Canon GL2 Digital Camcorder

Table of Contents

Setting up

Setting up
Playing back a tape
After use

Attach the lens hood, which decreases stray light and protects the lens. First remove the lens cap. Then twist the hood into position (it should not require pressure) and tightening the locking screw

Adjust the grip belt strap, which goes around your hand, so that you can effectively operate the camera. For extra security, use the shoulder strap.

Make sure you have power. You can use the power adapter to connect to a power outlet, or to charge the camcorder's battery.

Load the cassette tape

Attach a power source.

Slide the OPEN/EJECT button and release. The cassette compartment will open automatically. It is fully open when it beeps.

Insert the cassette with the window facing out, and with the arrow pointing down.

Press the PUSH mark on the compartment.

Click the cover into place.


You can use either the LCD screen or the viewfinder (please do not expose the viewfinder to bright sunlight because it could melt).

Hold the camera using the grip belt (you can adjust the length to give yourself maximum control).

Turn the camera on by sliding the Power switch to Camera and the Tape/Card switch to Tape.

Press either of the two red buttons to record. You will see REC on the display when you are recording.

Press the Start/Stop button to pause recording.

Playing back a tape

Set the Power switch to Play (VCR) and the Tape/Card switch to Tape.

Make sure your cassette is loaded.

On the top of the camera's handle, open the panel. From there, you can use the buttons such as Play and Rewind to view your tape in the viewer or on the LCD screen. (You can also use display menus to control these and other functions; please check out the manual for more on these menus.)

After use

Always turn the camcorder off and raise the viewfinder before removing the power source. Also, remove the battery pack after each use.