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Deborah K. Barreau Award for Teaching Excellence

In 1995 Chancellor Paul Hardin and Dean Barbara Moran established the SILS Award for Teaching Excellence (Fund 2954). In February 2012, the award was renamed the Deborah Barreau Award for Teaching Excellence in memory of Dr. Deborah Barreau, a beloved faculty member who received the award twice for her masterful teaching and mentoring ability. The award recognizes one faculty member, who is nominated by the students within the School, for outstanding teaching. In 2006, an additional award recognizing the outstanding teaching by an adjunct professor of practice was added. Both awards are presented at the annual spring commencement ceremony.
Dr. Jaime Arguello is the 2014 recipient for full-time teaching. Previous recipients include Robert Capra (2013), Stephanie Haas (2012), Phillip Edwards (2011), Dr. Sandra Hughes-Hassell (2010), Dr. Gary Marchionini (2009), Dr. Deborah Barreau (2008), Dr. Diane Kelly (2007), Dr. Stephanie Haas (2006), Dr. Jerry Saye, Dr. Deborah Barreau (2004), Dr. Barbara Moran (2003), Dr. Brian Sturm (2002), Dr. David Carr (2001) and Dr. Barbara Wildemuth (2000).
Rachael Clemens is the 2014 recipient for adjunct teaching. Previous recipients of the adjunct teaching award include Joan Boone (2013), Rebecca Vargha (2012), Dr. Carolyn F. Hank (2011), Dr. Susan Rathbun-Grubb (2010), Dr. Evelyn Daniel (2009), Thomas Nixon and Pamela Sessoms (2008), Dr. Ronald Bergquist (2007), and Lisa Norberg (2006).
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BSIS Excellence Fund

Amazing things are afoot at SILS. Alumni and students achieve at high levels. The SILS undergraduate program is stellar. And now we have an opportunity to help ensure continued excellence and express our appreciation. Gifts for the BSIS Excellence Fund provide specific resources to keep the undergraduate program great – for example, funding for AITP student membership dues. AITP is the Association of Information Technology Professionals, and SILS undergraduates founded a student chapter in 2014. A gift of $30 could pay AITP dues for one year for one SILS undergraduate. We invite you to give what is comfortable.
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Lucile Kelling Henderson Memorial Lecture Fund

photo of Lucile HendersonThis fund, established in the memory of Lucile Kelling Henderson, enables the School to “attract outstanding professionals and interact with students, faculty and alumni” by supporting an annual lecture.

Henderson was a SILS faculty member (1932-1960) and second dean of the School (1954-1960). She led the school through its transition in the '50s from a bachelor of arts program to a fifth-year master's program. She was known as a superior teacher. A lectureship in her honor is appropriate for someone who was an excellent teacher, administrator, counselor and advisor. Past Henderson lecturers.

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Eleanor and Frederick Kilgour Faculty Development Fund

photo of the KilgoursThe fund was established to support faculty needs by helping acquire innovative teaching materials and equipment, promoting research in new fields, encouraging the development of new courses and providing travel funds for professional conferences.

In 1967, Frederick G. Kilgour founded the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), the first and largest online library network in the world, and served as its president until 1980. Kilgour became a Distinguished Research Professor at SILS in 1990, teaching seminars in applications of technology for libraries.

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Frances Carroll McColl Term Professorship

photo of the McCollsThis fund provides a SILS professor with a salary supplement and funds for research and travel for a two-year term.

Hugh McColl, Jr. established the McColl Professorship in memory of his mother, Frances Carroll McColl, and sister, Frances McColl Covington. Hugh McColl said he was inspired by the school's needs and his mother's love of literature. “My mother taught everyone in the family to love books, and we have prospered from having access to them and, perhaps more important, knowing where to turn to find the information we need.”



Dr. Christopher (Cal) Lee is the 2013-2015 McColl Professor.




 Dr. Claudia Gollop

Dr. Claudia Gollop is the 2012-2014 McColl Professor.




Current and past McColl Professors include Dr. Christopher (Cal) Lee (2013-2015), Dr. Claudia Gollop (2012-2014), Dr. Deborah Barreau (2011-2013), Dr. Diane Kelly (2010-2012), Dr. Javed Mostafa (2009-2011), Dr. Jane Greenberg (2007-2009), Dr. Paul Solomon (2007-2009), Dr. Stephanie Haas (2005-2007), Dr. Barbara Wildemuth (2004-06), Dr. Evelyn Daniel (2002-04), Dr. Helen Tibbo (2000-02), Dr. Robert M. Losee (1998-2000) and Dr. William M. Shaw Jr. (1997-98).

The McColl Professorship was established in 1997 to recognize faculty who have made notable contributions to research, teaching and service to SILS. It provides a salary supplement and funds for research and travel for a two-year term.

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Susan Steinfirst Memorial Fund

photo of Susan SteinfirstThe fund supports a biennial lecture in the field of children's literature by a scholarly or creative person.

Established by her husband, Gene Story, and her friends and family, this fund honors the memory of Susan Steinfirst, SILS professor of children's and young adult literature (1976-1996). Known for her dedication to her students and her equanimity and humor in staff meetings, Susan left an indelible imprint on her colleagues and the School. Past Steinfirst lecturers.

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