VR Room

Mirroring360 is a program that allows you to wirelessly broadcast your personal device with a target device to share the contents of your screen.  This program works with iPads, iPhones, Androids, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook computers and allows you to broadcast to up to 40 devices at a time. Using mirroring 360, you can easily send your screen to a classroom computer, which can then be projected for the whole room to view.

Mirroring 360 is installed in all of the SILS affiliated classrooms in Manning Hall (i.e not room 307) and on the monitor in the Collaboratory found in the Outer Lab.


How do I use it?

In order to use Mirroring 360, you’ll need to install either an app or extension on the device of the screen you wish to share. For instructions on specific download guides for your respective device, visit this setup page: http://www.mirroring360.com/how-it-works#steps

After installing the app or extension, visit this page for further setup instructions: https://www.mirroring360.com/video-tutorials

Additional instructional links can be found at the bottom of this page. 


Configuration and Use Options

Multiple Screens:

Mirroring360 allows you to show up to 4 screens on the target computer at the same time.  You can adjust how screens are displayed, including maximizing one screen to temporarily make it the predominant focus.  To do this, right click anywhere on the displayed screens, select the screen you wish to maximize, and select “show this screen only.”

Recording Screen:

You can use Mirroring360 to record the mirrored display.  This recording acts similarly to a screen capture on a regular computer—it will capture any actions performed on the device while it’s mirrored, including audio played from the device.  However, it will NOT capture external sound (i.e. it will record music playing from your device, but not the sound of your voice when you’re speaking).  To do this, right click anywhere on the displayed screen(s), select the screen you wish to maximize, and select “start recording.”

Disconnecting Devices:

When you’re done mirroring, you can disconnect through your device OR from the target computer. To disconnect from the target computer, right click anywhere on the displayed screen(s), select the screen you wish to disconnect, and select “close connection.” To close all connections, right click and select “close all connections.”

Change Mirroring ID:

You can change the mirroring id code through the mirroring360 program on the target desktop.  To do this, right click on the Mirroring360 icon in the system tray, then navigate to the general tab. Under mirroring Assistant, click the blue link that says “Get a new code.”




Mirroring360 Guide.pdf


Device Setup Guide

Instructional Video: Setup

Instructional Video: Use