Computer Lab Rules

The Outer Computer Lab in Manning Hall provides SILS affiliates with a productive and spacious work or study area equipped with high-quality Windows and Apple Machines. The Outer Lab is open during regular operating hours of the SILS Library in Manning Hall and the following rules and guidelines should be followed at all times. For more information on university-wide computing policies, please see ITS's Security Policy page.

1. Computer Workstations. Academic work has priority in the Lab.

2. Outer Lab Access. UNC students enrolled in a SILS program have exclusive use to the computers in the outer lab.

3. Disruptive Behavior. Behavior that interferes with the appropriate use of the Lab is not permitted. This includes excessive noise, altercations, theft, vandalism, inappropriate sexual behavior, and harassment of any kind. All such activities should be reported immediately to the Help Desk staff, who will speak with the Lab patron and, if necessary, contact Campus Police. Patrons identified as disruptive will be subject to sanction, including possible expulsion from the Lab, University disciplinary action, and being trespassed from the Lab.

4. Courtesy and Responsibility. All patrons using online and Internet resources are expected to show common courtesy and respect for both the privacy and sensibility of others. As a facility open to the general public, the SILS Lab serves people of all backgrounds and ages. Patrons are expected to approach their computer use privileges responsibly and maturely in keeping with the academic function of the Lab. It is not possible to continually police Lab patrons from observing online information or images that others may find inappropriate. However, we observe the right to prohibit the viewing of indecent or offensive images out of respect to other lab patrons.

5. Due to the limited number of workstations, patrons may use a single computer at a time unless otherwise approved by a SILS staff or faculty member.

6. Food and Drink. Eating is not allowed in the SILS Library or Lab. You may drink from re-closable, spill-proof containers or travel mugs. Canned beverages and drinks in paper or Styrofoam cups or with plastic lids are not allowed.

7. Cell Phones. Cell phones must be set to a non-audible mode in the lab. Lab patrons must take their cell phone conversations outside of the SILS Lab and Library.

8. Remember that it is illegal to make copies of licensed software.

9. Keep the Lab neat. Please pick up around your computer and push in your chair when finished. Bins are provided to recycle printer paper.

10. Make backup copies of your data frequently!!!. This is for your protection. In the past students have lost many hours of work because they failed to save their work frequently and make backup copies to a different disk. Remember that a power failure or flawed disk could be disastrous. Additionally, ALL DOCUMENTS LEFT ON LAB COMPUTERS WILL BE ERASED OVERNIGHT. Please backup any documents that you wish to keep.

11. Please bring a USB drive or a writeable CD if you need to use them. The Lab does not have any extras.

12. Please leave the computers on when finished. The computers go into power save mode, but stay on all day. Please remember to log off.

13. Software manuals and technical books are for use in the Lab only. We have limited copies of most manuals, so use is restricted to the Lab. Please show the attendant your One Card. A manual may be used overnight by signing it out with the Lab Assistant no more than half an hour before closing and must be returned within half an hour of opening the next day.

14. Please see a Lab Assistant if you have any problems or questions. The Lab Assistant on duty sits behind the Help Desk in the outer Lab and would love to help you.