IT Rooms and Equipment

(*Equipment checkout and room reservations can only be made by SILS affiliated students, faculty, and staff. Use this link to check room availabilities!)

Available IT Equipment for Checkout

View a complete list of available equipment at SILS here, including digital cameras, tripods, audio recorders, Google Glasses, and Laptop/phone charges. All readily available for checkout at the SILS IT Help Desk. Stop by the desk with your UNC OneCard to checkout out or view SILS equipment.

Audio REcorder
Zoom Audio Recorder

Canon Vixia
Canon Vixia

Apple Watch
Apple Watch


Reservable Spaces in Manning Hall

IT rooms for reservation Contact the SILS IT Help Desk at or stop by the desk in the SILS Library at Manning Hall in person to make your reservation through the Lab Assistant on duty.

Classrooms & Conference rooms for reservation Click here for instructions on how the following rooms can be reserved for your intended use.

  • Manning 01 - SILS Classroom (Capacity 40)
  • Manning 14 - SILS Classroom (Capacity 14)
  • Manning 105 - Conference room in SILS main office (Capacity 8)
  • Manning 208 - SILS Classroom (Capacity 30)
  • Manning 214 - Conference room (Capacity 15)
  • Manning 216 - Conference room (Capacity 6)
  • Manning 303 - SILS Classroom (Capacity 15)
  • Manning 304 - SILS Classroom (Capacity 24)

Collaboratory Table (Capacity 5) The Collaboratory table, located in the Outer Computer Lab in SILS Library,  provides a reservable space for SILS students working on group projects. This space features a large mounted display capable of sharing a laptop screen, a white board, as well as mobile furniture designed for work space flexibility. To reserve this space, students may write their names on the dry erase calendar located on the wall behind the Collaboratory table.

Outer Computer Lab (Capacity 8) Located in the SILS Library of Manning Hall, the Outer Computer Lab is equipped with both Windows and Apple machines installed with premier software for use by SILS faculty, staff and students. The lab is open during normal operating hours of the SILS Library in Manning Hall. Looking for specific software for a class project? Stop by the IT Help Desk next to the computer lab for any software questions or requests. For more information, visit this page.

Outer Computer Lab