Alumni Data Integrity

Alumni data integrity is essential to SILS' continued success - alumni relations, career services, communications, development, recruitment and more.  We rely on colleagues in SILS, faculty and staff, to help ensure alumni data integrity.  Your assistance is very important.

Please use the Change Request Form to submit any changes of which you are aware. (e.g. names, nicknames, contact info, relationships, employment and death).  Please be sure to include as much information as you have on the alumnus/a.  Once completed please send the form to Maggie Hite, using the following naming convention for the file: Change Request From (First name Last name)


  1. Indicate alum's preferred address, telephone # and email if you know the preference.
  2. University protocol generally requires secondary authentication such as death notice before a record is marked as deceased.  Provide source information if you have it, but don't wait for it to tell us.
  3. Use this form to update non-alum constitutent information.
  4. While our primary focus is SILS alumni data integrity, we can update other UNC alumni info.