Lab Computers

Outer Lab


The general use area of the lab includes nine PCs, four dual-core iMacs and a Mac Mini. One PC is designated as the "multimedia PC".  Premiere Pro is configured on this machine to allow for video editing and to facilitate the transition between different media formats.  This PC is connected to an S-VHS VCR and a Pioneer DVD recorder to facilitate video capture and editing. 

A networked IKON BusinessPro 31MP laser printer is available for student printing as well as a networked HP 2500 postscript color ink-jet printer.



SILS Collaboratory

The SILS Collaboratory is a space that SILS student groups can use for meetings and group work.  The space has a large LCD display for laptops, a whiteboard and movable tables and chairs.  A sign-up sheet is available outside the Collaboratory.