Lending Equipment

Our lending equipment is available to all SILS affiliates for academic or personal use. Conducting field interviews? Piloting your new YouTube channel? Forgot your charger at home? You're in the right place! Browse our collection below, then visit the Help Desk in the SILS Library to check out equipment.


  • Equipment is checked out and returned at the Help Desk in the SILS Library.
  • Equipment is available to all SILS-affiliated students, faculty and staff, including students currently taking a SILS course.
  • The loan period for equipment is four days, and items can be renewed in-person at the Help Desk. If this loan period isn't sufficient, ask the Help Desk staff about alternate arrangements.
  • Equipment can be reserved in advance by contacting the Help Desk.

Note: Equipment available to faculty and staff only are not listed here.

Available Equipment

Adaptors and Cables
  • Various USB, Lightning, and video adaptors and cables (HDMI, DP, VGA, DVI)
  • USB hubs, extension cables, adaptors, and splitters
  • Nikon D3000 digital camera with zoom lens
  • Canon tripod
  • Canon Vixia HF G20 video camera
  • Garmin Virb 360-degree camera
  • GoPro Hero4 action camera
  • Kodak Zi10 pocket video camera
  • Samsung HMX-W300 pocket video camera
  • Lenovo and Dell laptop chargers
  • Macbook laptop chargers
  • iPhone and Android chargers
  • CyberPower vehicle power adaptor
  • Kensington universal laptop charger
  • SIIG universal power adaptor

Our selection of chargers is currently very limited. As an alternative, a charging station for phones is available in the SILS Library.

Computer Accessories
  • AMX webcam
  • Cyber Acoustics headset
  • Labtec headset
  • Addonics external DVD drive
  • LG external DVD drive
  • Sony transcription foot pedal
  • Barcode scanner
  • Wacom Graphite CTE-630 drawing tablet
Gaming and VR
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Google Cardboard
  • Oculus Rift S VR headset
Microphones and Audio Recorders
  • Blue Snowball USB desktop microphone
  • Rode NT-USB desktop microphone
  • Hisonic HS308L handheld microphone and PA system
  • Shure PG1888/PG185 lavalier wireless microphone system - For use in Digital Media Lab only
  • Zoom iQ6 microphone attachment for iOS devices
  • Zoom H4n audio recorder
  • Zoom H1 audio recorder
Presentation Equipment
  • ViewSonic projector
  • Epson projector
  • Kensington slideshow clicker and pointer
  • Califone and Samson portable speakers
  • AverMedia document camera
  • ASUS ZenScreen portable monitor
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPad Air
  • Apple Watch
  • Google Glass
  • Raspberry Pi Model B+
  • Apple iPod Touch
  • RTL-SDR ham radio kit

Zoom H1
Zoom H1

Zoom H4n
Zoom H4n

Blue Snowball
Blue Snowball

Samsung HMX-W300
Samsung HMX-W300

Canon Vixia
Canon Vixia

Kensington clicker
Kensington clicker

Google Glass
Google Glass

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

Apple Watch
Apple Watch