Grant Proposals

All research grants involving faculty, whether as a PI or as a collaborator with another department, will be reviewed for subsequent approval by Tammy Cox through RAMSES.

The UNC-CH Office of Sponsored Research requires a minimum of 5 business days to review, approve and submit a proposal to the funding agency.  The SILS proposal process requires a minimum of 5 days to review and approve the budget, narrative, etc.  As such, proposal should be very nearly completed 10 days prior to the funding agency deadline. 

As soon as an RFP or funding agency announcement is available, a researcher should make an appointment with the contracts & grants specialist to request assistance with budgeting, cont-sharing, etc. as need for the proposal process. The following links provide a great deal of budget guidance.

Office of Sponsored Research - Information Sheet

Graduate Tuition Support

Tuition and Fees

Recipient match/cost share is often required by the funding agency.  Cost share is defined as the recipient share of the total cost of the project.  Examples are non-federally funded salaries and state/endowment funded graduate student support that runs concurrently with the project period of performance. SILS has a limited amount of funding available to be used as cost share.  As such, it must be approved in advance of including it in a proposal.  Collaborators/other parties in a project may also provide cost share for a project.  This should be included in the proposal with a letter of consent describing the match to be contributed by the other parties.  

Note: All cost share must be confirmed and met by the end of the project.  If a proposal is approved for funding by the funding agency, the cost share included in the proposal becomes a legal obligation.