SILS Lab Facilities and Equipment

SILS IT Services provides a wide range of computer and multimedia equipment and software for the SILS community. Please see the links to the left for specifics. Academic work has priority in all Lab spaces. A general overview of the lab resources is below.


Outer Lab photo
SILS Outer Lab

Outer Lab

The "outer lab" is the general use area outside of the computer classroom 117. UNC students enrolled in a SILS program have exclusive use of the computers in the outer lab. The outer lab offers a variety of computer workstations including Dell Optiplex PCs running Windows 10 and Apple iMacs. Desk space, power outlets, Ethernet cables, a charging station and an external monitor are also available for students. Several computers in this area have multimedia equipment and software including DVD burners and video editing applications.



SILS collaboratory

The Collaboratory table (located in the Outer Lab) provides a reservable space for SILS students working on group projects. This space features a large mounted display capable of sharing a laptop screen, a white board, as well as mobile furniture designed for workspace flexibility. Students may write their names on the dry erase calendar located on the wall behind the Collaboratory table to reserve the space.



Inner Lab Photo
Inner Lab (Room 117)

Inner Lab (Room 117)

The Computer Classroom is located in the SILS Computer Lab (room 117). This classroom contains 32 Dell Optiplex PCs running Windows 10. This classroom is available for student use when classes are not scheduled. The weekly classroom schedule is posted outside the classroom door.