Course Evaluations

There are two systems of course evaluations used at SILS: the university's system, which is now online for students to use and access, and our own internal surveys.

The university's online instrument is accessed via a link which is sent by email to all students in your class(es) toward the end of semester. They have a couple of weeks to fill these out. Please encourage your students to fill them out, as they are important in assessing overall teaching at the university as well as your own teaching (they are a factor in determining teaching awards and tenure). You should also be sent a link  to view the results after they are in.

The SILS surveys have been moved online to a Qualtrics survey. The link to the survey will be distributed to your students, either as a single link sent to every SILS student or a unique survey distributed to each class. This survey contains more open-ended questions that focus on course content and delivery.  It is for your own edification and is not used for determining teaching awards or tenure.