activities

  1. Project Ready Curriculum and Support Services 
  2. Project Enable 
  3. CEDI Lab 
  4. The Annual Symposium for Public Good 
  5. Videos highlighting our students and diversity on the SILS YouTube channel 
  6. Equity in the Making Lab

Recent Actions (2020-21)

  • SILS faculty and staff hosted a half-day Racial Equity Institute training workshop (groundwater) on October 2, 2020.
  • SILS removed the GRE requirement for all SILS graduate programs.
  • We have included diversity and inclusion training in all staff performance goals for 2020-21.  All staff and faculty must include a statement of DEI effort in their annual reviews.
  • We have completed a renovation in Manning Hall to add a gender-neutral bathroom.
  • SILS staff hosts a DEI book club with a monthly book discussion.
  • SILS recruited a leading scholar who studies race and information technology.  Dr. Tressie  McMillan Cottom was recruited as associate professor with tenure to SILS and is already having significant impact in applications to our program from underrepresented populations (in addition to winning a MacArthur award!).