Leave and Course Reduction

The university mandates a semester of leave for nontenured faculty members. This leave should be taken before the faculty member is reviewed for tenure. As per university policy, faculty are obligated to submit a report on the work completed while on leave to the Dean's office within three months following the end of the leave. Additionally, the university requires that any faculty member who receives either a competitive research leave or a research & study assignment is obligated to return to the university and complete one full year of service. The Leave Request must be submitted twelve months prior to the anticipate semester of leave. 

As per the bylaws, course buyouts or reduction may be granted by the Dean in cases where there are funds available from an outside source ($16,000 per 3 credit hour course) or when the faculty member takes on major administrative duties in the school.  The Course Reduction Request should be submitted no later than six months prior to the start of the semester in which the course reduction is requested.  In exceptional circumstances, two course reductions per academic year will be considered if teaching needs can be met.  However, a faculty member should normally have no more than three course reductions in a two-year period.