Connecting to SILS Servers

Access to Servers

Those who are affiliated with the School of Information and Library Science (e.g. students enrolled in particular courses) may need to access servers such as the SILS' Opal web server. Instructors will provide students with required login information, but SILS students who need access for a project, thesis, or master's paper should contact the SILS ITS Help Desk.

Connecting to Servers

Use an SSH or SFTP client to connect to a server. If you have never used an SSH client before, there are several to choose from. Microsoft Windows 10 has SSH built-in. Putty is another option for Windows. SFTP clients for Windows include WinSCP and FileZilla. MacOS supports SSH using Terminal, and FileZilla and Cyberduck are available for download for SFTP.

Use the following connection settings:

Connection Type: SFTP
Port: 22 
Username: your onyen
Password: your onyen password

A UNC VPN connection is required to connect to servers while off-campus. More information on VPN connections can be found at the ITS help page.

How to view your webpage

Your webpage will be viewable at [replace "onyen" with your personal onyen]. This will take you to the index page in your public_html folder; you can also navigate directly to other pages or subfolders you've added, such as