The SILS Communications Office assists the School with internal and external communications, media relations, updates to the website, marketing, photos, publicity for events and programs, branding and identity.

To submit news items, such as research or publication notifications, events or other relevant information, please fill out the following form:


If you have been granted a research award, written a new book, began an interesting new project, been recognized in some manner or have students who are excelling on a specific project, please contact the SILS Communications Coordinator for a possible news release, news article or news brief.

Web Updates

When special presentations or events are planned (for a general audience), please send details to the SILS Communications Coordinator. They will ensure your activity is added to the "Events" and "Calendar" sections on the SILS website and added to the monitor in the lobby. New research projects, changes in the "People" area or other edits to keep our website current, accurate and informative should be sent as well. If you have SILS-related photos you would like to share on the School's Flickr site please contact the Communications Coordinator.

Lobby Monitors

To add information to the monitors in the lobby, please send your request to the SILS Communications Coordinator.

Photo Sessions

Professional portraits are taken by the campus photographer in his studio. to arrange for your portrait, please contact Dan Sears directly and inform the SILS Communications Coordinator that you have arranged for a photo session. You may request a photo session for a special event by contacting the SILS Communications Coordinator.

News Mentions

When you speak with a reporter, please contact the SILS Communications Coordinator. There may be follow-up from the reporter and information ahead of time will be appreciated. The Communications office keeps a clippings file whenever the School and it faculty, staff, students or alumni are mentioned. The news is also shared in the "Media Update" as it is published.

Branding and Identity

The University has specific rules about how our logo may be used. The SILS logo may be resized to fit on a document or website to maintain aesthetics; however, it cannot be adjusted in any manner that would deform the graphic of the old well, or repositioned where the name of the school or the UNC is moved. Please do not add shadows, reflection, glowing or other features to the logo.The color of the logo can be Carolina blue (PMS 542), white or black. Other colors are not allowed. Use a version of the logo that is high resolution (300 dots per inch) on printed documents. Please us the SILS logo on your PowerPoint presentations and other documents. In addition the SILS logo, we are also beginning to use artistic element TheiSchool@UNC Chapel Hill on our materials. If you don't have a copy of the logo you need or a copy of the iSchool art, please contact the SILS Communications Coordinator.