Hiring Students

The protocol for SILS student funding has been established to ensure consistency and compliance with university and school policies. 

For Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant funding requests, the following model is provided:

  1. Fill out and submit the Faculty Request to Hire RA Form.  The recommended funding source must cover the stipend amount plus health insurance.  If the student is funded from a non-state account, the funding source must also cover in-state tuition.
  2. Tiffany Harris will draft a financial aid letter which will then be reviewed/approved by the requester as well as the Associate Dean for Academics.  The final letter will be signed by both.
  3. Tiffany Harris will email and hard copy mail the letter to the student.  The signed acceptance letter will be kept on file and copies of the signed acceptance will be distributed to payroll for processing.

IMPORTANT: External grants cannot cover out-of-state tuition.  SILS can nominate the student for an out-of-state tuition remission from the Graduate School if funding is available.  Additionally, student fees may be covered by grants if included in the approved budget.


SILS Faculty Request to Hire

CHIP Request to Hire