Meal Documentation

For business meals to be reimbursement faculty/staff members must complete a Meal Documentation Form and submit it to Tammy Cox, along with the receipt.  This form is only for meals that are independent of travel. If the meal is at one of several restaurants in the area that direct bill, the form still needs to be completed.  The form should be submitted to Tammy Cox within 5 business days. 

Note: A detailed itemized receipt is required as the university must be able to verify whether alcohol has been purchased as it has account number implications. 

There are several restaurants in the area that will directly bill the university.  Please contact Susan Sylvester if you would like to have a reservation made at one of these restaurants. They are:

  • Lula's
  • Top of the Hill (please note you will need your UNC OneCard and Susan Sylvester's business card for directly billing purposes)
  • Carolina Inn
  • Crook's Corner (they require an account number)
  • Lantern (they require information to be emailed prior to the meal, please note they have started charging an invoice fee on top of the tip)
  • 411 West
  • Elements
  • Venable
  • Acme
  • Glasshalfull
  • JuJuBe
  • Choland
  • Tandem
  • Oakleaf