Doctoral Office (Room 16)

Room 16 is the Doctoral Study Office.  PhD students may use their UNC ONECards to access the room.

Computers And remote access

The room is equipped with four PCs running Windows 7 Enterprise and one iMac.  These computers provide the regular suite of SILS applications. Remote Desktop is available for these computers. 

Students can use the ITS "Virtual Lab" service from any location to remotely access a wide array of applications including SAS, JMP, SPSS, Stata, R, Tinn-R and ArcGIS.

Additional specialized applications are available remotely through the Odum Institute's VCL service.  This includes SPSS, ArcGIS/ENVI+IDL/SAS, Atlas.ti, NVivo, HLM/LISREL/MULTILOG, LaTeX, Mathematica, and MATLAB.  To connect visit

personal Laptop Use

    Personal Printing

Please see CCI Printing.

    SILS Work-Related Printing

If you need to print materials that are specifically for your SILS employement (such as teaching or an assistantship), you may print to the SILS Copier located in the administrative hallway in room 110.  Please see Teaching and Research Printing for more information.

Port Replicators

For personal laptop use, "docking stations" are available at three desks in room 16.  Laptop users must first download and install the Vantec software.  A CD with this software is also available in room 16 near the printer.  Run the setup.exe and follow the instructions.

For more detailed installation instructions please see the Vantec Docking Station User Manual located online or near the room 16 printer.  An Apple Mac version is not available at this time.  However, Mac users may simply plug their laptop video directly into the available desktop VGA cable.

Once the Vantec software is installed, reboot the laptop and connect the USB cable from the Docking Station to your laptop.  In your display properties select the display on the desk as the primary display.