Printing at SILS

Student and personal printing uses UNC's CCI Printing services. For a map of current printer location see UNC's CCI Printing services

Employees, Faculty, Staff, Adjuncts, and Post-docs may print to any Xerox printer in Manning Hall. They are granted dollar-value quotas based on their role within SILS. This quota can be used on color or black and white prints to Xerox printers in Manning Hall by authenicating through the papercut client. PaperCut uses your onyen login credentials. The cost varies per printer based on the cost charged by Carolina Managed Print Services for that printer. The Main Copier is the cheapest for both Color and Black and White. Copying will still require an PIN, which is available through the Papercut Web Portal, and only be available at the SILS Main Copier. Copying will be limited to Full Time Faculty, Staff and Adjuncts in Manning Hall. The SILS Copier is located in room 110 on the first floor of Manning Hall. Additional printers are listed in the table below.

Student groups affiliated with SILS are allotted $5 which is the equivalent to 1000 pages on the SILS Copier in Black and White. In order to have access to this, ensure the the SILS Help Desk is aware of the responsible individuals so they can be granted access. 

Find more information on connecting to Xerox printers here.

SILS Printing Web Portal can be found here. The portal is only accessible when connected to an on campus network. 

Printers in Manning Hall:

Printer Name Location BLack+White or Color Price per Page
SILS_Xerox-2nd-Floor Manning Hall 2nd Floor near Room 216 B+W $0.01
SILS_Xerox-Garden-Level Manning Hall Room 18 B+W $0.01
SILS_Xerox-Copier-BW Manning Hall Room 110 B+W $0.005
SILS_Xerox-Copier-Color Manning Hall Room 110 Color $0.05
SILS_Xerox-Main-Office-BW Manning Hall Room 100 B+W $0.01
SILS_Xerox-Main-Office-Color Manning Hall Room 100 Color $0.06
SILS_Xerox-Main-Office-ColorCalibrated* Manning Hall Room 100 Color

















*This printer uses an RGB-color calibrated driver. Be sure to install the correct driver to ensure color calibration.