Telephones (VoIP)

The phones in Manning Hall now use the new VoIP system. 

Some important changes to be aware of:

  • Dialing 7 before making calls is no longer necessary
  • Dialing 1 before making long distance calls is no longer necessary
  • Extension dialing is 5 digits when using a VoIP system to call another VoIP line
  • To call other departments without the VoIP system, use 10 digit dialing.  Use 10 digits if you don't know if the person you're calling has VoIP yet or not
  • For all other outside calls use 10 digit dialing
  • For international calls dial 011 + Country Code + telephone number
  • Voicemail external access number is 919-428-2828 (this can be 5 digit dialed from VoIP phones 8-2828)


  • You may program up to 100 phone numbers with associated speed dials.
  • Program:  Dial *75 and wait for secondary dial tone.  Dial the 2-digit speed dial code  (00-99) plus the 10-digit phone number.
  • Dial:  *(00-99) (2-digit speed dial code)


1) From your office phone, dial the first person’s phone number. 
2) When the pick up, hit the “Conf.” button on your phone.
3) Dial the second person’s phone number. Then press the phone’s right arrow button to dial the second person.
4) Once that second person has picked up, press the “Conf.” button again.  Now all three people will be on the call.

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