SILS Giving Priorities

Carolina will be the model for the great global public research university of the 21st century -- an increasingly indispensable resource for the people in North Carolina and the world. As a part of Carolina’s comprehensive, eight-year campaign, SILS aims to raise at least $16 million (roughly ¾ endowment). Fall 2017 is the campaign’s expected public launch.  

SILS Goal 1:

Students and the Educational Experience. Our core principles include access, affordability and attainment. We will provide every student with extraordinary learning that unleashes their full potential.

SILS working goal: $7.5MM (predominantly endowment)

  1. $6MM student support (assistantships, fellowships, scholarships)
  2. $1MM inclusion/diversity (Graduate Student Excellence Fund; biennial Diversity/Inclusion Program)
  3. $500K “Telling Our Story” (symposia, student recruitment/marketing messaging)

We will:

  • Strengthen student access, recruitment, and retention.
  • Accelerate teaching and learning innovation.
  • Expand experiential learning.
  • Broaden student global experience.
  • Strengthen campus infrastructure to optimize student learning.

SILS Goal 2:

Faculty and Scholarship. As the preferred choice of the world’s most outstanding faculty, we promote conditions that support inquiry, discovery, excellent teaching & public service.

SILS working goal: $4MM (endowment)

  1. Endow (*) at least one senior-level professorship ($2,000,000 naming - minimum)
  2. Endow (*) term professorships ($1,000,000 naming – minimum)

*existing faculty lines

We will:

  • Recruit and retain world-class faculty.
  • Foster environment conductive to faculty creativity and collaboration.
  • Expand the global reach of research.
  • Strengthen campus infrastructure to optimize research productivity.

SILS Goal 3:

Realize SILS’ transformation from a mainly educational institution to an educational, research and economic enterprise that is an idea and action engine.

SILS working goal: $4.5MM (endowment and expendable)
1.  Research Collaboratories in our areas of excellence ($1.5M)
2.  High-Demand BSIS degree (information science) & Professional Science Master’s
3.  Greater Reach

We will:

  • Bring a sharp strategic focus and active management discipline to innovation (high potential/high reward), as evidenced by more start-ups, grants and income streams.
  • Create more internships and immersions and expand corporate partnerships.
  • Establish new, relevant certifications and executive programs (local to global impact).