Make a Gift to SILS: Increase Your Income

Managing investments, preparing for retirement, providing for loved ones, giving to benefit SILS – there are ways to simultaneously meet multiple goals. A gift in return for income enables you to make a significant gift to SILS while retaining the benefit of the income stream. When the payments end, the remaining amount is used by SILS as you designate.


·  Convert “growth” asset into source of income for you or loved one
·  Increase income from “underperforming” asset
·  Grow source of future income outside your estate
·  Defer income to retirement years
·  Variable income as hedge against inflation
·  Fixed income certainty


·  Stable income for life or term of years
·  Tax efficient income
·  Tax deduction
·  Survivor income
·  Avoid capital gains “success” tax
·  Access institutional grade investment funds not available to individuals
·  Reduce your costs
·  Tap into Carolina’s buying power
·  Potential estate taxes
·  Cost effective diversification
·  Cost/time of probate
·  Make a gift for SILS, too!

Assets to Donate

·  Cash, CDs, money market, savings or checking accounts
·  Stocks, mutual funds
·  Real estate or other illiquid assets


·  Carolina Annuity: Carolina pays you fixed income for life -- payments now or deferred
·  Carolina Charitable Unitrust: pays fixed percentage of trust assets revalued annually; produces variable income
·  Carolina Charitable “Flip” Unitrust: gift real estate or illiquid asset &/or defer income
·  Carolina Charitable Annuity Trust: pays fixed amount annually, based on the initial value of trust assets

Which option is best for you? We can help you think through the issues. Please contact either of us!


               Stephanie Kretz '81
               Director of Development
               School of Information and Library Science

                    Elizabeth Ayers, J. D.
                    Director of Gift Planning
                    UNC Office of Gift Planning

The UNC Office of Gift Planning and SILS work in close cooperation to meet the needs of our donors and prospective donors. We will help you accomplish your personal goals and make a satisfying gift. We would be honored to work with you.