Effective June 10, 2021 all International Travel must be pre-approved by the Chancellor or Provost. Approval will be granted only in truly exceptional cases. Please refer to for instructions to request an exemption.

In their message, petitioners should include:

  • The specific dates, routes, and destinations of proposed travel.
  • The purpose of the proposed trip (research, conference, etc.) and an explanation as to why this work can’t be fulfilled remotely via video conferencing or through other electronic means.
  • Whether the proposed travel is related to COVID-19 or other pressing public health matters.
  • A summary of how the trip will explicitly advance the mission of the University. 
  • A description of travel risks and how the traveler proposes to mitigate those risks during the trip and upon return to campus.
  • Finally, the traveler should also state that his or her dean or director has approved the request for an exception.

SILS Travel 

All university travel requires prior authorization.  Either a Faculty travel request form, Staff travel request formStudent travel request form. or CHIP Student travel request form should be completed in advance regardless of funding source.  The completed form will be process through Microsoft Flow for approvals. Approval must be completed before the SILS Administrative office will process requests for airline bookings or conference registration.

If faculty are interested in travel support to visit a sponsor, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research provides small ($400) travel grants.  The application must be received and approved prior to the trip. Travel Grant Application

Changes to University Travel, Summer 2021

Concur is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's new software program for pre-travel approval, travel booking, and travel and business expense reimbursements.  In addition, purchases made on the new University Travel & Expense (T&E) Card will be reconciled in Concur Expenses.  All Faculty and Staff will begin using Concur for Travel effective August 3, 2021. Students and Guest Travelers will continue to use CABS, Web Travel and ConnectCarolina until further notice.  For detailed information, please see

Concur, World Travel and T&E Card Overview

In addition, World Travel, Inc. (WTI) has been selected as the University's (sole) Authorized Travel Agency.  WTI supports all bookings made online via Concur Travel as well as bookings made directly through their agents.  Their Designated Agent Team can be reached at 877-902-4950 from within the US; from outside the US they may be reached at 484-948-2535.  WTI provides services 24/7.

Air Transportation

For employees with Travel & Expenditure (T&E) cards, airfare may be booked through Concur with World Travel, Inc. (WTI).  Employees without a T&E Card should use Concur to choose a flight and pick "direct bill" as their payment option, then forward the flight information to  Students should work with SILS staff to receive a "C" number, then contact WTI with the "C" number.  Upon receipt of the "C" number the ticket will be issued.  Airline tickets must be purchased via Concur or CABS. Employees will be granted two exemptions during employment for reimbursement, and after that will not be reimbursed. Flights not booked through CABS can occasionally be delayed in reimbursements as charges are clarified.  Boarding passes should be preserved and submitted with any reimbursement involving air travel regardless of payment mechanism.


When employees travel internationally, they are required to register in advance with the UNC Global Travel Registry .  Additionally employees must be enroll in advance for coverage in the travel insurance program establish by the General Administration for the UNC system.  SILS staff will complete the necessary paperwork for the insurance.

When the travel is funded by federal money, faculty need to ensure that the flights both out of and into the US are on an American carrier.  You can fly business class if the length non-stop segment is at least 8 hours in duration.

Hotels & Accommodations

Employees should always request “government/state employee” rates.  The maximum State lodging rate for in-State travel is $71.20; for out-of-State $84.10.  If a hotel rate, excluding taxes and surcharges, exceeds $300 per night (or $400 per night if traveling in the following high cost cities: Boston, New York City, San Francisco and the Bay area, Washington DC, Los Angeles) travelers must explain in details the reason for choosing the hotel. 

If non-hotel lodging (such as Airbnb) is desired, a Non-Hotel Lodging Authorization Request must be completed and and uploaded to the Concur Travel Request before the trip, along with quotes from hotels in the same area for the same time.  Failure to complete the form prior to the trip may result in denial of reimbursement for lodging expenses.

The complete policy and forms can be found here.  Employees with T&E cards should use those for lodging expenses.  All employees are encouraged to use the Travel options within Concur for booking.

Conference Registration

Employees with T&E cards should pay registration fees directly to the conference. Employees without T&E cards should work with Susan Sylvester in order to process payment via the PCard.  

Ground Transportation

The preferred method of ground transportation (not associated with air transportation) is the use of a car rented through the Enterprise Rent-a-Car.  This method allows for a direct charge to the school.  Please use the link from Fleet Services ( you will need to set up an account with EHIDirect, instructions on doing that can be found on the website. 


University affiliates may opt to use per diem rates for meal reimbursement when an overnight stay is required.  No receipts are needed for this reimbursement.  No meals are covered for day trips. In rare cases excess may be paid, however, a detailed receipt is required and there is no guarantee that it will be approved. Non-affiliates cannot be reimbursed based on per diem rates.  Original, detailed receipts are required for reimbursement. 

The most up-to-date information regarding reimbursement rates is available here.  Per Diem rates are available for use by UNC affiliates only - non-affiliates must provide original receipts for reimbursements. Affiliates traveling on federal funds may instead choose "daily allowance" rather than per diem meals.

Filing for Reimbursement

All travel reimbursements requests must be completed and filed for processing within 30 days of travel. (GS 138-6(c))  Employees should upload receipts into Concur, review and submit expense reimbursements for approval.  Travel Services has provided a Quick Reference Card to link a Travel Expense Report to the approved Request: Travel Expense QRC

Students will continue to use Web Travel for reimbursement.  A travel reimbursement form along with all receipts must be submitted no more than 21 days from return of travel. All documentation should be single sided.  Receipts should be taped to 8.5x11 paper, one side only please. Be sure that you do not tape over any of the information on the receipts. If original receipts were electronic they may be submitted electronically.  Submit student travel reimbursement forms with the documentation to .

Departure and return times must be included for meal reimbursement calculations.  If there are any gaps in requests for reimbursements, such as not claiming a hotel for one night, include an explanation for these gaps. When meals are provided (e.g. conference dinner) a per diem cannot be claimed for that meal. 

As a general rule 90 minutes can be added to the departure time of the actual flight departure to adjust for travel to airport.  For international flights add 2 hours to the flight departure time.  For day of return add 30 minutes for travel from airport.  This is for the calculations of which meals are allowed, for breakfast you must depart before 6am and for dinner if you must arrive home after 8pm.

Submit your travel reimbursement form with the documentation to

Travel Reimbursement form for students. Employees should use the Concur system.

More on Concur
The University adopted Concur in spring 2021 for employees' travel needs.  It may be accessed via ConnectCarolina or directly via UNC's Concur page .  Employees should first complete their Profile, and then may enter Requests, book Travel, and submit Expense reports.  While it is not necessary to enter a complete chart field string into the Request or the Expense report, but Business Unit UNCCH and Department 370101 must be included.
T&E Cards have been pre-approved for many of SILS employees. Training is required before activation.  T&E Cards may be requested but there may be a delay in processing.  The T&E Cards may be used for all travel-related expenses, and charges will appear in Concur for allocation. Please see Travel & Expense Card information for details.  Any expenses exceeding policy limits will be deducted from payroll.
Training and reference materials are available at
For the time being, student and guest travel expenses will continue to use Web Travel and the voucher system.