Why Give

Through the years, the School has developed and maintained quality educational programs and built research and service programs on a relatively modest budget. But while the state of North Carolina has always generously funded the University system, state appropriations and tuition alone are not enough—higher-quality programs require higher budgets.

The School is working to increase enrollment in its undergraduate major in information science, which will eventually bring an additional 100 students to Manning Hall. Enrollment growth, while representing great potential for the School and the University also represents additional expense. To meet the needs of this new program, we will need more faculty members, classroom and office space, scholarship awards for the most talented students and investments in technology.

At the same time, we must continue investing in technology across the board to maintain our leadership position. Technological advances are a double-edged sword for the School. They ensure that employers will continue to need our well-trained graduates. However, they also mean that technology, representing substantial investments, frequently becomes outdated and needs to be upgraded or replaced entirely.