Secure Printing

Xerox Secure Print

Use Secure Print to print sensitive or confidential information. After you send the job, it is held at the printer until you enter your passcode at the printer control panel.

Sending a secure print job

1. To send a secure print job, you will need to open Xerox Printing Preference panel. Depending your application, how to reach the panel maybe different:

Microsoft Office: Click Printer properties.

Google Chrome: Click Print using system dialog and click Preferences.

Firefox: Click Properties.

2. Select Secure Print under Job Type.
Secure print

3. Create a Passcode (of your choosing) for your print job. This passcode will be used at the copier to access your print job.
create passcode

When prompted for User ID, enter your personal 4 digit PIN code.
Accounting window

4. At the copier, press Job Status button, tap Secure Print Jobs tab, and tap your Onyen.
Copier Interface

5. When prompted for Passcode, enter the passcode you created.

6. Inside your secure print job folder, you can choose to individually Release or Release All.
Copier interface