Room Reservations

Prior to the beginning of each semester, Lara Bailey enters all the classes into the room reservation system.  Any reservations made in the system for that upcoming semester will be deleted at that time.  Once all classes have been scheduled faculty will be able to reserve rooms for events.  All classroom reservation requests are made through Outlook.  Reserved rooms that will not be needed should be released as soon as possible. 

Video tutorials are here:

Note: The registrar's office will not reserve any classrooms for one-time events during the first two weeks of class.

 In the outlook calendar select "New Meeting"


Once the new meeting window opens there are two ways to go about scheduling a room. 

Option 1: Use if you know which room is available.

Option 2: Use if you would like assistance in finding an available room.


Option 1:

Select "Rooms" located to the right of the locations line

Search for Manning, double click on the room you would like and then click "OK"

This will place the classroom in the "To" field in the new meeting window.  You can then add those you would like to include in the meeting invitation; Please be sure that you include a subject for the meeting. Once you have completed all the fields click "Send" The meeting request will then go to all the invited attendees and the designee for the room.  The room request will either be accepted or declined. 


Option 2:

Select "Room Finder" which will open a new pane on the right hand side of the new meeting window. You can then select a start and end time.  Once you change the room list to SILS_Classrooms, the room finder can show you which rooms are available at any given time. Once you have completed all the field click "Send".

Alternatively, the "Scheduling Assistant" button provides another option for viewing the free/busy information for a single room or multiple rooms.

Browsing Multiple Calendars:

To browse multiple room calendars at once, it's easy to add them to your Outlook calendar.  In your calendar, right-click on "My Calendars" and choose "Add Calendar".  You can adjust the display to suite your preference as show here:

 Outlook Web Access (OWA):

Lastly, the above tasks can also be done using the web interface at