Xerox Printing

Printing to the Xerox copier from OSX Video Instructions.

Printing to the Xerox copier from a Windows computer:

Setting up the copier

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Type \\sils-pelican and press enter.
  • Double-click on the printer you want to add.
    • For black and white printing, double-click SILS-BWCOPY
    • For color printing, double-click SILS-COLORCOPY
  • Once the driver installs, the printer should be available to select from any application's print menu.

Sending a print job 

  • Note, by default the copier will print double-sided unless you change it under Preferences (see below)
  • When prompted for User ID, enter your assigned personal 4-digit PIN code.
    Xerox accounting screen

When the print job has been successfully sent to the copier, you will receive a notification.
Completed print job

Sending a secure print job (won't print until you type your PIN at the copier)

  • To send a secure print job, you will need to open Xerox Printing Preference panel.
  • Depending your application, how to reach the panel maybe different:
    • Microsoft Office: Click Printer properties.
    • Google Chrome: Click Print using system dialog and click Preferences.
    • Firefox: Click Properties.
  • Select Secure Print under Job Type.
    Secure print
  • Create a Passcode (of your choosing) for your print job. This passcode will be used at the copier to access your print job.
    create passcode
  • When prompted for User ID, enter your personal 4 digit PIN code.
    Accounting window
  • At the copier, press Job Status button, tap Secure Print Jobs tab, and tap your Onyen.
    Copier Interface
  • When prompted for Passcode, enter the passcode you created.
  • Inside your secure print job folder, you can choose to individually Release or Release All.
    Copier interface