Course Changes

Course changes, additions and deletions must be proposed and approved by their respective committees before going to the full faculty for a vote.  Once approved by the full faculty, the course change must go to the SILS Administrative Board for final approval.   After the course is approved by the board, all supporting documents must be returned to the Lara Bailey to enter into the Course Request Approval System.

Deadlines for Course Changes

Undergraduate courses: October 15 (courses can only be active for the Fall semester)

Graduate courses: September 15 for following Spring semester & January 15 for following Fall semester

These deadlines are set by the registrar's office.  This means the course must have been approved by both the faculty & the administrative board and entered into the course approval system by Lara Bailey by these dates.  Meeting these deadlines is critical in order for the class to be on the books by the time the semester the course is scheduled to start. 

Requirements for New Courses

  • Must start out as a special topic class (490, 690, 890)
  • Offered three times before they are eligible to be added to the permanent curriculum
  • Solid enrollment of 10 students or more
  • Fulfill an area or need not currently supported by the existing curriculum
  • Must have a permanent faculty member or adjunct  that can commit to teaching the course

Course Numbering

0-399: Undergraduate Students only

400-699: Graduate& Undergraduate students

700-999: Graduate level only

Required paperwork for course changes, additions or deletions

For course additions and changes please include a syllabus or course outline detailing the class. Please be sure to fill out the appropriate course change from completely, it avoids any confusion.  Keep in mind when deleting a course, that the course number cannot be used again for a period of 5 years. 

Request for Curriculum Change Form