Hiring Students

The protocol for SILS student funding has been established to ensure consistency and compliance with university and school policies. 

For Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant funding requests, the following model is provided:

  1. The Faculty member fills out and submits the Faculty Request to Hire RA Form no later than 2 weeks prior to the intended start date.  The recommended funding source must cover the minimum stipend amount set forth by the Graduate School plus health insurance, tuition, fees, and taxes. Stipend an Benefits Information - Funding - The Graduate School at UNC-Chapel Hill 
  • The funding department that the intended fund belongs to is responsible for initiating and completing the hiring process. 370101 is the SILS funding department number. If the funding department is anything other than 370101, please connect with the hiring team of the funding department to initiate your hire request. 
  • The funding department is responsible for the hiring process, regardless of if the student is a SILS student
    • If the Faculty member believes they have a unique exception to the above procedures, they should detail an explanation of the proposed exception in an email to the SILS grant manager (Christal Sandifer) to initiate discussion. This should be done prior to submitting the Faculty Request to Hire Form.

  1. Shayna Flint will draft a financial aid letter which will then be reviewed/approved by the requester as well as the Associate Dean for Academics.  The final letter will be signed by both.
  2. Shayna Flint will email the letter to the student.  The signed acceptance letter will be kept on file and copies of the signed acceptance will be distributed to payroll for processing.
  3. Students cannot begin working until the hiring process is complete at all levels

IMPORTANT: External grants cannot cover out-of-state tuition.  SILS can nominate the student for an out-of-state tuition remission from the Graduate School if funding is available. However, tuition remission is not guaranteed. 


SILS Faculty Request to Hire

CHIP Request to Hire