Annual Report

As per the Bylaws, Policies and Procedures for the School it is necessary for each faculty member and director to complete and annual report for the purpose of updating School records and annual review.  The memo requesting annual reports is sent in the beginning of March with the Report due May 1.  Faulty will be sent a notice to set up an annual review meeting with the dean, during the first week of May.  Please note junior are required by university policy to meet with the dean at least once each year.

In general the annual report should include the items listed below.

1. Curriculum Vita - The university's preferred order for a CV is:

  • Personal
  • Education
  • Professional experience
  • Honors
  • Bibliography (show author order)
    • Books & chapters (include pages)
    • Refereed Papers (include pages)
    • Refereed unpublished or presentations and/or abstracts
    • Other non-refereed woks (include book review, dissertations, monographs)
  • Teaching activities: List courses for the past three years, number of students taught by section. Give names of graduate students supervised, thesis titles and completion dates for degree work since employment at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Undergraduate honors projects should be included as well
  • Grants
  • Professional service
    • To disciple
    • Within UNC-Chapel Hill

2. Short two page CV

3. Additional Activities

  • Items submitted for publication
  • Information speaking appearances
  • Meetings attended that are not already included in the papers presented
  • Research grants submitted
  • International research and collaboration
  • Editorial work, refereeing activities, review panels, etc
  • Assignments, duties, activities at SILS
  • Assignments, duties, activities at UNC
  • Assignments, duties, activities outside UNC, including activities in professional associations
  • Professional association memberships
  • Consulting services
  • Other public service activities, especially those that serve the citizens of North Carolina
  • Other items you may wish to add

4. Faculty teaching load document

  • Courses taught, including number of student and evaluations scores
  • Number of master's program advisees
  • Completed master's papers supervised (including student name and title of paper)
  • Completed doctoral dissertations supervised (include student name and title of dissertation)
  • Ph.D. Program advisees (list student names)
  • Ph.D. dissertation committees (list student names)

5. List of Visitors

6. Goals and Objectives document