Master's Paper or Project

Planning the paper or project

The master's paper or project is required of all master's students. The faculty advisor and student are expected to work together when coming up with a research question, a plan for carrying out the research and a time frame for completing the paper including when drafts are due to the faculty advisor to review for content and grammar.

The final draft

Once the final draft is complete, the student must come to the main office for a formatting check by the student services staff. The master's papers guidelines are available on the SILS website and templates are available for students to use when formatting their papers.

Masters Paper Guidelines

Turning in the final copy of the paper

The master's paper is usually due one week before the deadline posted on the registrar's office website. This gives the student enough time to make any revisions or allow for some extra time but still allows for the student to graduate on time without penalty. The student must turn in the following items with their paper for it to be considered complete:

  • Two copies of the paper (single sided) on 100% cotton paper. These copies will be bound by the library. One will be available for circulation the other will be an archival copy and will not circulated. Folders are available in the library workroom along with labels for students to use on the outside of the folder.
  • Five abstract pages total (one for each copy of the paper, plus three extra)
  • Two copies of the MASTER'S PAPER DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT form printed on regular paper
  • A PDF copy of the paper emailed to the student services manager for approval. Once the PDF is approved the student must upload an electronic copy of the paper into the library's ContentDM electronic database.